~~Deny Thy Father And Refuse Thy Name....~~

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~~Chapter Eighteen: Epilogue - The Power Of Love Will Be Your Salvation~~

'And the game is over; Slytherin 250, Ravenclaw 180. Slytherin wins the Quidditch Cup! Congratulations Slytherin!'

'Yes! What a game!' a voice said happily.

'He makes the best seeker doesn't he?' a second person said with a touch of pride.

'Next to you maybe,' a third person said grinning.

The first person chuckled. 'You taught him everything he knows, so I'd say he's right on par.'

'Of course I am, expected less of me, Granger?' a new voice said with a drawl, though pale grey eyes shone with merriment.

'Draco!' the second person said happily. 'Terrific game, congratulations!'

Draco smiled at the person. 'I couldn't have done it if it wasn't for you, Harry,' he said softly and walked over to his lover. 'I owe you everything.'

Harry smiled back at Draco, and took Draco's hand into his own. 'I think it's me who owe's you everything, Draco. If it wasn't for you I couldn't have been here to even watch the game today.'

'It's been a right long year hasn't it,' Hermione said with a slight sigh.

'You can say that again, Hermione,' Ron said with a nod. 'If you'd told me ten months ago I'd be standing next to Draco Malfoy without wanting to kill him, I'd have said you were daft.'

Draco snorted. 'Any more than I'd be standing next to a Weasley and not have something truly...nice...to say,' he said dryly.

Harry shook his head and chuckled. 'You two, honestly, what am I going to do with you eh?'

'Well one thing you can do is give Draco back for a little while so he can go attend the celebrations now taking place in his honour in the Slytherin common room,' a voice from behind them drawled.

'Dad!' Harry said turning round and smiling at him. 'That was quick, they're already doing a celebration party?'

'I believe they were confident before the match even began that they would win,' Severus said with a slight grin. 'Now go on, Draco, and don't forget we're meeting with your Mother this evening, so do be prepared.'

'I won't forget...Dad. See you all later then!' Draco said with a grin and winked at Harry, but before Severus could even respond he dashed off towards the castle.

'Dad?' Severus said in surprise as he watched Draco run off. Turning back to Harry with a look of curiosity he asked, 'What is that all about?'

'Ahh, Harry? We'll see you back at the castle. We've got some err...studying to do, right, Ron?' Hermione said hurriedly and glanced at Ron oddly.

'Err...oh...oh right...yup, studying,' Ron said with a series of nods. 'Catch you later, Harry, Professor Snape!' he said now and taking Hermione's hand they also dashed off towards the castle.

'Harry,' Severus said in a warning tone. 'Care to enlighten me what this is about?'

Harry watched Ron and Hermione heading off and then sheepishly turned back to his father. 'Err...that is...what I mean is...'

'Harry Silvius Snape, what is going on?' Severus said slowly.

Harry sighed then held his hand out to show his father. 'Umm...this?'

Severus stared down at what was clearly a golden band round the third finger of Harry's left hand. 'And what praytell is that?'

'It's a wedding band if I guess correctly, Severus,' Remus said, as he and Sirius now walked up with smiles on their faces.

'A what?' Severus said in shock.

'A wedding band, Severus, I believe you're...familiar...with them?' Sirius said with a wry grin as he made a pretense of turning a golden band that was placed on his own left hand.

'Of course I'm familiar with them, Sirius, I'm not that stupid,' Severus muttered. 'Why is one on your hand though, Harry?'

'Well...err...it's not quite a wedding band...yet...um...Dad. It's an engagement band for the moment,' Harry said quietly.

'I see,' Severus said slowly. 'And when were you planning on informing me of this...engagement?'

'Umm...soon?' Harry said fidgeting. 'I reckon that Draco's just err...excited because of the match and umm...forget to not say anything just yet.'

'Excitement can do that to a person, yup,' Sirius said trying to hold back a grin.

'Oh will you stop it, all of you,' Remus said rolling his eyes. 'Congratulations, Harry. I know that you and Draco will be very happy together, just as your Dad and we are. Isn't that right, Severus?' Remus asked whilst looking heatedly at his husband.

Severus cleared his throat and looked a bit sheepish. 'Err...right you are, Remus. Of course they'll be as happy as we are.'

'Heh, married only two months and already Moony's got you whipped old man,' Sirius said with a laugh.

