Korra had trouble getting Naga onto Oogi. She had to get help from the boys, but once she was up in the saddle, she settled down and claimed her spot.

"Thanks guys," Korra sighed as she heavily sat beside the polar bear-dog, back against the creature's side.

"Not a problem," Bolin said with a grin. Mako helped Asami up and the three sat across from Korra and her large companion. The Avatar gave them an amused look and said, "What? She won't bight."

"Are you sure Naga will be okay once we get off the ground?" Tenzin said as he took the reins.

Korra waved a dismissive hand. "I'm sure she'll be fine," she told him. He had a skeptical look but turned away.

"Oogi, yip yip," he said and they were lifted off the ground.

Naga immediately tensed and her head shot up to look around. She whined and Korra started to scratch the dog's ear. "It's okay, girl, nothing to be afraid of."

It took a while to arrive. It was long enough for Korra to fall asleep, and Mako followed not long after. It was pretty much silent then, save for Korra's soft snoring. Asami and Bolin would chat too, but they mostly just sat and watched Korra and Mako with amused faces.

"So Tenzin," Asami said, "Where are we going exactly? I mean, you had us pack for a few days stay."

"We're going to Ember Island," he told her over his shoulder. "And we're making relatively good time, considering the distance."

Asami nodded and crossed her arms before yawning, looking tired.

Within a few minutes, she and Bolin had both fallen asleep.

It was dark by the time they arrived. Oogi landed quietly and Tenzin looked back at the teens and Naga, all of which were asleep. He sighed and decided to not wake them, so he left them on the bison and went inside.

An hour or two later, Naga woke up. She stood and jumped off Oogi's back and ran off inside, wanting to get off the huge creature's back. She didn't like flying, and being on something that could fly didn't agree well with her.

However, her leave caused Korra to fall over. She let out a quiet but sharp squeak, now awake. The sound made Mako start and he opened an eye to see her sitting up. Sometimes he wished he wasn't such a light sleeper all the time.

Korra grumbled and stretched, glanced at Bolin and Asami, then noticed Mako looking at her. He blinked, opening his other eye, and cocked a brow.

"Did I really wake you up?" Korra whispered.

"Yes," he whispered back.

She gave him a tired scowl and leaned back on the saddle, crossing her arms.

After a minute or so Mako closed his eyes again. He sensed a presence beside him a moment later and sighed.

"Korra, what are you doing?" he questioned the girl. She was silent. His shoulders dropped a little and he opened his eyes again. She had her arms around herself and she was looking off to the side, a small pout on her face.

He pinched the bridge of his nose before saying, "Yes, you have permission."

Not two seconds after he said that she was huddled against him. Rolling his eyes, he put an arm around her shoulders. She was asleep in a few minutes time, and she started to snore quietly again.

I should just bring her insideā€¦he thought. She'd probably wake up again if he moved though, and then she'd probably complain and he wouldn't hear the end of it until she talked herself to sleep. It's happened several times before.

He yawned and decided to just leave her be for the remainder of the night. With another yawn, he closed his eyes and fell back asleep