Madotsuki was sleepish, so he lawrenced to her bed. "Is goodly to sleep" say Madotsuki, as a falling asleep.

Suddenly, Madotsuki was in Dream world! She walk through door to strange world. "It's very strange" say Madotsuki. Suddenly, she finds Effect, and find more Effect until she had all 24 Effect. "I have all Effect!" say Madotsuki, as a very happy. She walk around in pink beach, and find House! "It's House" say Madotsuki curiously. She go in House and see Girl standing. "Hello Girl!" say Madotsuki, as a wave. Girl was not talking. Madotsuki flip light-switch, but realize she can't flip light-switch because her eyes closed, and can't see the light! "Oh no!" say Madotsuki, as Girl did not become Uboa.

Madotsuki waked up, as walked to Balcony. "I can't make a Uboa," say Madotsuki depressedly, as she jump from balcony onto street and die of suicidals!