Harry laughed. 'I wouldn't say that, Sirius. More like Dad knows when it's a full moon coming, and when not to peeve off Remus,' he grinned.

'On that you are absolutely right, son. Something certain people still haven't learned apparently,' Severus said dryly.

Remus grinned. 'He's got a point, Sirius, you never did know when to quit whilst you were ahead. At any rate, when do you and Draco plan to have the ceremony, Harry?'

'Well, not till after he leaves school of course. Then there's the matter of Ron and Hermione's wedding, so we don't want to damper that. Perhaps by Autumn, there's still a few things Draco needs to clear up regarding...well you know...things.'

'I thought Narcissa was handling that?' Sirius asked.

'She is doing what she can, but now that Draco is head of the family, there are some thing he must do for himself,' Severus said.

'And he's doing them quite well at that from what Narcissa says. Now, what about on Halloween, Harry? At least that's a day in which he'd never forget your anniversary,' Remus said whilst looking pointedly at Sirius.

'Hey! It's not my fault I got caught up with- ' Sirius began.

'Sirius,' Severus said warningly and shook his head. 'Not another word.'

'Err...right,' Sirius mutter.

'Caught up with what, Sirius?' Remus asked curiously and looked between Sirius and Severus.

'Oh, nothing, love, absolutely nothing,' Sirius said with an exaggerated grin. 'Now, we were discussing a date for Harry here. I think your right, Remus, Halloween is a wonderful day indeed.'

Harry grinned. 'Actually that's what Hermione said too. Said it would be prophetic or something like that. The start of a new life, one hopefully this time filled with happiness and not sadness.'

'Something we all should have,' Severus said with a nod.

'Implying you're not happy with your current life, Severus?' Remus asked with a raised eyebrow.

'You know I am,' Severus said with a slight smile. 'For my son though a new life is just beginning, and I want him to make the best of it he can.'

'I will, Dad, with Draco at my side,' Harry said softly. 'Not to mention Ron and Hermione. They have their wedding date set for August 24th by the by, so that they can have a bit of a honeymoon before they start working at the Ministry.'

'What are they going into again?' Sirius asked.

'Hermione's going into some researching department, and Ron's going into his Dad's old department working under Percy. He's not thrilled about it, but he's getting a nice pay packet so Hermione doesn't mind. She knows that even though Mr. Weasley is Minister of Magic now doesn't mean Ron should automatically get in at top ground. She wants him to do some work first actually, prove himself and all that,' Harry said with a shrug and wrinkled his nose a bit.

'Typical woman,' Sirius said with a chuckle. 'Always wanting us men to do the dirty work.'

'That goes for some men too, Sirius Black,' Remus said with a snort. 'Arthur didn't clear your name so you could just sit back on your bum and do nothing you know.'

'I know, I know,' Sirius muttered and shot a glare at Remus. 'I'm working on it all right?'

'I thought you were offered your old Auror position back, Sirius?' Severus asked.

Sirius shrugged. 'I turned it down. I think by now I've seen more than my share of things. Give me anything other than that actually.'

'I'm sure you'll find something, Sirius,' Harry said. 'Anyway I reckon we should get home and get ready for tonight. Don't want to upset Mrs. Malfoy now do we.'

'Gods forbid we do that,' Severus said mockingly.

'Heh you don't know Narcy like I do, Sev. She can be a right bear when she's angry, trust me on this one,' Sirius said with a nod. 'Right then, back home we go. We'll see you tonight at Dumbledore's office.'

'Make sure you're there at quarter to six prompt this time, Sirius,' Severus said warningly. 'Albus said he has the portkey configured for exactly six sharp.'

'Yeah, yeah we'll be there on time,' Sirius said with a wave of his hand.

'And make sure you're dressed properly as well, Sirius,' Remus said sharply.

'Honestly, I don't see why I have to get dressed properly for a rehearsal,' Sirius muttered.

'Just to make you miserable, Sirius, that's why,' Harry chuckled. 'Come on then, if we're getting done up so are you. Don't worry, I'll make sure he's proper.'

'That's my boy,' Severus said with a grin and ruffled Harry's hair.

'Dad! Quit that!' Harry grumbled. 'I grew it long for a reason you know.'

Severus chuckled. 'And here I thought it was because Draco said you looked sexier that way.'

Harry paled. 'Err...that too,' he said with a blush.

