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I woke to feeling my shoulder being slightly shaken. Stirring a little I screwed up my face when my stomach muscles clenched and rolled. 'I hate being sick', was my thought, as I placed once again just what was happening to me. Remembering Harry holding a sleeping Olivia on the couch before I had dropped off to sleep caused me to open my eyes fully to see just who was waking me up. Green emerald eyes sparkled back at me through black rimmed glasses. I pulled back surprised at just how close he was.

"Hey, there you are, Hermione's dropped off a potion for you. It's worked wonders on Liv, but she said it probably wouldn't be such a quick fix on adults." He said sitting back on his knees holding a vial in his hand..

My stomach rolled again and I jumped up, before realising in an extremely mortifying thought that the chances of me making it to the downstairs bathroom were very unlikely as a wave of dizziness also hit me. Causing me to waver on my feet holding my hand over my mouth.

"Wow." Harry said moving incredibly fast to catch me. "Here you go." He said as he lowered me back to the bed to sit down and handed me the bowl we had been using for Olivia earlier.

Now I was totally embarrassed and mortified as I vomited. 'Totally attractive.' I couldn't help but think. If Harry wasn't completely convinced by all I had done over the last few years that I wasn't someone he would ever be interested in again, this picture will be enough to put him off forever.

Finally finishing, I went to wipe my mouth but Harry handed me a cloth, as he took the bowl and cast Evanesco banishing the contents. "I'm so sorry." I muttered out, feeling my cheeks burn.

Harry just shrugged his shoulders. "Don't worry I was prepared for it. Olivia covered my shirt and herself when she woke an hour ago."

I looked around the room for our daughter to find her sitting on the couch looking at me. "You need to drink your potion." She told me. "It helped me." Before looking back down at a book in her lap.

Well she was clearly better. That was the first English I had heard from her today. Harry just handed me a glass of water and the vial. "She is heaps better. She's even held down a piece of toast and some water. But Hermione said it will leave you feeling tired and hungover. It works better on kids apparently. She just dropped it off a little while ago before heading to Bill's and George's." He paused looking back at Olivia before adding. "I wanted to let you sleep a little longer and make sure I had Olivia sorted and cleaned up before I woke you."

I glanced back at Olivia and noticed she had wet hair and clean pajamas on. Could he be any more of a perfect parent? Taking a sip of water to clear my mouth I then downed the vial in one swallow surprised that it didn't actually taste that bad. I could feel it working immediately soothing everything as it traveled down. I sighed when it hit my stomach. "Oh, that's incredible." I exclaimed.

Harry nodded and moved back up to sit on the couch. "Yep apparently your Mum used to always have some on hand when you were young. But it doesn't have a long shelf life so she hasn't brewed it for years. She called on Hermione when she realised just how bad Fleur and Vic were."

"Oh, I will have to make sure we have some from now on even if I have to brew it once a week." I declared, moving to stand up again, but didn't get very far as I still felt rather dizzy. Sitting back down again I sighed. "Okay, so maybe not quite perfect."

"Rest." Harry half ordered me. "You'll need it if your going to make it to practice tomorrow."

I nodded, breathing deeply a few times to ease the dizziness which slowly gave way leaving me with a headache. I suppose that was the hangover side affect Hermione mentioned to Harry. I eventually lowered myself back down onto the bed Harry had conjured up. His skills really were amazing, it was very comfortable. "Fine I'll just hang here and rest." I mumbled. "Why can't I feel as happy as Liv looks."

"I don't know. Hermione probably has some long detailed explanation, do you want me to floo her for you?" Harry asked with a bit of humor in his voice.

I groaned in reply, the last thing my head needed was Hermione explaining the laws of magic and how they pertained to the potion she had brewed this afternoon.

"Do you want anything? You probably need to keep drinking some water and get yourself hydrated again." Harry asked me.

I glanced over at him only to notice Olivia was currently putting her book on his knee and pointing to the words while giving him her 'pretty please' look. "I'm just going to hang here until I feel like I can move with out feeling light headed." I told him, and rolled to my side, pulling the soft light blanket back over me that was the exact color Harry's eyes. Snuggling down a bit I just lay there enjoying the view. Harry reading to Olivia and then talking about things in the book, looking for the little mouse that magically popped up in that particular book in different places every time you read it. Despite my headache I felt I could watch the scene in front of me for hours. Was it sad that I loved watching Harry with Liv? Continually feeling like I was being blessed to see them together. I suppose it was something I never thought I would actually see. I had imagined strange things and thoughts for the future when she reached 17. But, well there had been so many times over the years when the thoughts would creep in, when Olivia did something cute, or grew so fast I would wonder just what they would be like together. Despite still feeling like I had a very bad hangover and having been violently sick most of the day I couldn't help but think I wouldn't swap this moment for anything.


