Monster Hunters

A FanFic by Brahian

Chapter 9: Epilogue

So, I've gotten zero requests for a sequel, but this epilogue has sequel hooks in it just in case. Although, a small part of me is just glad this story's over…
I own nothing. All credit goes to Rick Riordan and the people at Disney Channel.


"Really?" asked Justin. "Demigods?"

Juliet nodded. "Yeah, and a bunch of girls who called themselves the Hunters of Artemis."

"No way!" he exclaimed.

"Yeah," she said again, "And some guy named Chiron…"

Justin pretty much freaked out from excitement. "But if there's demigods, and Greek gods for that matter… But those guys were demigods? That would've been so awesome if we'd just stopped to meet them!"

"Give it a break, Justin," said Alex, who was eating a subway sandwich and flipping channels through the TV.

"I'm gonna find out where these demigods are," said Justin, pacing back and forth. "I'll make a device, yes. Something that tracks down demigods. I'll call it the Half-Blood Tracker 2000…"


"So did you figure out that crazy-weird prophecy that I definitely did not hear?" asked Rachel.

"Yeah, actually, I did," said Percy. "They were actually… well, what exactly were they? Spells, maybe?"

"Spells?" asked Rachel. "As in, magic? Like, Hecate demigod magic?"

"No," said Percy. "They weren't Greek. They were fully American."

"Hmmm," thought Rachel. "Something tells me there's more behind this than we think…"

"Yeah," said Percy. "Like, for some reason, Grover and Tyson keep going on about some shape-shifting dragon or something."

"A shape-shifting dragon?" asked Rachel. "Are you sure we shouldn't tell Chiron about this stuff?"

"Nah," said Percy. "He already knows we travelled with a vampire and everything."

"A vampire?" asked Rachel. "Don't you mean empousa?"

"No, she made it very clear that she was a vampire," said Percy. "Oh, and there was also this crazy axe-headed demon thing that kept going on about someone named Carter Kane…"

Rachel got up. "We need to tell Chiron immediately."


"So, you're our first recruit, huh?" asked Sadie.

"Actually," said a voice, and an unfamiliar girl stepped into the Great Room, "I believe I'm your first recruit. I came here just like the book had said, but there wasn't anyone here. I've been searching for you guys for hours!"

"Okay then," said Carter, "You're both our first recruits. What are your names?"

"Walt Stone," said Walt Stone.

"Jaz Anderson," said Jaz Anderson.

"Walt Stone and Jaz Anderson," repeated Carter, "Welcome to the Twenty-First Nome."


"and then you'll never believe this," Haley was telling Fu, "This weird cat lady was chasing me all over the city, and then these magicians show up, and they say she's a cat goddess or something, and I'm like, 'OMG!'"

"Uh huh," said Fu in an annoyed voice.

"I'm just glad that's over with," said Jake, who was lying on the couch. "Now if you'll excuse me, I need to take a nap."

"But what about Mount Olympus?" asked Spud. "Don't you want to fly up there and see the gods, maybe have a nice game of checkers with them?"

"No thanks, Spud," said Jake. "Maybe later."

"Pleeeeeeeaaaase?" whined Spud.

Jake raised an eyebrow. "That's totally out of character."

"Oh, don't you know?" asked Grampa, walking into the room. "Eli Panderas placed an out-of-character spell on the workshop. You need to find him and force him to remove it."

"Well, that'll be easy," said Jake. "He's already incapacitated."

Suddenly, they heard an evil laugh outside. Jake ran to the window to see Eli Panderas riding a magic camel, laughing hysterically as beams of light shot out of him hands.

"Aw, man!"