Remus, Sirius and Severus laughed. 'Go on, Harry, we'll see you tonight. Oh and don't eat before you come, we'll go out to a late supper after rehearsal.'

'Really?' Harry asked excitedly. 'Can we go to the Galloping Gorgon in Knockturn Alley? I love their food!'

'Maybe, we'll see how late it gets,' Severus replied. 'Now go on, you've got three hours till you have to be back.'

'Right, Dad. Come on, Sirius, we'll need that time to get all showered and ready. I can't wait!' Harry said grabbing Sirius's hand and heading back towards their cottage on the outskirts of Hogsmeade.

Severus watched his son go and shook his head. 'Sometimes I can't believe he's mine. Is it all real I wonder?'

'As real as we are, Severus,' Remus said softly and went up to put his arms round his husband's waist.

'Are you?' Severus asked quietly and looked down at his husband with a tender expression in his coal black eyes. 'I sometimes wake up in the morning and think it's too good to be true.'

'I will spend the next hundred and some years reminding you just how good it is, Severus. I love you...Sirius loves you...Harry loves you...you're just a lovable bloke I'd say,' Remus said with a grin.

Severus snorted. 'That's because you're all daft,' he said.

Remus chuckled. 'I'd rather be daft and in love with you then sane and hating you, Severus Snape. You make a wonderful father, Severus, and I can't even put to words what kind of husband you are, because there are no words for perfection.'

Severus pulled Remus into a tight embrace, holding him for a few moments as if he were a life line. 'I can't believe how much has happened in these short months, Remus. You are a very forgiving man you know, you shouldn't have been.'

'It's wasn't my nor Sirius's decision to make though, Severus, it was Harry's, and he made it the way he felt best. Everyone deserves happiness...and even redemption at times. After all, Harry's had a very good role model to learn that from I'd say,' Remus said softly.

Severus sighed. 'I never deserved redemption. I never deserved to have you and Sirius's love, let alone Harry's for what I did,' he said sadly.

'But Harry did forgive you,' Remus said firmly. 'Just as he forgave Peter in the end. Peter will forever live with his guilts, as will all of us, Severus. Besides, Peter didn't get off scot free remember. After they come back from their honeymoon Arthur has much planned for him,' Remus said with a wry grin.

Severus chuckled. 'The nastiest, dirtiest jobs one can find at the Ministry eh?'

'Not to mention Malfoy Manor has no less than a hundred stabled horses that need daily tending. I reckon it's safe to say that the new Master of the Manor will definitely have his work cut out for him,' Remus grinned.

'I was very surprised I'll admit when Draco agreed to turn over the Manor to his Mother and Pettigrew,' Severus said.

'Draco doesn't need it nor want it, Severus. Godric's Hollow is being rebuilt even now, and that's where he and Harry will find a new home with a new life. Like you said, one filled with happiness,' Remus said.

'Actually that reminds me that...there's something I want to discuss with you, Remus,' Severus said hesitantly.

'Oh? Does this have something to do with Sirius's disappearing acts lately?' Remus asked with a raised eyebrow.

Severus chuckled and nodded. 'Very much so as it happens. Harry and Draco, Narcissa and Pettigrew...they're not the only ones that should be starting a new life together, Remus. I think it's high time so should the three of us.'

'What are saying, Severus? What do you mean?' Remus asked puzzled.

'What I'm saying, my sweet wolf, is that our turn to be happy now too. Voldemort is gone now, I saw to that- ' Severus began.

'At the cost of nearly your own life at that,' Remus said with a trace of anger. 'What were you thinking when you confronted him in the forest?'

'I was thinking of you...of Sirius...of Harry...of what it would mean to be rid of that bastard once and for all,' Severus said heavily. 'I did what I had to do, and I don't regret it for a moment, Remus.'

'We could have lost you forever, Sev. Did you even think of that?' Remus asked in a pained voice.

'I did, Remus, of course I did,' Severus said sadly. 'But like the Muggles say, "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few". I weighed my options, and to me if I had the chance to destroy him once and for all...I knew that even you and Sirius would understand why it had to be done. It was my life for a few, over the lives of the entire Wizarding World, something I knew you'd understand'

Remus sighed deeply and nodded, putting his head against Severus's chest. 'Of course I do, Severus. It's just I can't imagine my life without you or Sirius in it is all. I would have only been one-third of a person if you'd left us for good.'

