Warning: Non- sexual spanking of teenage vampire. If it offends, please don't read.

Disclaimer: Of course the only thing I own are my mistakes. All characters are borrowed from Stephenie Meyer. I promise not to harm them, leave them out in the rain and will return them intact.

AN: Haven't done this in a long time and this is my first attempt at anything in the Twilight Universe. Please bear with me.

The steady rhythm of the windshield wipers had a hypnotizing effect on the driver of the black Mercedes as he sped along into the growing darkness. Carlisle allowed his mind the freedom to wander as he made his way towards Port Angeles to collect yet another of his wayward children. How could such a thing have happened? His little Cullen Clan was certainly capable of getting into mischief on occassion but really this was a bit too far and utterly uncalled for. Never in a million years would he have imagined getting the call that had cut his shift short today. Absently he ran a hand through his hair and sighed as the memory replayed.

"Dr. Cullen, you have a call on line three."

"Thank you, Barbara."

Carlisle quickly finished up with his notes before making his way to the nurse's station phone. Who on earth would be calling him? Perhaps one of his colleagues needed him to fill in. He groaned softly at the idea, as he focused on thoughts of spending time with his family this weekend. Esme had recently reprimanded him about spending too much time at work but what was he to do now that the majority of the staff pegged him as a soft touch and knew he would always take an extra shift to help them out. He loved being able to help people but he also loved being with his family as much as the human doctors enjoyed theirs. Well, he would just have to stand firm this time. This was his weekend off and he was going to take it come hell or high water.

Cradling the phone against his ear he spoke softly, "This is Dr. Cullen. How may I help you?"


It felt as though his heart had lept into his throat as he immediately recognized the voice on the other end. His daughter sounded shaken instead of her usual bright and bubbly self. Something was seriously wrong. His mind raced through one possible disaster after another all the while wondering if the cause of his baby's distress was a vision that could still be prevented or some inferno that had already occurred which needed putting out. With an intake of breath, Carlisle steady himself and regained his voice.

"Hi, sweetheart. Is everything alright?"

There were several long moments of silence before the quiet voice hesitantly responded.

"Daddy, I need you to come get me." He could detect a slight falter in her speech which gave way to a heart wrenching whimper as she added, "I'm in jail."

Carlisle wasted no time in getting someone to cover the remainder of his shift so he could "take care of a family emergency." Alice had only given him the most basic information and not wishing to add to her anxiety he decided against pressing her for more. He knew where she was, that she was safe, and that she was being held for theft. The patriarch scoffed at the very idea of his little girl being a thief. Yes, she had some odd shopping obsession but he happily funded it since it brought her so much joy. Carlisle did his best to see that none of his children ever went wanting. There was simply no reason for his baby girl to steal. It was a ludicrous concept that he would not even entertain.

Regaining his focus as the lights of Port Angeles came into view, he made up his mind that this travesty was nothing more than a huge mistake. Surely once he had all the facts he would be able to find the flaws in this accusation and get the charges dropped. No one in his right mind would believe Alice a criminal. Now it was up to her daddy to make things right; to make these people who held his daughter see reason.

He eased the car into a parking space in front of the station. Clicking off the engine, Carlisle took several deep breaths to calm his growing irritation at the injustice his little girl was suffering. A low deep rumble of a growl rolled from his chest shattering the silence. He shook his head slightly as he mentally drove his inner beast back. His primal instinct was to defend his child, violently if necessary, but what he needed now was diplomacy; the same diplomacy that had always served him well. Steeling his resolve, Carlisle stepped out of the car barely noticing the rain that soaked his coat as he climbed the stone steps to rescue his gentle Alice.