She escapes halfway around the world before he catches up to her. He surprises her in a cave and she has just enough time to summon a blue flame before he is on her. With a gentle puff he blows out her fire and traps her between him and the rock wall. One hand is pinned above her head and the other soon follows. She could struggle but her golden eyes are busy cataloging the changes in her nemesis.

The years have done him well as he now towers over her. The body that once belonged to a child is now that of a man…a warrior…honed through years of battle. The firm, solid feel of him presses against her soft curves. The years have been kind to Azula as well. Those gray eyes carry the weight of a thousand lifetimes but she takes a devilish delight at how they now have a singular focus where her dress plunges.

He may be a god but he is still a man.

"Fancy meeting you here, Avatar." She purrs in a low tone.

Eventually, his eyes finish their languid journey and meet her stare. "You're a difficult woman to find, Princess." His tongue wraps around her title sending shivers down her spine.

Her pink tongue darts out wetting her full lips. His eyes follow its path with a sort of longing that makes her curious where that insufferable Water Tribe girl is.

"I'm not going back." There is a lilt in her voice that is playful and tempting.

"Who said I'm here to take you back?" He leans in, his warm lips brush hers as he speaks and she nearly chases them when he pulls back slightly.

With a smirk, she pulls one hand free and slides it around the back of his neck, drawing him closer. His skin burns as hot as only a Fire Bender's can.

"Why are you here then?" Her golden eyes suddenly blaze like the sun.

He closes the distance, pressing his lips to her, licking and tasting in a way that no one has ever dared. Without hesitation, she opens under him and lets him explore. He is like fire and ice and she can feel the power just brimming under the surface as he takes what he wants from her mouth. She feels a shake, a tremble, and realizes it's coming from her.

Suddenly, his weight and warmth are gone. She opens her eyes and blinks in confusion.

Stormy gray eyes stare her down. "I'm not ready to catch you yet, Princess."

With that he is gone, leaving her cold and wanting. She licks her lips savoring his taste. She should be angry. She should feel shame. All she can feel though is this indefinable need, a need to be sated. Azula smirks. The hunt for the Avatar is on.