How much he loves him

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"So. You didn't manage to stop the photos from publishing because…"

"There was a situation I felt needed more attention, sir."

"Really? And what could possible demand more attention than saving this company's five million dollars and three vital connections?"

"Takaba Akihito had fallen out of a tree half a block away from where I was. I felt that I needed to make a decision and I chose to rush him to the hospital sir."

The gun was removed from the kneeling man's head. A phone was clicked on and then a few minutes later clicked off. The safety was clicked back on.

"Takaba Akihito has a broken leg."

"I know sir. I left as soon as replacements in his guard arrived but I was too late to stop the photos."

"…I see. Go find Kirishima."


"You're up for promotion. We need more people like you in our ranks. Congratulations."

Clearly dismissed, the man who had been 100% sure that the gun on his head would go off as soon as his boss got the information he needed now began making plans for buying a bigger house for his family.

Takaba Akihito, he mused, had to be one special guy.

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