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Chapter One:

Everyone waited, the suspense killing them as they heard shuffling and muffled sounds from the smoke covered exit. Justin raced out as the first with Max and Alex behind him, the brunette female let tears fall as she realized what had happened. She lost, she couldn't be with Mason, she wouldn't have magic, and she wouldn't be able to visit the friends she made in the Wizard World. Max sighed and brought an arm around his sister.

"It's okay, Alex...hey, we could still run the sub shop!" Oblivious, which was Max Russo, Alex shrugged him off and rushed into Mason's arms. Mason hugged his beloved, he'd been dreading this outcome, and Alex had been doing fine. How did she lose? Mason watched Juliet and Justin celebrate. He growled at their happy ending. But what about Alex and his?

"Alex and Max Russo, please step forward." The two siblings looked at one another and did as told. Professor Crumbs looked at the two, memories of first meeting them and of their shenanigans flooding his mind. The elderly wizard glared at his wand, he hated these kinds of endings. Romances that ex-wizards began and forced to end because of the dangers, families being teared apart, and revenge raging through their minds toward their own. His dark eyes held their gaze onto the two.

"Before we begin, I want you two to know that I am so proud of becoming great wizards during your time in training. I hope to see you grow into great parents or hardworking mortals, no matter what, do not forget of my words." Professor Crumbs conducted the spell, both Russo children felt the warmth wash over them. Their power was taken, it wasn't painful as they had originally expected, and their powers were given to their elder brother. Justin looked down at his palm, two orbs of blue energy floating beautifully.

"Guys-", he began but was silenced by Alex's hand on his shoulder.

"Congratulations Justin..." The Mexican-Italian girl left just like that, just giving her brother her congrats. Mason followed after her, calling her name.

"Alex! Alex!" Alex turned to Mason, her pale face stained with tears. She chocked back a sob that emitted from her mouth.

"Mason, we can't be together anymore! Don't you understand! I'm a mortal now!" The werewolf shook his head, he wouldn't accept that answer.

"Mortal or not, I will always love you, Alex Russo." His British accent made the words all the more loving. Alex step forward to him, her face serious now that the sadness was replaced with anger.

"No, Mason-you can't." The British teen looked down at his girlfriend.

"Yes, I can and I will."

Alexandra M. Greybeck gasped as she shoots out of bed. It had been so long since she'd had that dream, she looked beside her. Mason Greybeck lay there, asleep as it was six in the morning; and he had work in an hour. Alexandra throws the covers off her and her husband; time was of the essence. Mason jolted awake, hair a skewed and face fixed in surprise.

"What wrong, Brown Eyes?" The Englishman yawned and stretched, showing off his built torso through his white tank. Alexandra giggled at the action; he was so cute doing that.

"It's time to get up, that's what's wrong." Mason blinked and turned his gaze toward their alarm clock. He stood abruptly and dashed to their restroom.

"Blimey! Get the kids up, dear!" This brought a grin to her lips; she loved hearing him say that. She had her kid's after she'd run away from the Russo family to marry Mason in England and became a successful musician/artist. Mason had worked himself to death to build their art gallery, and it paid off. She calmly walked outside into the hallway and reached her twins' room, she opened the door to see her boy and girl sleeping peacefully in bed. Alexander and Maria Theresa were seven year old twins; they both possessed their mother's hair color, their father's and mother's eye color, and Alexandra's tanned skin. She shook them awake, each giving a shout of "Mama!" before jumping out of bed.

"¡Buenos días, madre!" Maria Theresa exclaimed, rushing over to her dresser and pulling out dark blue jeans. Alexandra replied with her morning greeting and kiss. Alexander trudged over to his own dresser and pulled out a gray t-shirt. He came over to his mother and gave his own morning hug.

"Good morning, mum." He mumbled groggily with his British accent. Alexandra petted his raven hair down.

"Good morning, Alex." She rushed out of their room, heading over to her youngest room, when she hollered over to her children.

"Be downstairs in five minutes! We've got to get to school early for your conference!" Both twins shouted out at mention of their conference. Their teacher, Mrs. Hollingsworth, had complained of the trouble her children have been causing. Unexplainable occurrences, such as; book being thrown outside the window, chalk being thrown at the back of her head, random drawings found on her board, being locked out of her classroom, and the random ruler that would magically find its place to trip her. Gigi, her old nemesis had accused of her twins of the wrong doing.

"Time to get this show on the road." Alexandra opened the door to her little girl's room and smiled warmly at the bundle. Angelica Greybeck, in her troublesome twos, was sucking her thumb and breathing heavily. The ex-wizard scooped her up and blew into her stomach, at first startling the child before a string of giggles escaped. Angelica captured her mother's finger and placed it in her mouth, Alexandra stopped her.

"Angie, you know that's not good." She scolded; Angelica huffed and allowed her mother to dress her before being placed into her mother's shoulder. Alexandra hurried over to their kitchen and placed Angelica in her high chair; she placed bowls, spoons, and cereal boxes. The Englishman came in followed by a line of children parading behind him and taking their places at the kitchen table.

"Good morning~!" Mason gave hugs and kisses across the table, Alexander beamed at his mum; he had been waiting for this moment to show her! He pulled out a paper from behind his back and called out to her.

"Mum, I have something for you..." Alexandra turned and gasped when she saw the drawing before her, it was a picture of her in a Hispanic dress while strumming her guitar and singing a small lyric.

Ooh...its know~!

"I love it so much, thank you Alex!" She pulled him into embrace and kissed his forehead. Alexander blushed at the display of affection; Maria Theresa snatched the paper from her twin brother and taped it to their refrigerator. She grinned at him before skipping shortly to her seat. Mason secretly snapped a picture of them on his phone before hiding it away in his pocket for later. Angelica had begun eating her cup of mash when an elderly hand reached out and took ahold of the spoon.

"Hello Mason, Alex. Long time no see." The hand began spoon feeding Angelica, she beamed at him. Professor Crumbs sat in the seat next to her smiling warmly. Mason and Alexandra jumped, the ex-wizard put down the cereal she had been eating in disbelief.

"What are you doing here, Professor Crumbs?" The English wizard shook his head.

"It's Mr. Crumbs now, Alex. And I'm here to send a message to you."

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"¡Buenos días, madre!"= "Good morning, mother!"