Deep pools of mossy green. Day and night, all Romano could think about were those bright green orbs that lit up his world. The dark skin that covered his muscles, strong and calloused from toiling work in the fields. He would never admit that he loved those arms being wrapped around him.

No, he couldn't tell anyone. Not his brother, nor Belgium. Least of all, Spain himself. The muscular Spaniard was so happy-go-lucky that Romano doubted if he would take his feelings seriously.

The room was dark, and the small Italian sat quietly on his bed, thinking. Would he even listen? He questioned no one in particular in silence. If I told him, would he take me seriously? Romano practically death-hugged his pillow as thoughts rushed through his brain.

Tears started to come to the nations eyes as he remembered Spain's status as one of the 'Bad Touch Trio'. Would he be able to bear it if his Spanish partner cheated on him? No, would Spain even want to be with him?

Romano remembered with a rush of jaw-wrenching guilt all of the things he'd said to his former boss in the past. What if Spain hadn't forgiven him? What if he still saw him as that delinquent child? What if-?

Romano gasped as his door opened and a puzzled Spain slipped inside and flicked the lights on. "Roma?" He asked, genuinely confused. "You've been really upset as of late, haven't you?" The Spaniard sat at the foot of the Italian's bed, and placed a firm hand on his shoulder.

"You can tell me what's wrong, mi poco de tomate." Spain scooted closer to Romano, and the young nation looked down at his balled fists. "No, Spain." He spat. "I can't tell you." Romano turned away and hid his face in his pillow once more. The Spaniard didn't look pleased with his reply and sat him up again.

His deep green eyes peered into pools of liquid amber. He could tell that his 'Little Tomato" had been crying, if only a little. "Roma." Spain said firmly. "What's the matter?" Before either one could say any more, Romano pressed his lips against those of his former boss. He held his possition there for a few seconds before pulling away.

"That is what's the matter, Spain." He said starting to cry again. Spain only smiled then kissed him again. He pulled away after another couple of seconds and said; "Oh, Roma!" The Spaniard's face lit up with a grin. "Why didn't you just say so?"