Epilogue: A little over a month later.

Sergeant Mallory looked over the blotter on his desk. What a day it had already been and it was still early yet. A bellow from a drunk and disorderly back in lock up caused his head to pound. He was beginning to get the feeling that he was too old for this. Sometimes he wondered why he even bothered to come into work. Having to deal with the dregs of society for so many years had taken its toll on the aging man. Does it even really matter anyway? It's not like anything changes. We take 'em off the streets and some hot shot lawyer puts 'em right back out again without even a slap on the wrist. He gave a grunt of disgust as he shifted through a stack of mounding paperwork.

"Good evening, Sergeant."

Mallory looked up to see a young dark haired girl beaming up at him from across his desk. There was something familiar about her but he just couldn't put his finger on it. "Can I help you, Miss?"

"Yes, sir!" She placed a white box about the size of a shoe box on top of his stack of papers. "You told me that I had to bring cookies if I came to visit so my mom and I tried our hands at baking. We aren't very good at it but after a few failed attempts, I think we finally got it right. Is chocolate chip, okay? The recipe was on the bag so we decided that to go with that." She bounced on her toes as she smiled sweetly at him.

Cookies..cookies...cookies...AH "The little five finger discount girl. Oh, yeah, I remember you. Doctor's daughter, right?"

"Yes, sir!" She gave him a salute that was befitting any armed service personnel and caused the old MP in him to smile.

"At ease, solider."

She giggled happily as she relaxed out of the attentive stance.

"So what brings you down here, missy? Surely a young lady like you has better things to do then visit some old desk jockey. "

Alice shifted her gaze a little as if embarrassed but retained her easy smile. "I am here to check in with community service but I really did want to thank you and apologize for all the trouble I caused."

It all was coming back to him. The kid hadn't really been any trouble but her old man looked like he was going to be a piece of work before she spoke up and confessed. What was the name? Something with a 'C.' Clayton? Cotton? Cullen...that was it. Cullen.

"If all the perps who came through here were as much trouble as you were, my days would be a walk in the park, little Miss Cullen." Alice's smile grew wider at the compliment. "Have you been keeping that cute little nose clean?"

"Yes, sir, for the most part. My daddy made sure that I would think more then twice before I do anything that silly again. He wasn't very happy and made sure that I knew it." She dropped her voice a bit as she leaned over the desk towards the officer as if she was sharing a top state secret. "He even took my credit card away and forbade me to go to the mall. Can you believe that?"

Mallory chuckled at her seriousness. Oh the horrors of not being able to go shopping. "You're lucky to have a father who cares enough to make sure you stick to the straight and narrow. Kinda rare these days, if you ask me."

She nodded in enthusiastic agreement. "I'm very lucky to be a part of my family." Alice glanced at her watch. "Oh, I have to run to make my appointment but I'll stop by before I leave so you can tell me how those cookies are. We thought chocolate would be good but since daddy says lots of people have allergies to nuts we left those out." Standing on her tip toes she reached across the desk and gave the sergeant a hug.

As she started to walk away, Mallory called out, "Miss Cullen, if there is ever anything I can do for you except for the get out of jail free card, of course, just come on by and ask."

Alice stopped and turned back towards the officer with a twinkle in her eyes. "Well as long as you are offering, is there anything you can do about a speeding ticket?"


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