'That is something I don't plan on doing again for a very long time, my lovely wolf,' Severus said softly and kissed the top of Remus's head. 'But you do understand don't you? As much as I love you and Sirius, destroying Voldemort to save everyone else was more important at the time. A sacrifice I was glad and more than willing to make.'

'At least the Fates were kind and gave you back to us. I still can't believe you did it though. How did you know what to do anyway?' Remus asked curiously.

Severus shrugged. 'I don't know, Remus, I really don't. One minute I was flying into the forest to get away from the curses and hexes being casted at me, the next thing I remember I was crashing into a clearing. In that clearing was Voldemort, and he was as surprised to see me as I was to see him, tell you that much. I suppose since I had the advantage of being just a touch less surprised, I got the upper hand. It was as if some hidden force was controlling me, and before I could stop to think I had my wand out and was casting the spell I did.'

'What was it you used? You never did tell us,' Remus said.

Severus chuckled. 'It wasn't the Avada Kedavra, tell you that much. I had a feeling that if that really hadn't worked once, it wouldn't again. Perhaps buy us again more time, but not get rid of him forever. If you have to know...I used the Deleo Maleficus Curse.'

Remus looked up at Severus now in shock. 'No, you didn't...did you?' he asked in a hushed voice.

Severus nodded. 'I damned well did, Remus,' he said grimly. 'I'm sure that if Arthur Weasley were to know about my use of that particular spell he'd more than likely forgive me however.'

'Perhaps so, but that spell is one of the most dangerous restricted spells you can use, Severus. However, it does explain why you died,' Remus said thoughtfully.

'Yes and I knew I would die using it. You can't cast that spell without giving everything of yourself, which is why it's restricted, because it's so immensely powerful. However I knew it would be a spell that would counteract anything Voldemort could manage to throw my way, because what that bastard never understood was simply that good always triumphs...or at least it did in this case,' Severus said with a grin.

Remus shook his head. 'He really didn't understand that did he. In order to cast the Deleo you have to use every fibre of your being that is pure and good. Which makes me realize just how wonderful a person you are, Severus.'

Severus held Remus tightly again. 'I couldn't have casted that spell before you all came back into my life, Remus. It was you, Harry and Sirius that saved me, otherwise the spell would have been worthless, I would have died and done no damage at all to Voldemort. It was knowing how much I loved you all, and how much the three of you loved me in return that made the spell truly work.'

'And it's what brought you back to the living, Severus,' a voice said cutting in now.

'Albus?' Remus said in surprise and looked at the old wizard worriedly. 'What are you doing here? Is anything wrong?'

'No, no, not at all, Remus, everything is just fine. Lemon drop?' Albus said with a twinkle in his eyes whilst holding out a small bag of sweets.

'Albus,' Severus said in a strict voice, 'don't sneak up on people like that, especially when they're discussing things that shouldn't be overheard.'

'Come now, Severus, I overheard nothing,' Albus said with a smile. 'Besides, if I had heard anything...I would of course be agreeing with you both. After all..."At Gorchefygu Anhoffter, Ond Yr Cyfoeth Cariad Brydiau Bod Chwithau Achubiaeth." Isn't that right?'

Remus and Severus both smiled then, and nodded at the Headmaster. 'Indeed you are right, Albus. "To Overcome Hatred, Only The Power Of Love Will Be Your Salvation." Truer words never spoken. The love that we all share saved us all in the end,' Remus said looking tenderly at his husband.

'And love will continue to do so until the end of time, Remus,' Albus said with a knowing smile. 'Now why don't the both of you return to the castle and get ready. The portkey will be ready at six o'clock to take all of you to Malfoy Manor. I'll see you again after that in two days time correct?'

Severus nodded. 'We've been offered to stay at the Manor after the wedding for a few days, so Draco can get some of his affairs in order. We'll be back however by Monday morning for the Leaving Feast.'

'Good, good, seeing as how Slytherin is going to be honoured the House Cup as well this year, I would assume you'd want to be there, Severus. Considering this will be your last chance for a while to see that happen,' Albus said knowingly.

Remus scowled. 'Did you have to remind me of that, Albus?'

Severus chuckled. 'Well once Harry 'died', Gryffindor never stood a chance,' he grinned.

'Well gentlemen, I'll see you this evening. I believe Minerva is looking for me,' Albus said, and with a nod he began to head back to the castle.

Remus turned his head and looked up at Severus quizzically. 'What did Albus mean by that remark, Severus?'

