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Alexander hadn't liked the idea of actually returning to their dreaded hotel in New York City, it was cramped for this family of five. He settled with sitting beside his sleeping twin sister, who had been watching a re-run of Spongebob Squarepants, and watching his youngest sister nibble on her fist as she had seated herself in his lap. Mason was currently out searching for the elderly wizard by the name of Mr. Crumbs whilst Alexandra was cooking some dinner in their small kitchenette. The sweet smell of smashed potatoes and chicken wafted from the area over to them in what seemed like mere seconds, he felt his mouth water almost immediately.

"Hey, mum?", the young woman turned from her place and turned to him. She brushed back a couple loose strands of dark hair and clipped it back from her pale face.

"Yes, Alex?", the boy took a moment to gather his thoughts and swallowed. Here it comes, the question that had always been bugging him.

"Why did you leave? Didn't you love your mum, dad, and brothers?", there was a deafening silence. Alexander instatnly regretted asking the question in the first place, his mother held an expression he couldn't decifer. This caused the young Greyback male to gulp nervously and twiddle his fingers, the usual reaction he would give to individuals at his school that gave him the nickname of 'Mouse'. He shut his eyes to refrain from seeing an angry mother only to find himself in an embrace.

"It isn't that I didn't love's really complicated. You see-", the ex-Russo stopped for a minute. She needed to explain this in a more simpler way for him to understand, she didn't want to lie to him. The older brunette breathed in some the breath she hadn't made aware to be holding, "-mommy and daddy loved each other, since we first met. But when I lost the game, they wanted mommy and daddy to stay away from each other because we could both get hurt. We didn't want to be away from each other so we ran away and we had you, your sister, and Angelica.", the younger brunette nodded for her to continue on.

"So to do that, I couldn't talk to my mom and dad, it was to keep us safe. I would never let anything seperate us, honey.", he leaned into her touch and she finished her explanation. He didn't know how to process this all, he understood what she said but to have kept his mum away from her mum and dad? He felt like a bad person, someone as low as dirt as the detectives in his favorite tv shows would say to the criminals.

"I know, mum. But do you promise?", she pulled back from the embrace and wiped the tears that had yet to shed. She smiled up and him from where she was currently crouching at eye level.

"I promise, Alex. I promise. Now, would you like to help me finish making dinner while Maria Theresa and Angelica sleep for a little while longer?", the seven year old grinned. He loved helping out his mum, especially with cooking! Well, except for the small instances where he had burned himself with the jumping cooking oil while creating enchiladas.

"Yay!", he carefully placed his now sleeping baby sister against the pillows and drapped his blanket atop of them. He didn't want them to get cold under the air conditioner, it wasn't pleasant to hear coughing and sneezing coming from their rooms. He dashed over to the table and pulled out the chair from it's spot and moved it over to the counter beside the stove like Alexandra would always order him to do. The wizard mother tossed over her son the apron and crossed her arms after seeing him complete the task (albeit with a messy knot).

"Did you wash your hands, mister?", the other chuckled nervously.

" Of cour-!"

"Now.", she commanded. The little brunette hung his head and nodded before jumping down from his perch and making his way over to the dreaded sink.

Justin Russo carefully stacked his remaining paperwork into a neat pile onto the desk- the same desk his younger brother, sister, and himself worked on during their days as wizards in training. He breathed in a sigh of relief before thinking back to his new troublesome exchange student, that Latina girl was surely going to meet him again in his office. He swore that she was alike to his rebellious sister in more ways than one- well that is besides the fact that she spoke Spanglish (from what he'd discovered was that she did know English, she just didn't bother to apply it to situations)- but the point was that he had to get her straightened out. Before the real trouble begins besides setting off a rampage of toads and frogs through Wiztech's hallways or the possessed marker flying around and doodling on the students asleep in class.

Oh, that Corazon Hernandez was to be the death of him.

"Justin? What are you doing here?", the Russo turned to address the person who'd called him. It was Jerry, standing outside the lair's entry way with his arms crossed and eyebrow raised in confusion. He stood up abruptly in surprise and at the same time knocking off his fake mustache to the dirty floor, he grimaced as he picked them up and saw that there was gum sticking to it. The senior Russo gave the same expression as his junior.

