Space Balls

The Prequel

Space Balls the Prequel

Spoiler Alert

A long time ago actually it was 20 years ago when the original space balls came out and we apologize for taking so long to create this one but now with the computer generated age and the advancements in visual technology we can show you exotic locations and aliens from the dozens of nerds it took to design the aliens in this movie. Any who, Superstar Pop Diva Queen Ariel Bell Daniel Rapunzel Brier Rose Elizabeth Jasmine DeWitt Bukater Ameed the 5th… Hell just call her Rose… is returning to her home planet of Nabooba after a fire year star trek through the galaxy on tour in order to take her seat on the thrown. The evil Ford Federation company wants her to be their new spokes model, but she told them no (Actually she told them To Go To Hell). Enraged the company blockaded the planet so her new CD couldn't be sold to the citizens of the galaxy. Hoping to resolve the situation the President of the United Planets of the Galaxy has secretly sent two Jedi in order to resolve the situation, but little do they know there is a shadowy figure behind the scenes pulling the strings like the godfather. You'll get the jest of the movie as it unfolds… Oh and any characters that weren't in the original space balls and appear in the prequel will die especially the really annoying ones…

Opening scene

A ship flies toward a blue planet surrounded by Thousands of war ships. The ships are all cube shaped (or they could look like metal versions of the ships from Troy)

On board is the captain the copilot and the two Jedi. The jedi Master comes out the bathroom and his apprentice takes out a can of swartz air freshener.

Qwen Rell Lee

He waves his hand, "Man I shouldn't have had that burrito before we left…"


She turns around in her seat, "I hope you didn't clog the toilet again Master Lee…"

Qwen Rell Lee

"No of course not… I just wouldn't go in there right now…"

Ben Two Ob

"Are we there yet?"


"Yes… Those damn Nemrods… I was looking forward to Queen Rose's new CD…"


"So was I… I had it prepayed… I'm so angry I can go dark swartz on all their candy asses…" Ben turns the can of swartz around and drinks from the other end, his eyes turn yellow and his skin goes grayish

Qwen Rell Lee

"Calm yourself my young piss-ant remember the code… peace joy happiness… now… sing the jedi theme song…"

The two Jedi break into song


She clears her throat before they get carried away. "Sir they are hailing us…"


"Tell them we wish to board immediately…"

The Vice Roy

"Please identify yourselves…" He says from the main view screen.


"Well I'm the Captain… the screen writers didn't see fit to give me a name I don't know why… I deserve a name…"


"Uh Captain I don't have a name either… the writers didn't give me one either…"

The Captain and Copilot start arguing about it when the captain turned to Qwen.


"Master Jedi do you know why we don't have names for this movie?"

Qwen had a copy of the script and threw it behind him when she turned in her chair the page they were reading read Captain and copilot die in the explosion

"Uh… know I don't…" When she turned around Qwen and Ben started laughing

Viceroy clears his throat

"Can I help you…"


"Yes the representatives for the President wish to board immediately…"

"As you know our blockade is legal and we are happy to receive the representatives…."

The ship flies into the hangar and when it lands the two Jedi disembark. The droids and robots in the hangar start whistling at the ship that just landed.

"Oh no… Octavia stay… don't you dare transform…"

"Oh shit! We better strap in…"

The ship transforms into a sexy voluptuous droid ship and poses for the droids, robots, and ships in the hangar. One of the hangar ships crawls over and they begin talking.

Droid Ship

{"You are one fine peace of metal baby… where were you put together?"}

A dot unit
"My master will be with you shortly… please wait here!"

"There is something wrong in the swartz…"

"Oh excuse me apprentice…"

"It's not your flatulence master…" Ben strikes a match to clear the air. "Although you should lay off the burritos Master… No this is something more sinister than your bodily functions… I don't know I feel some shadowy figure is manipulating the upcoming events…"

Qwen drinks some pepto bismal
"Look Apprentice if you're going to hang with me you got stop being so melodramatic… chill and go with the flow… here smoke this…"

Ben takes a bag of weed
"Uh… what about the code master? We shouldn't be smoking spice… Master…"

"Screw the code live a little…"