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"Demon Talking/Devil Trigger!"


Devil among Shinobi

Chapter 2: Four Devils – It starts with Two!


"Oh you must be Naruto, I'm Nero welcome to the family" he said, holding out a glowing blue arm.

"Hey you've got one like me" he said showing his left arm.

"Whoa…" he replied as he noticed Dante and Vergil ducking it out.

"They tried to convert you didn't they".

"If by convert you mean which of the two weapons is better than yes".

They sat down and continued to watch the fight, "Um, shouldn't we stop them?" Naruto asked.

"Naw, its fine even if we get stabbed or shot in the head it won't kill us, trust me" Nero said.

Naruto looked at his new family and smiled, "I think I'm gonna like it here".

Five Years Later…

Naruto was sitting on a rooftop looking out into a city, he had grown a couple inches he was now 5"9 was wearing a black trench coat and undershirt, his lower torso he wore dark grey combat pants and boots. On his hands he wore black fingerless gloves with a metallic cross embedded on the backhand and had a necklace that resembled a cross between a sword, wing, and devil horns.

(AN: DMC Emblem)

On his back was a large broad sword, the guard was shaped like an open dragon head with wings (Alastor) and attached to his hip was a gun holster with Kurama in his first form (AN: M1911-SS with kanji for one).

Naruto looked down as a man was running from a group of scarecrows, he got up stretched his well built body and jumped down. The man tripped, and was about to be gutted when Naruto dropped down crushing the scarecrow, he pulled out Kurama and rapidly fired rounds into the lesser demons setting them on fire (AN: Yes Kurama has incendiary rounds). He placed Kurama away and brought down Alastor on an unsuspecting scarecrow, the sword crackled electricity before he charged in, "Vortex!" Naruto said spinning his body and sword around, slicing any demons that were in range or too close. He jumped up, "Split!" he slammed Alastor down splitting a scarecrow in half and sending a shockwave pushing back other scarecrow.

Naruto jumped in the center and in a wave motion, "Judgment Shredder" he spins around slicing and dicing every scarecrow in the area, he stops places Alastor on his back as the scarecrows get shredded to pieces. He turns around and walks toward the man who at this point is shaking uncontrollably, Naruto got in his face, "You didn't see anything" he said before jumping back to the rooftops.

In most countries and cities it's common for the population to not know about demons; however in some places like Fortuna demons run rampant. Nero headed their three years ago, and joined some group called The Order of the Swords, some religious group that believed that Sparda was their savior. What made Naruto laugh was that these people worshipped his father… a demon… as a god. If he were a god he'd still be with them, like his new mother Eva they passed away. Now the four devils had scattered with Nero in Fortuna, Dante running a demon hunting business called Devil May Cry, and Vergil; none of them had heard from him since the day they parted. Naruto had left to the city, trying to find his place in life and taking down some demons along the way.

Naruto sat on the rooftops looking at the necklace he had around his neck, it brought back good memories of when they were together. He laughed as he remembered the face Dante made when he discovered Naruto never heard about pizza. He looked at the moon, 'Wonder how everyone back home is? Tsk, what the hell am I thinking, this is my home now' he thought to himself wondering how his human family was doing. Bet the village celebrated his disappearance and his human family never even noticed. He let out a deep sigh, "Where to now?" he said till he heard someone whistle.

"Fishcake, didn't expect to run into you here".


"Yup, oh and by the way-"he bops Naruto on the head.


"That's for taking my move"

"Then why'd you teach me it?"





They both stared at each other before bursting out laughing, "Let's talk over Pizza".

"Praise the man that invented that"

"That would be the Italians…"

An hour later Naruto finds himself in Dante's workshop, Devil May Cry. Of course Dante was too cheap and Naruto ended up paying for the pizza, but they began to talk about what's been going on; though it seems as if Naruto was the only one out of the four devils that everyone got along with. Dante hates on Vergil, Nero hates on Dante, and Vergil hates on both, yup one big happy family.

"So how are things going on right now?"

"Finally set up shop, got the room decorated a bit, though the juke box needs to be fixed…"

"And Business?"

"I go off when either people or Trish calls me in".

"Oh yeah, how's it going with you two?"

"Sometimes I really don't get her, I mean does she have to put a bullet in my head each time she comes over, or any sharp object… it hurts man"

"Yeah right…"

"Oh yeah, well what about you and Lady?" Dante said with a grin.

Naruto blushes, "I have no idea what you're talking about-"

"Tsk, yeah right I see the way you two look at each other, so what's going on?"

"(Sigh) you're not going to let this go are you?" he said with a deadpan expression.