"Well, that's going to be a mess to clean up huh? Here, let me help.", the father said in slight disgust before grabbing the accessory and tossing it away into the trashcan. He turned to his son, who wore a horrified expression, and giving him a confused look.

"What?", the Wiztech professor continued to gape at him before making hand gestures and the usual little show. So that was what he would appear like when scolding his kids? Wow, he must've looked crazy to them.

"Uh-I-that-ugh-Dad! That made you look super cool! Now what are my students going to say witout my mustache?", the other shrugged in an uncaring manner.

"You look much better without it to me, probably to the other students you would appear...more intelligent.", Jerry wanted to revert the upcoming little child tantrum that the other would rarely pull on these occassions. Justin then thought about the idea before settling on the fact that he would look 'suave and smart' to the famale wizards.

"So, like I asked. What are you doing here? Don't you have work at school?", the graying brunette questioned once again. The young man then began to excitedly jump up and down as if he were the age of an eight-year-old awaiting for his turn on the merry-go-'round. This only threw the older man off, what could be so exciting for him to act like this? Hadn't he ended this faze after his first year as dean of Wiztech?

"I heard that Alex is back in town! We have to find her and...Mason, and did you hear she even had kids! I'm an uncle! I'm an uncle! But Mason...but I'm an uncle, dad!", he couldn't decide to either be angered by the mere fact that the werewolf had gotten his sister pregnant or be estactic over the fact that he had a newphew and niece with another newphew on the way! This was amazing, yet horrifying at the same time. How could that even be possible? He didn't even now, himself.

"Who told y-? Mr. Crumbs! Ugh, I was going to take a trip over to your office and tell you the news but looks like he beat me to it. Justin, we have to have a talk. A family meeting right now, in the subshop.", the elderly Russo said. The professor started toward his father in a rush with his document secure in his bag (having aleady collected it with a snap of the wrist).

"Why?", was his only inquiry as he was lead out the liar. His father merely smiled back at him before moving toward the tables where the rest of the family was situated. He gestured for the other to take his seat, but that seat was clearly beside Max Russo. The younger brunette Russo glared up at the other, dark orbs clashing that withheld there own anger toward the other before. The oldest gave an annoyed sigh and plopped down beside the other male, who decided to scoot away in disgust. Jerry and Theresa watched with sad eyes while Harper frowned in disapproval towards her husband, who had turned toward her to face away from his elder sibling.

"Alright, now to start this Russo family meeting! Now, all of us have heard that Alex is back but she isn't alone, she has a family of her own with...Mason.", she allowed this to process and got her confirmation from Justin when he growled. She continued, "I don't want any of you causing them trouble in anyway, shape or form, especially Mason.", she said this pointedly to the brothers and father.

"Why should we leave Mason alone? He took Alex aw-!", Justin's indignant shout was cut off by Harper.

"No, he didn't, Justin. You know that very well, Alex left on her own with Mason! I saw them with their kids and they are healthy and safe, should you guys really try anything on him because of that? Wouldn't you have Alex hating you for hurting her husband?", the Russo woman retorted. She was in no mood to hear her ex-crush's hateful grudge against Mason, he took care of them. When she saw the Greyback family, they were healthy, happy, and at peace. And she wanted none of the elder brother's anger lashing out at him for doing just that.

"I still stand with my opinion, thank you Harper.", came the other's response.

"But I won't do anything to Mason, honey. I already knew that Alex was okay, even with Mason.", her husband responded to her. Harper turned to Max in surprise before it being quickly deflated by another random response.

"...huh? What were we just talking about? A Jason?", the redhead could only facepalm at this. Typical Max Russo.

"Look, what we need to do is try looking for her. But that's going to be tuff considering that magic won't help and it might freak alot of people out if we try it in the public. And it would break the new rules I established in the Wizard World. Mayb-",he was yet again cut off by another voice.

"No, need to do that.", beside Jerry there sat the thousand year old wizards munching on his blueberry muffin. The elderly Russo jumped from his place and held a hand over his heart. He faced the other with a pale face.

"You really have to stop doing that, Mr. Crumbs!"

"But where would the fun be if I don't scare someone when flashing here.", the wizard chuckled as he took a sip of his afternoon tea.

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