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They say you make some bad choices when you're a teenager. I always felt mine had to be some of the worst. Well ones that left me with a burden of guilt and lies which I had carefully woven around myself so that my family were none the wiser. That was until now.

I sat on a bed in a small house on the Mediterranean Coast of France watching my Mother's face turn several shades, as she tried to find the words which needed to come after her declaration of. "Ginerva Molly Weasley we need to talk, and do not try and lie to me." If I hadn't known what was coming I would have laughed at my mother finally being speechless. But there I sat, my knees tucked up under my chin with my arms wrapped around them waiting for my world to fall apart. Wondering how much longer I could have kept the secret if I had come back here on my own.

Back here you ask. Here, is where I spent the last two years of my Wizarding Education. At Beauxbaton's Academy of Magic, but I was only a daygirl as they are called and lived with a young couple down the road. It was their sudden deaths which brought me back, to take guardianship of my 3 year old Goddaughter, who was born during my time here. I had just tucked her in for the night, only leaving her room once I was sure she slept soundly. So here I was caught, all my careful secrets and avoidance for the last few years catching up with me. My mother had seen the proof with her own eyes.

Four weeks later.

I was exhausted when we finally made it too the burrow. I couldn't believe I had to start training again tomorrow. But if I wanted to keep my place on the Harpies I would find the energy somewhere. "Welcome home." I whispered to Olivia who was looking around the cozy living area of the burrow with wide eyes. Her head snuggled against mine. I really thought some of my family would be here after all Mum and I had been away for over a month.

"Right, here we are then. Ginny, up the stairs you go. I think you and Liv should be on the same floor so Percy's and Bill's rooms sound good." My Mother stepped out of the fireplace dusting herself off and typically jumping straight into it. "I'll drop your trunks off up there on the way to my room." She pushed past with all our luggage which had been shrunken or we would never have gotten home through the Floo Network.

I watched her go. "Where is everyone?" I asked half wanting to face everyone at once and half wanting to run back to France.

My mother stopped suddenly, turning to give me a look that spoke volumes. "I would think that being honest with your father would be the first thing, before you put up with all your brothers." She stated in her matter of fact manner. But I knew she was worried about what my lies would do to our family unit.

I sat down with Olivia in my arms and brushed some hair out of her face. It was shoulder length and shiny and I doubted I would ever get over the soft feel of it. "So what do you think? A new bedroom next to mine?" I asked her. "We can set up all your toys."

She nodded, looking around and back at me, blinking a little then nodding. "Where's Gran gone?" She asked. My mother had declared that was what Olivia was to call her. It was fare enough as that was what my niece Victorie and Nephew Fred called her. They were of course younger than Olivia.

"She's just gone to put all our things up stairs." I answered trying to feel strong for her. Wondering just where my Gryffindor courage had disappeared to.

The fire roared to life, and the next thing I knew my old Professor was looking at me fondly. "Ah, Ginny you made it home alright then?" McGonagall stated.

I answered with a nod. "Look Liv, there's someone I want you to meet. This is Minevra." Placing Olivia on the floor in front of the fireplace and joining her on my knees.

Liv did her little shy wave. While Professor, no Headmistress McGonagall now smiled at the little girl. "Nice to finally meet you Olivia, I hope to see you in person soon." She stated before turning back to me. "How did it go? How is your Mother?"

"Silently fuming." I answered truthfully, because well there wasn't any other way to put it. She was trying to be understanding, she was trying to help. But she was hurt, and I was the one to blame. "I'm sorry she worked it out straight away. Well my part in it."

McGonagall nodded her head. "Yes, I was expecting that much. I dare say she will floo here soon enough. I hope you will come in and bring Olivia in soon."

I nodded. If someone had told me when I was 13 years old that one day my strict house professor would help me hoodwink everyone I knew I would have laughed but that was exactly what she had done when I had turned to her for help almost 4 years ago. "I will, oh, and if Mum asks it was some muggle in the village." I tell McGonagall.

I feel small when I see my old professor's eyes well up at my lie. But she nods her head as if to give in. "If you think that's for a best, you know my thoughts on the matter."

"I do." I answered on both counts with a confidence I wasn't sure I still had. I hoped it would stay.

She nodded again. "Must get back to work, I am thinking of you Ginny." She finished and was gone.

Olivia pulled on my top. "Can I have cookies and milk?" She asked. I was so glad her parents had brought her up to speak English more than French. They were both British after all two Gryffindors from their own days at Hogwarts.

"Sure sweetie." I answered looking at my watch. It was time for afternoon tea. I stood holding out my hand, which she took. I wondered how she would go tomorrow when I had to leave her for the first time since arriving in France almost 5 weeks ago. I was now the only person left in her life that she knew before her parent's deaths.

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