"Hehe nope".

"Alright fine, after we delt with Arkham and we got back to what we were doing, we met up at this bar one time and well-" Naruto stopped and noticed Dante, sitting next to him with his head moved closer.

"-yeah, I'm not gonna say anymore" he said getting an 'Aww' from Dante as he sat back down on his chair.

"So what's been happening with you… besides getting it with Lady" he said with a Cheshire grin as Naruto blushed even harder, to Dante this indicated that he was right.

"Well, it hasn't really been the same since we all separated, me I just took off trying to find my place in life-"

"AW, don't go all hippie on me-"

"CHOP!" Dante was bopped on the head, comically smacking him on the table which now had cracks on it with smoke steaming from his head. "Don't compare me with them" Naruto said flexing his Devil Bringer.

"Did you have to hit me with that arm?" he said with an x-shaped bandage on his head. Naruto shrugged, "that aside, have you heard anything from Nero and Vergil?"

"Tsk, all I know is that Nero joined The Order of The Swords working as a Demon Hunter, that's about all I got and Vergil… haven't heard of him since we separated" he said taking a slice.

"I see…"

"So… what are you planning to do?"

Naruto pondered a bit, "I think I'm going home-"

"What? Back to the estate?"

"No back home… my birthplace"

"Really I thought you hated it, isn't that why you became a Devil?"

"It is but… I don't know I guess I feel a bit nostalgic, I mean yeah the villagers treated me like a monster but, there were few that actually cared for me… I guess I just want to see them again".

"Well that's understandable, see you're like a cross between all three of us; you're a brutal on the battlefield, but kick back and relaxed off it, and you care about others"

"What and you don't" Naruto said raising an eyebrow as he saw Dante looking at a mirror making poses, he sweatdropped.

"Yeah, I do thing is that people tend to die around me and it's only better to make friends with someone of my kind, you know they last longer" he said, giving Naruto a bigger sweatdrop.

"Right then, so you're going back to the veil? Do you have any idea how to get their?"

Naruto paused and found out he didn't, he was unconscious when Sparda brought him across.

"Ehehe, yeah I've got no idea"

"Then theres only one person to call" he picks up the phone and starts dialing, places the phone up to his ear.

"… … … … … … … … … Yo Trish what's up… … … … … … right, right my bad, listen my little brother needs help getting to the veil… … … … … … yeah I thought so too… … … … … … … … Bermuda triangle, are you serious… … … … … … alright then, I will see you tonight" he said as he heard a gunshot from the other side of the line. He hung up the phone, "Bermuda Triangle… that's where the veil is!" Naruto said.

"Yeah pretty much" Dante said taking another slice.

"Well might as well go right now" he said, taking a slice and getting up to leave. He noticed Dante do the same, "You're coming?"

"What I'm bored" he said putting on his red trench coat, placing Ebony and Ivory in their holsters and Rebellion on his back. Naruto shakes his head and walks out.

Half an hour later they arrive at the port Naruto was looking for a bout they could confiscate until a red web-like barrier appeared. Hell Prides and (leg) scarecrows began to crawl out of swirling black portals, "Well, looks like we have something to keep us busy" Naruto said, taking out Kurama from his holster.

"Ain't the truth-"he said taking out Ebony and Ivory, "This party's getting crazy, let's Rock!"

Standing back to back, they both began firing a storm of demonic bullets; Dante held both his akimbo weapons sideways while Naruto held Kurama in his right hand with his DB clenched into a fist, ready when he needed it. The scarecrows went down easily; the hell prides dodged some of the bullets or blocked them with their scythes, Naruto focused as Kurama began to glow a crimson red flame and pulled the trigger, "Boom-" the bullet tore through a spinning scythe and made a prides head explode,"-Headshot!"

Dante blocked an incoming scythe slash with Ebony; he shoved Ivory under the prides chin and pulled the trigger, piercing the prides skull. Naruto jumped on a crate and the Kanji on Kurama switched to seven, and morphed into an Intervention Sniper Rifle. Naruto fired rounds into the unlucky prides, Dante jumped in the air and spinned downward firing a rain of bullets (Gunslinger), he landed and grabbed a pride and used it as a club smashing it against more prides. Naruto continued sniping prides when his danger senses kicked in he dodged to the right avoiding prides scythe, he kicked it on its knee crushing it, hit it with the butt of the sniper. The pride hit fell with a broken leg; Naruto with one hand held the sniper to its face and pulled the trigger. He jumped down, "HEY DANTE, THROW A BONE!"

