Bro I miss you.

Where are you?

Bro I need you.

Why did you leave?

Bro, I can't stand this.

This is my fault, right?

It's all my fault.

Why did I get jealous?

I should have put it behind me.

Did you know that would've been a risk to help me?

If so, you're crazy.


I blame myself everyday.

Why did I have to watch?

A part of all of us dies that with you.

Why did you have to do that?

Jealously got the best of me, I know.

But why did that interfere with me..?

It wasn't right for you to die.

It wasn't right.

It wasn't right.

It just wasn't right!

I miss you so much.

Why did you leave me?

Aniki, I hate you.

I hate what you did.

You brought me out of my cave and now...

I'm sinking back now.