'Hmm?' Severus said watching Albus go. 'Which remark would that be?'

'You know full well which remark, Severus,' Remus said sharply.

'Ah, yes, trust Albus to spill the beans as it were,' Severus said off-handily.

'Severus...' Remus said warningly. 'What did he mean?'

Severus looked down at Remus hesitantly, taking in every detail of his husband's face. 'You look tired these days, Remus. Do you know that?' he asked softly.

Remus looked puzzled by that remark. 'I suppose I am a bit. I'm not getting younger you know,' he said wryly.

Severus chuckled. 'No, none of us are. You're...transformations...have been more difficult lately, that much I do know. I saw it during last month's moon when you just wanted to curl up with us in front of the fire at the cottage rather then go for our usual romps round the forest.'

Remus shrugged. 'I was a bit more tired than usual last month, but then I've had reason to be as of late. With our wedding only two months ago, the exams coming up...'

'Exactly, which is why Sirius and myself have come to an agreement,' Severus said.

'Without me? I thought I was part of this family,' Remus said in slight rebuke.

'Of course you are, and that's exactly why we've been concerned for you, my lovely wolf. I said it was our turn now, and it is. Our turn to be happy, to find contentment, Remus, something I think we all desperately need. Which is why...I told Albus that neither you nor me will be returning to teach next school term,' Severus said hesitantly.

'What?' Remus said shocked. 'You told him this without even consulting me?'

'Yes, and I will hold to it,' Severus said firmly. 'You should be doing a garden, not doing test exams, Remus Lupin. I know we're not 'old' yet, but we've enough money to last us several lifetimes. Harry doesn't need our money with both his and Draco's fortunes, we've got no more obligations with them either now that they're off to get married. Narcissa will have Pettigrew to keep her company now...and as for me...all I want is the both of you at my side, in our bed, happy, content, and enjoying what we have...together.'

'Oh, Severus...' Remus said in a half whispered voice. 'You...you would give that all up...for us?'

Severus nodded. 'Sirius agreed with me, which is why he's been disappearing as he has. You see, he's been scouting for places to live. Not just a hired out cottage in Hogsmeade mind you, but a place that we all will start fresh. Not Black Manor, not Snape Manor...but our own 'Manor' as you will. Which is in reality a quaint and cozy cottage on a river inlet just outside of Penryn in Cornwall.'

'Cornwall?' Remus asked in shock.

'Yes, my dear, Cornwall. Where you grew up, and where Sirius and I agreed was the one place you would enjoy the most. After this term is up we're moving in there right away. Sirius has already purchased the cottage through the Diagon Alley Estate Agents offices, as well as already furnished it with all your favourite things. From now on you're going to do nothing more than sit back, relax, grow a few things in your garden, and let us do the rest.'

'But...what about Sirius? What about you? What will you both do?' Remus asked, still too stunned by all of this.

Severus chuckled. 'Sirius is Sirius, he'll find things to do. He doesn't need to work, he wants to, if only to keep himself busy and out of trouble. As for me...I've already posted off to the Potion Masters Monthly Journal. They've been looking for someone to review various potions, ingredients and whatnot, and I think I can safely qualify as an expert in the field. I may once in a while have to travel to the far flung parts of the world to investigate certain items, but I promise I will never leave on a full moon, or for very long.'

'Severus...' Remus said quietly. 'I don't know what to say.'

'Don't say anything,' Severus said softly. 'The day you said 'I shall' was all the words I ever needed or wanted from you, Remus. Twenty some years ago we found comfort in each other because of need; now we find that comfort because of love. You'll see, soon you'll be so content doing 'nothing' that you'll wonder how you ever did without it,' Severus grinned.

Remus chuckled and shook his head, then reached his hand up and tenderly put his palm on Severus's cheek. 'You both spoil me too much.'

'We don't spoil you enough,' Severus said firmly. 'Consider this payback for all those years of suffering and not knowing where your next meal was to come from, or how you were going to put a roof over your head. The cottage is in all our names, your things are yours, no one else's. That I can share in those things, as well as have a piece of your heart is enough to keep me for a very long time, Remus.'

Remus closed his eyes a moment and shivered, letting those words sink in, loving how good they sounded. 'Mine,' he whispered, then looked up at Severus.

'Yours...forever, Remus,' Severus said quietly. 'Just as Sirius is ours, and Harry is Draco's.'