Dante smacked another pride before throwing the one he was using towards Naruto, he caught it with his DB and with a heavy swing smashed it with another, he spun around collecting prides before throwing them at a truck causing it to explode. Naruto reverted Kurama back to his first form, placed him in his holster and brought out Alastor, "Stinger!" he performed a powerful thrust which skewered three prides.

"Hey fishcake, give me a boost" Naruto sunk Alastor on the ground and placed his hands together, Dante ran at him and placed a foot in his hands, and jumped with Naruto pushing him upwards. Dante landed in the center of the prides, taking out Rebellion, "Dance Macabre!" at breakneck speeds, Dante unleashed massive amounts of sword slashes obliterating the remaining prides. Naruto picks Alastor off the ground and places it on his back as the barrier begins to break.

"Well, that was fun" Dante said, placing Rebellion on his back, "Yeah, let's find a bout before people start to notice the fire" he said pointing at the burning truck. Ten minutes later, they took a speed boat out of there along with some gas canisters as people and authorities began to arrive.

"Hey Dante, do people usually see you fighting demons?"

"Almost never, usually when something big happens that when I have to take center stage, and you?"

"Not really, if a demon appears I couldn't really care about what most people think I mean it's better to be with me than another demon"

"That's true" Dante said taking a bite out of a pizza slice.

"What the- How the hell did you bring pizza without me noticing?" Naruto asked taking a slice.

"I'm magic that's how" Dante said, as the sailed across the ocean.


It's been five years since Naruto had disappeared; Naruko had begun to train harder to find and bring her brother home. Unlike the rest of the village only her, Kushina, Minato, Satsuki, Mikoto, and the Icharaku's knew that Naruto was alive somewhere. The day Naruto left, Minato had sent out a search party that last almost a year, the Namikaze's where filled with guilt that is was their fault for Naruto's departure.

Right now her along with Sakura, Sasuke, and Kakashi were giving their report on their finished D-rank mission. Minato was going through more lists of D-ranks when Naruko had enough, "Dad can't you just give us a higher ranked mission, were more than ready" she said, getting nods from her teammates.

"What are you two talking about, you can't take on higher mission until you complete at least forty D-ranks" said their academy teacher Iruka.

"Relax Iruka, if they think they're ready than fine with me, Kakashi your team will receive a C-rank mission"

Naruko and her team, looked up brightly finally they were getting a challenge, "You're mission is to escort a bridge builder to Kiri and guard him until he has completed construction" Minato said, "Bring in Tazuna".

"They turned around to see a drunken man, "What these kids are supposed to be my escorts, they don't even look like shinobi material" the man said.

"Sir I can assure you, that my team is more than capable of protecting you"

"Fine, see that you do" Tazuna said finishing the sake bottle.

Coast of Florida

Naruto and Dante had gotten off on the beach to get some supplies, namely gas and a shit load of pizza. Naruto had taken a map; they were only a couple miles away from the veil. Getting back on the boat, they sailed away, about three hours later the weather began to change as fog rolled in; they slowed down as they began to see reefs on the water's surface. They cruised around the rocks and Naruto began to wonder why there had been so many disappearances within the triangle, his answer came when the water began to get rough and a giant tentacle fish like demon (AN: think Irving from Resident Evil 5 only bigger).

'Well now I know' thought Naruto.

Dante fired demonic enhanced bullets which didn't seem to penetrate it's shell, Naruto took out Kurama and the one kanji turned to nine and the handgun morphed into an SMAW. Naruto fired a demonic rocket toward the demon which penetrated its skin, it screeched in pain and dive down to the water.

"Dante drive!" he said as Dante got into the driver's seat and sped up quickly getting out of the spot as the demon rose up clamping its jaws. "I can barely see anything" said Dante.

"Keep going, this giant fish isn't letting up" he said shooting another rocked at the now angered demon, it's shell began to tear off, leaving its skin wide open. The kanji on Kurama changed to eight, morphing it into a minigun, the barrels spinned and unleashed a barrage of demonic bullets. The demon screeched in pain before retreating back into the water, Naruto looked at Dante and Dante looked at Naruto before the two began to laugh. The fog began to clear showing a coast; they cruised alongside it noticing the sunken ships and airplanes. They stopped by a beach and got off, "So this you're home?"

"Not sure, I was unconscious when dad got me out of here… theres only one way to find out" he said walking into the forest Dante following. They continued to walk when they began to pick up traces of demonic energy, "You feel that?"

"Yeah this place is crawling with demons" said Dante.

