Karin stood to look at her new - old house.

It was small,protected by red bricks, and mostly broken because of how old it was.

She shivered as a large gust of winter wind stung her cheek and blew her hair out of her face.

"Ah... cold, cold,cold!" she whispered.

It was supposed to snow soon, the weather men had explained it the last time she saw her television set, which was sitting with the rest of the un-packed boxes.

"Karin!" Her mean aunt yelled to her from inside, "Get your butt in here and un-pack my boxes!"

Karin sighed and trudged threw the hard mud under her feet that she knew was beginning to freeze.

She stepped into the house and slammed the door behind her, switched her boots with house shoes, and stomped to the pile of boxes, glaring at her aunt, who was sitting on the only thing in the living room- her old leather couch.

"Stop your ugly attitude and get to work! Boxes aren't going to HURT you now are they, you mongrel!" Her aunt snapped.

Karin had a few ideas of why her aunt seemed to hate her.

Her best reason was that her aunt was jealous of how pretty and young she was.

Karin was 17( 18 the next day), with wonderful,soft, porcelain skin, dirty blonde hair, beautiful green eyes with long eyelashes, large D-cup breasts,and a cute personality.

Everything about Karin was wonderful, yet she lived in despair.;

Both of her parents had died when she was a baby and never knew them.

She was tired of living with her cruel and controlling aunt.

Her current dream was to live alone with her husband and one day have kids.

But it seemed her dream would never come true.