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I wake to a cold chill all around my body. I'm trembling and it feels like I'll freeze over at any second. As memories of what happened before I had fallen asleep come back to me, my chest starts to fill with warmth and I'm beaming uncontrollably.

Kazune and I had...

"Mm...Kazune?" I open my eyes and squint in the darkness. I can tell that I'm still lying over the couch, but somehow he had managed to slip out from underneath me while I slept.

Why did he leave? Sighing, I begin to feel the unpleasant sensation of my stomach fluttering with worry. Was it possible, he wasn't that interested in me after only one time of -

"So you're awake?"

I gasp when I hear the familiar voice that makes my heart flutter incessantly. I sit up a little on the couch and struggle to peer through the darkness for Kazune's strong figure, but it's futile. My eyesight was terrible in the darkness, even after adjusting.

"Where are you," I whisper, "I can't see you."

There's a soft chuckle behind me as I start to rub at my sleepy eyes. Before I can turn to look and find him, there's a blanket thrown over my shoulders and his arms are wrapping around me from behind the couch.

"Kazune!" I giggle, and he kisses my temple affectionately. He holds me tightly, pulling me into his chest and instantly flooding my entire being with his warmth.

"My sleeping beauty is finally awake..." I feel his lips on my cheek, trailing to my neck. I lean against him, tilting my head back a little and closing my eyes. What good were they in the darkness, anyway.

I was amazed at the way I reacted at his touch. It was like I was craving it and only he could fulfill the desire. I revel in his embrace for a moment, listening to my own heart hammering in my ears. All I can do is softly stroke his strong arms around my abdomen, thinking back to our love moment just a little while before...

"How long has it been," I say with a blush, "You know...since we-"

"Made love as you you call it. What a sweet word choice. Only a few hours, darling."

My cheeks are hurting from smiling so much. I can feel his kisses moving to my shoulders. My body temperature had to have rose to fever degrees by now. I was amazed that all I needed was him.

"I'm completely worn out..."

Kazune draws his arms from me so suddenly that you would have thought I had slapped him. I turn around on the couch, covering my bare form up the best that I could with the blanket he had given me. I still couldn't see him, but his icy blue eyes were blinking away from me. I pull myself up on my knees, reaching up to find his face.

"Are you in any pain? I was too rough, wasn't I?"

"You're such a worry wart," I laugh when I realize that was all it was. I find his cheek and he leans into it immediately, his skin warming beneath my touch. His large hand comes up over my own, rubbing it gently.

"You weren't rough. It only hurts a little down there..but that's just because I'm sore. You haven't hurt me...you were perfect."

"Still not afraid of me?"


"Well you should be."

"You're 100 times less scarier than before. Maybe even 1,000 times."

"Dammit. You really know how to play with fire, Karin Hanazono.."

"You couldn't keep me from being attracted to you." I stretch up as far as I can and move to kiss him. My lips fall into the wrong spot and come into contact with the tip of his nose instead, and suddenly he's laughing at me. I pull away, slightly pissed that he would rather sit back and watch me struggle...but his hot lips are covering mine before I can blink.

"Why did you leave...?" I pull away. His scent is masked by something that reminds me of fresh wood. Kazune brings his arms down and around my body to lift me from the couch into his arms. I wrap them around his neck and relax into his embrace as he carries me away from the living area.

"I left the house to find some more firewood. When I got back I realized the room was trashed with our clothing and I didn't want the boys to come back and see that."

"They would tease us for sure."

"The teasing would come much later...instead, they'd be really upset."

"Why? Because we did it in the living room..?"

"You're so cute. The both of them really liked you, you know. They've always been jealous of how close we are. I warned them though," he tightens his grip on me as we move through the dark hallway. I would have been terrified walking down this hallway on my own, but I knew I was perfectly safe and had full trust in him, "You were mine from the beginning."

"How selfish of you, they didn't stand a chance." I say casually, but I'm shocked to think that Michi and Jin might have actually had feelings for me.

"That's right. I nearly killed Jin after I found out what he did to you. We got into a terrible fight about it and Michi told him to take his leave for awhile."

"Oh, Kazune! Did you hurt him?!"

"Don't you dare feel sorry for him. He knew what he was doing and he knew it wouldn't sit well with me..." anger raises in his voice and I feel his body stiffen as he turns a corner. I lift my head to kiss his cheek to calm him down and it works effectively. He relaxes just seconds later.

"What he did to me was nothing compared to what you and I did a few hours ago..or what we'll do from now on...or anytime we want..." I whisper in a low voice in his ear and it distracts him completely. I feel his breath catch as he turns yet another corner.