They heard a running noise, they stopped and looked around and Naruto spotted an armored reptilian demon with a shield on their arm (Assaults), Naruto pulled out Kurama and shot it in its forehead making it drop and roll on the ground before melting away. This only made more appear, "This day just keeps getting better and better" said Naruto, he said firing more rounds Dante turned around to see more heading their way, he brought out Rebellion and began swinging away. Naruto was about to sheathe Kurama when he was tackled by an Assault taking him deeper into the forest.

Nearby Road

Naruko and her team were walking toward wave country; Kakashi had just explained to them the significance of the Kages and the nations when he noticed a puddle. They all walked past it, and two figures were about to jump out of said puddle when they all began to hear gunshots.

"What is that?" said Sakura.

"Don't know but, it sounds close" said Kakashi, then they saw a couple trees get knocked over an heading their direction. 'What is that?' he thought, "All of you guard Tazuna" he said taking out two kunai. Naruko, Sakura, and Sasuke took position when, out of a tree came a white haired teen wearing a black trench coat and shirt, with dark grey combat pants and black boots, with black fingerless gloves which had a cross on the backhand. He had a Zanbato on his back and some weird L-shaped weapon, the teen was being forced back by a humanoid lizard; in a swift motion a spectral blue arm appeared grabbed the demon and slammed it to the ground. The teen brought out the L-shaped weapon and in a loud bang the lizards head exploded, more lizard demons ran out and the teen shot them all in the head. He holstered the gun, and ran back in the direction the demons came from, Naruko had watched the entire thing and noticed something the others didn't… the barely visible whisker marks on his cheeks.

'N-Naruto?' was Naruko's thoughts.

"What the hell just happened?" Sakura practically yelled.

Kakashi looked at the bodies of the dead demons as they began to melt away, he turned to Tazuna, "You better have a good explanation, we were sent to protect you from bandits… you never said anything about demons".

(Que sad story, and he mentions shinobi also being after him)

"We shouldn't even continue this mission, with shinobi after you this should be a B-rank mission… and with demons lurking around the area this could be an A maybe even S-rank" he said getting gulps from the team along with Tazuna.

"Um, sensei?

"What is it Sakura?"

"Where's Naruko?"

Kakashi head shot up and looked around for his student; he focused trying to locate her chakra signature. Seconds later he found her, she was in the direction the white haired teen went, "What the hell is she thinking!" Kakashi created five shadow clones to guard Tazuna, "Sakura you stay with Tazuna, Sasuke you're with me" he said jumping after Naruko with Sasuke behind him.

Naruko was jumping from tree to tree, she saw the white haired teen running up ahead, the boy was running at unthinkable speeds, so she picked up her pace. She saw him stop and kick another lizard demon in the head sending it flying. She landed on a tree and hid herself as she watched the fight.

Dante threw his sword like a buzz saw hacking away more Assaults, one was about the claw at Dante when Naruto kicked it a side, he brought out Alastor as Rebellion returned to Dante. Their swords began to glow crimson red, Alastor had electricity sparking uncontrollably around the blade, "DRIVE!" they yelled and in one lighting quick sword swing they sent a crimson red shockwave disintegrating the remaining Assaults. They both placed their swords on their backs and gave each other a knuckle bump, then Naruto heard his name called, he turned around to see his sister.

'Fuck Me…'

Next Chapter: Four Devils – Three out of Four!

AN: looking good for chapter 2, anyway I might take longer to finish chapter 3, so I'm sorry if it comes out late, I'm going to have to brainstorm this next part.

Also for those of you wondering, yes Kurama has been turned into a Devil Arm he's a multiform based weapon these are his forms for those of you who are wondering what they are

1: M1911-SS (Black Frame, Red Grip, and Kanji for One)

2: FMG9 (Akimbo)

3: UMP45 (Grip, Laser Sight)

4: SPAS-12 (Grip)

5: ACR-6.8 (ACOG Scope, Laser Sight, Grip)

6: XM25 Grenade Launcher (Long Barrel, High Speed Kit)

7: Intervention Sniper Rifle (Extended Mags)

8: Minigun (Damped Sub-Frame. High Speed Motor)

9: SMAW Launcher (Guidance System,

These are Kurama's nine forms, and being a Devil Arm it has bottomless clips and uses Demonic Energy with every shot, and I used both Modern Warfare and New Vegas Attachments so there you have it.

Also, I mentioned that Naruto helped Dante stop Arkham; yes and here is how it went down it happened exactly like in DMC3 but, Naruto saved Vergil from falling into Hell. Vergil and Nero will make a reappearance at the end of the Four Devils arc so be patient. With that said adios I will see you guys next time.