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~Third chapter. Meeting ~

%"They then let him absorb artificial soldiers to save them self's. Then he did what he always does, what he wants to do."

"What does he do?"

"Well, usually he causes havoc where ever he goes and his master doesn't care as long as it doesn't interfere with her plans."

"So, even thought he has as a parent she hates him and could care less about him, but need him to do her work for her."

"Simplly put, yes. Now we are almost there."

"Almost where Talon?"

"To a portal. My friend and I have to open it from both sides and pay a toll to get through, but it will not be our life or body parts."

"And you will not. I have gone through the gate many times and as you can see, I am still alive and in tacked."

"But you've gone through it before. What if I mess up?"

"You will not. All you have to do is not scream and let the pull guide you to where we are going. Do not fight it when we are pulled in."

"Fight what?"

"The gate. If you do you will be split up in to mind, body, and soul."


"Don't scream at all. It will give our position away."

"But we are surrounded by trees"

"Naruto, I want you to remember to never underestimate an enemy. It can and will someday get you killed. Now. Where is it…there it is."

"There what is? All there is there is a circle with weird lines and designs in it. What's that for?"

"This is called a transmutation circle. It allows me to get us where we need to go. I just have to wait for a connection to be made…..AAA there it is. The glow. Come now Naru, let's get on it?"


"If we are not on it we can't get to the place that we need to get to. Now move on it to."

"K. When are we going?"


"What?" I questioned as a blinding light shoot out around us.

$"Where are we going?" I ask as we got pulled by millions of small black hands through a gate and pure white figure who smiled a pure teeth smile as a small brown sack was thrown to it. Then it spoke as we were pulled.

"To where you need to go. Where you shall learn and become great. To be the best in the hidden continent. That is what you want is it not?"

"Yes" I answered "I want to be strong and brave and as smart like Talon."

"Then we need to be here." Talon said then I reliesed that I had spoken out loud and that the white figure was gone. "WE are in a parallel world. A world where you shall learn. A world where science combines and creates thing that help life. And do not call be Talon here. Call me Hayden." Talo-Hayden said as he removed his hawk mask and black cloak to reveal elbow length black hair and green jeweled. His eyes stared straight into my soul and felt like they were taking all my secrets in life and reading them.

"Hayden? Why?" I asked still in shock of what Hayden-Talon-Hayden looked like. I mean, come on. I'm 4. I can be shocked but a colorful butterfly.

"Nobody knows of ninja's so we have to blend in. Your clothing do blend in but my mask and cloak do not along with my name don't blend in. So I have to go by my birth name, Hayden because I have been here before and that's how people now me by. Let's go through the exit now."$

*With that the gate, tunnel, whatever you want to call it set us down and the white glow settled down. With all the light gone I was able to see that we were placed down in a grand room that looked like a rich person lived here. (49-51 in FMA, not brotherhood) When I heard a yell. (Harry Potter, Naruto, and FMA combined for a little bit)

Ed's Prov (Very Short)

A blinding light shoot up and we knew they were almost here. I would finally get my brother back. And he's not like Al. I love Al, I really do. But he's so needy for me. Hayden though can take care of himself and others. Good thing to because Envy's going to need constant watching or he might go on a killing spree. I suppose if we were on the hidden continent then we could let him loss on some poor fool but we can't here.

Envy's Prov

Hayden's coming! Hayden's coming! Finally, I get my little bird back. I was thinking that he forgot about me... and the pipseak but mainly me. He's here! Who's the chibi next to him?

"Hayden, who's the chibi?"

"This is Naruto…He's like Ed and me."

"So we have to train him?"

"Yes. Now let's go. I can sense that the military as set up servalance so they can leason in and any conversations here."

Naruto's Prov

"What! I told them that I would set servalance up." A Blond teen shouted who had golden hair and eyes.

"I vouch for the pipseak." A green/black haired teen.

"Well then," Hayden spoke "Why are there senserse down here?"

"I don't know but I garente that they will regret it."

Al's Prov

This was all very strange. Nii-san and Envy seem happy to see this teen. The black hair boy, why does he seem failure?

"Ed, why is..:


"AHH. I'll kill him for this." Hayden I believe sneered while looking at me.

"Well as much as I love sappy reunions don't I get to greet my boyfriend?"

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Same old psycho, crazy, blood thirsty Envy!"

"That's why you love me though!"

"It is, and I don't want you to change even if a 100 years past. Got it?"



"Now let's go to the cabin so we can explain to Naruto and Al who we are."*

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