"Playing with fire again."

"Oh, but I need fire to keep me warm, don't I?"

"Goodness, Karin. You have absolutely no idea what you're doing to me."

"Set me down and I could do a lot more."

I'm delighted at his response as he starts to laugh, "No way! I'm not falling for it. I still need to cool off before I really lose it."

I'm being gently placed on the bed before I know it, but I'm refusing to let go of him. I have a feeling he may leave again and I was getting desperate.

"Karin..." he leans over the bed, putting his weight on his arms on either side of my body.

"Are you leaving again?" I ask him quietly, and I hear a tired sigh.

"I have to meet Michi somewhere. There's a newborn of our kind that's behaving recklessly around town. He feeds and leaves tracks all over the place, it's getting dangerous."

Ugh. That was a bit urgent, I supposed, but still, my needs were just as urgent. I find his lips again before he can tell me to let go.

"Mnn.." he moans, delighted by my pushiness and eagerness to have him again. He decides to indulge himself in our kiss, pressing further and even lightly suckling on my bottom lip. I'm burning up wrapped in my blanket now, and I slide my arms down to pull it off. I couldn't see, but I knew he could.

"Karin, you're making it really hard to leave.." he groans and I can feel him pulling away to look at me. I scoot away from him so my back is against the pillows of the bed, but I've pulled him with me. He's pinning me down now and I want to scream in victory. This had gone much easier than I thought.

"Just make love to me before you go. That's all I ask..." I say softly, and I can feel his need growing inside his jeans.

"Alright. But I won't be able to stay once I've given you what you want."

"As long as you come back soon..." if I had wanted to finish that sentence, it would have been quite difficult, because I'm being overwhelmed by his kisses in the next moment. He pried my lips open with his own and slips his tongue in my mouth to gently caress mine. I reach down between us, panting with need as I find him behind his restricting jeans. I find his zipper and bring it down to cup his member through the fabric of his boxers. He moans against my lips as I start to rub him admiringly. He wanted this just as much as I did.

His hand has found mine in the next second and reaches to help me slip him out of his underwear. My hands move up to slide under his shirt and he shivers under my touch.

"You're hands are so cold, my love."

I find his chest and spread my hands along it, admiring how sensitive he was there. I stroke all the way back down to his tight abs, sitting up to kiss him where my fingers left. When my hands threaten to find his hard member again, he reaches down and flips me onto my stomach. I'm so shocked that he's gotten me in this embarrassing position that I start to protest.

"H-Hey! This position is -"

"To keep you from driving me insane. Stay still." I feel him shift his weight a bit behind me so he's sitting on the back of my thighs. My fingers dig into the pillow as he reaches and grabs my bottom to feel around for my entrance. He shifts just a little closer to me until I'm filled with him again.

I cry out at the joining of our bodies. He was so incredible, I wanted to scream until he knew just how great he felt inside me. The bed creaks with our weight as he thrusts into me at a rough pace, his hips repeatedly pressing against my backside only to pull away again. I'm sure I've torn holes into the sheets as I struggle to find something to hold onto. Kazune moved so quickly that I could no longer tell where we began. My mind goes fuzzy as I close my eyes, the only thing I could do was beg him not to stop.

"This is what you wanted, isn't it?"


"I love you, Karin Hanazono."

"...I love you, Kazune!" I spread my legs the best that I can so he can press as far as possible inside me. I feel the tip of his length caressing a magical spot and really start to scream. His hips are amazing!

"Oh, yes...!" I couldn't get enough of this. I couldn't get enough of him. The world is gone and it's just the two of us in ecstasy together. I didn't want it to end.

"Come with me, Karin."

As if his voice were casting a spell on me to obey, I feel my entire body quake with my earth-shattering release in the next moment, my jaw dropping in a long sensual wail. I feel Kazune driving into me with a few more firm thrusts until he finally lets go. I sigh with content when I feel his warm essence burst within me as he pulls out slowly and carefully.

I'm still struggling to catch my breath as he adjusts his clothing and bends to kiss me on my cheek as I roll over onto my back. I wrap my arms around his neck - gently this time before I let go - and kiss him passionately. As we pull away, I whisper, "Thank you."

"My pleasure." He stands out of bed and pulls the blankets all the way over my body. Our hands touch for a moment before he pulls away hesitantly and steps away from the bed as if he would consider staying the longer he touched me.

"Hurry back...it might get cold again." I say to him, and there's a smile in his voice as he says "Yes ma'am..." before closing the door behind him.

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