Emily sat at her desk staring as her large stack of files that had piled up over the past week. The whole thought of having to concentrate on them for so long made her stomach turn uncontrollably. She took a deep breath and looked around for someone like Reid who if she asked nicely would do half the stack for her, but instead her eyes caught those of JJ. She was rushing through the bullpen door with Garcia close behind. Their heels taped to the same beat as they made their way to the briefing room. Before she walked into the room Garcia turned over her right shoulder and yelled "this is a bad on my pretties I need all my superheroes."

They stood up quickly and headed to their seats that were scattered around a big round table in the center of the room. It wasn't a time to be smiling but Emily couldn't help it, this case had saved her from hours of unpleasant paperwork she truly did not want to finish. That grin was suddenly wiped away as Garcia began to flash pictures of mutilated bodies and photos of victims across the screens. "Welcome to the sick twisted neighborhood we call the Atlanta suburbs, everyone meet the Carter and the Preston family. Over the past week they were found dead in their homes, some by gunshot and others by shallow cut and stab wounds to the… well everything." Pressing a button a pictures of their families appeared. Like the normal family there was a mother and a father flowed by average looking children, boys and girls all under the age of eighteen. They where all tale and slim with light brown or blond hair, they looked incredibly happy but it is very easy to look happy for a quick minute.

"Were these home invasions?" Rossi asked as he flipped through the files on his tablet looking at more gruesome and disturbing photos.

"Point one for Rossi, indeed it was." Garcia said cheerfully trying to bright up the room with her witty comments and spunky attitude.

"The youngest was just two, this guy killed a baby. What kind of sick person would do that?" JJ said her nostrils flaring and you could imagine steam coming out of her ears.

Reid was turning the pages in his files quickly trying to find something that didn't make sense "it looks like they all died at different times." He shuffled through the file trying to find the exact time of dead for each family member "M. Carter and M. Preston died around six pm and then the youngests weren't killed until early morning around five. He probably killed the father first because he knew he wouldn't be able to control someone of his strength. He's killing them in order of age."

Morgan thought back to an old case he worked not long after he joined the BAU. "Or this could like the Fox, to control his victims he would lock the kids in a different room then the parent and the say something like if you scream I will have to kill mommy. Except he would do this over the span of a couple days and this guy is finish the job in one night. Maybe it was just that he could control the youngest best."

The serious expression on Hotch face never changed as he looked up from his iPad "wheels up in thirty okay" he said as she slowly stood from his seat and walked down the catwalk to his office.


After setting up there bulletin board and other essentials. After meeting the detectives on the case they all split up. Reid was working and the geographical profile while JJ worked victimology at the table beside him. Detective Sparks was a large man who quit enjoyed his donuts to the team her was a jokester to say the least, he had been asked to take Morgan and Emily to the last crime scene. He seemed quite pleasant until he found out they did not feel the same love for donuts as he did. None the less he seemed like a nice man.

It was almost nine thirty by the time they were done thoroughly looking over the crime scenes checking for mistakes or other dead giveaway for their profile. They all jumped into the SUV (sparks in the driver seat, Morgan in the messenger and Prentiss in the back) when the Detectives cell began to ring. "Hello, detective Sparks." He said loudly catching the attention of both agents in the vehicle. "Of could one moment." He pulled the Suburban to the side of the road and spun his head around quickly looking at Emily in a very serious fashion. "Agent Hotchner said her would like to turn on your phone and call "Garcia".

She dialed the number and waited for the ring until she herd Penelope's bright voice great her with an "Emily? Good Hotch told me you would be calling. I'm PMSing so I'm an emotional train reek and then I was sent this recording of this little girl who sound scared as hell that totally made me cry…"

"Ummm, Garcia you're on speaker"

"Hey baby girl!"Morgan added as to make it none he was present.

"Morgan? Ignore the rest of this conversation okay and Prentiss you could have told me that there where men listening to us first." Her voice frazzled in embarrassment.

"Okay next time I will, anyways what recording you got" she said with a laugh.

"Here listen very carefully" and with that Garcia pressed play.

"911 what's your emergency?" the 911 operator lady answered with.

"There's someone our house. He killed my daddy." She whispered quietly as not to draw attention to herself.

"What's you name sweetie"

"Alexi Taylor-Watson." her voice began to shake slightly as she listened to loud footsteps pacing at the door of her room as she hid under her bed.

"Alexi can you see this man and does he know where you are."

"No but he shot daddy and her took mommy downstairs and her tied Michel and Danny in their rooms and he ducked taped our mouths but I got away. He made us watch him Kill daddy." she almost silent whimpers began to get louder.

"it's okay darling the police are on their way." She comforted

"I can hear him; he's right outside my door. He's coming please help me!" the unsub reached under the bed and grabbed the Alexi pulling her out it to the hall. "AHH! Please don't hurt me no please I'll do anything you want just please don't hurt me." Her screams caused tears to form in Emily's eyes.

"How far are we from the crime scene Garcia?" Morgan asked as she snapped back on his seat belt.

"You about three blocks away but this guy got away. Then he lit the house on fire to cover up something." Garcia answered with and then without a good bye she hung up.

Emily ran her fingers through her hair slowly pulling it back into a ponytail. 'I guess know wear were going."

As they approached the house smoke was piling out the open windows filling the crisp cool night air. There where firefighters with their bright red trucks spraying water over the blazes. Detective Sparks swerved to a stop as they jumped out and ran over to a paramedic standing by an ambulance. They could hear muffled quiet barely audible screams.

"Are you just going to stand here" Emily questioned rudely to one the firefighters leaning up against a telephone pole as she checked his texts.

He jumped and looking up to her "it way to dangerous." He barked back then walked away.

'Can't you hear her screams? Can't you hear how scared she is? How can you walk away from that?" She yelled after him. He stopped for a quick second, heard his heads around and rolled his eyes then kept on moving. Her heart was racing as she dropped her coat on the ground and darted her way towards the front door.

"Emily!" Morgan shouted

"I can't just stand hear and watch her die, I have to something." She said as she disappeared into the a puff of smoke.