'They'll truly be happy together won't they,' Remus said with a soft sigh.

'Like Father, like son,' Severus said with a smile.

'Indeed he is,' Remus replied, then smiled as Severus leaned in and captured his lips with a kiss that was made up of passion, tenderness and what could only be true love.


What had started out as a journey into the unknowing for all, had become a journey of understanding. Harry forgave Peter Pettigrew because he felt that if he could forgive his Father for what he had done, forgive Sirius and Remus for the lies and deceptions, even forgive Dumbledore for that, then Peter deserved no less. Peter and Narcissa married and after a few years of atoning himself for everyone else, they went abroad for many years so that Peter could find his own self worth, travelling to all parts of the globe in search of redemption of his soul.

Peter eventually found that in a Tibetan temple, and though Narcissa wasn't happy about his leaving her, he spent a year in severe meditation. When he came back however it had been worth the wait, for he was a much changed man. Today Narcissa and Peter Pettigrew live quietly at the renamed Pettigrew Manor, rarely interacting with anyone but family and close friends.

Ron and Hermione married as well that Summer after school let out. They both did indeed go into the Ministry, where eventually both were promoted to the head of their respected departments. They currently have four children, all sons, and Hermione swears she will keep going until they have at least one girl. They live in a house adjacent to the Burrow where Molly and Arthur Weasley are in constant attendance on their adored grandchildren.

Remus, Sirius and Severus did settle happily into domestic life. Remus has a budding garden yearly that grows whatever he is currently enjoying at the moment. Sirius went on to get, of all things, a job in the Muggle world working on motorbikes, and from time to time brings home the occasional one to tinker with. As for Severus, on most days you can find him in his study, pouring over Potion journals or just reading up on the local daily news of both Muggle and Wizarding worlds. He realised years ago that the Muggles had some fascinating medicinal qualities with their herbs and plants, and he spends a lot of time still searching to perfect the Wolfsbane Potion for his beloved husband Remus.

Harry and Draco Malfoy-Snape were married quietly by Albus Dumbledore on Halloween evening when they were eighteen. They too travelled for a while since Harry had professed interest in seeing the world before settling down. When they returned from one of their travels to America they brought back with them an infant that they had adopted; a young werewolf cub whose mother and father had been killed by werewolf hunters. With help from Remus of course they learned how to take care of a newborn wolf-pup, and they were very proud parents when their son Ian started Hogwarts. Nor did they mind in the least when he became a Ravenclaw, and they were incredibly proud when he became the second youngest seeker of the Ravenclaw House Quidditch team.

Harry and Draco lived quietly at the rebuilt Godric's Hollow. At any given time you can also find Ron and Hermione, Sirius, Remus and Severus, Narcissa and Peter, or even the occasional sighting of Albus Dumbledore crossing their front door for tea or just a chat to catch up on events. They are happy and carefree, and are more in love with each other now then they even were years ago, and they adore their son not to mention spoiling him rotten, as does Ian's many grandparents.

As for Salazar Slytherin and Rowena Ravenclaw, they still reside within the painted portraits at Hogwarts. They still gather in the third floor painting with Helga Hufflepuff and Godric Gryffindor to have tea and scones, along with a swim or a nap when mood strikes. They are happy and content as well, knowing that their heir brought peace to the world, and that in the end all had indeed worked out for the best.

Albus Dumbledore retired to go on a journey with the house-elf Dobby to find the perfect pair of knitted socks. Minerva McGonagall took over as Headmistress of Hogwarts, appointing Charlie Weasley (who'd had enough of being burned by dragons at that point) as Deputy Headmaster. Hogwarts continues to run smoothly and efficiently as it always will, although the restrictions on first-years not allowed to have brooms was lifted several years ago to many first-years delight.

The Harry James Potter Museum still draws in hundreds of Wizarding tourists yearly. All proceeds go to various charities including St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies, as well as The Werewolf Protection Society for the care and shelter of cubs that are abandoned or orphaned. Harry and Draco, as well as Remus, Sirius and Severus are their most ardent supporters, and they are always willing to help both the museum and the Protection Society whenever possible.

Evil had been destroyed by love, and though new evils and tribulations would come in the future, good would always win. For you see, even if you try to deny or refuse who you are and what you believe in...you can never escape from what your heart and soul desire. Because in the end love does indeed conquer all.


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