Harry was in the Kitchen preparing some thing for Liv to eat when Mum flooed in. She dusted herself off and frowned at me. "What are you doing sleeping down here? You should be in bed. Thank goodness Harry came over when your father was called away." She declared placing her hand on my forehead and shaking her head. "Well you don't have a fever, but I imagine you will need to sleep it off. Fleur looks terrible as well, but at least Bill is handling the girls now Fleur and Victoire are no longer vomiting."

"I wasn't well enough to make it up the stairs." I mumbled, wondering if Mum will ever stop fussing over her children and grandchildren.

"I just wanted to keep an eye on her as well Molly. They really were both very sick before taking Hermione's potion." Harry walked back in carrying Olivia who despite being much better still wasn't running around.

Mum just nodded her head. "Probably a good idea then. Right Ginny up to bed with you. I'm home now and I will look after Liv for you tonight. Also Percy and Audrey wanted to drop around and talk to you father. I doubt you want them to see you like this."

I couldn't deny that sleep was calling me and I was modified enough for one day being sick in front of Harry. "When are they coming?" I asked, slowly dragging myself up. I was surprised when I stood up carefully that the dizziness had almost gone, but the headache was still thumping away. I tried not to blush (stupid hormones) when Harry stepped forward and looked at me with concern like he was trying to judge if my legs were really going to hold me or not.

"Oh, in about an hour I think. I'll just get some dinner on. Goodness knows what they want to talk about after the day we've had." Mum sighed. She probably needed to rest herself.

"Are they coming for Dinner?" Harry asked. "I've put some one for you, Arthur and us. But I can always add some more."

Mum looked at Harry and smiled, well more like a beam of love. "Oh, you are a dear. No, no, they just wanted to talk to us about something." She dropped her handbag, and came along side me. "Now dear, how are you on your feet? We'll just get you up to bed."

"I'll get rid of this bed and tidy up in here a bit for you Molly." Harry called out to us as we left the room. No wonder Mum thinks of him as her favorite son. The others would probably be sitting around waiting for Mum to look after them.


I woke to dark room and an empty bed, lighting my wand and checking my watch I realised it was 11pm. I must have slept most of the day away. But at least my headache was gone and I actually felt hungry. But most of all I wondered where Olivia was. I had gotten so used to her being in the bed with me, that it just didn't feel right.

Surely Mum wouldn't have put her down in her own room. She hadn't slept there since the kidnapping and had normally climbed in with me at some stage during the night before that. In fact Victoire had slept in Liv's room more than her lately with the new baby.

But it was the first place I checked and couldn't help but fall even a little bit more in love with her father. They were curled up on the bed together despite the cot he must have pulled in there at some stage. His old bed from Ron's room all those years ago. Olivia's soft toy Pegasus held tightly in her little arms in such a way it was almost mushed into Harry's relaxed face. I leaned on door frame and soaked in the sight. Thankful that Harry had been there for both of us today.

"Oh, your up. I was just coming to check on you all again on the way to bed." I heard my mother speak quietly behind me.

"Just." I answered her turning around. "So I take it Harry's staying the night?" I asked.

Mum must have taken my question the wrong way because she immediately squared her shoulders. "Harry has been amazing. Looking after you and Liv. Cooking dinner for us all. He insisted it was his job to care for Olivia while you were recovering and I'm not going to stand in his way." She kept her voice low but her tone was clear. She wasn't going to stand for me putting her adopted son down.

"It's fine Mum, I'm equally impressed by him today. I certainly can't imagine Ron helping in the same way, and Charlie. Well he took off as soon as he could this morning." I held up my hands in surrender. "I was just commenting on the fact he was still watching over her. It's very sweet."

Mum's shoulders relaxed and she beamed at me. "It's so sweet. I think he's just enjoying the chance to really be there for her. He wouldn't let us do anything and put her to bed so we could talk to Percy. He's a wonderful father."

That much I have most definitely realised I couldn't help but think. "Oh, what did they want in the end?" I asked. Percy, well he was still the odd ball in our family. He seemed to get on better with everyone now. But he still seemed to spend his life working hard to prove something and Audrey his girlfriend of six months always seemed overwhelmed by us all. Especially now Harry was back from America and it had come out he and I had a love child.

Mum just shook her head at me and frowned slightly. "Nothing for you to worry about at the moment. Harry left some dinner warming for you downstairs in case you woke up hungry." She looked me up and down again like she had before ordering me to bed. "You are looking a lot better now. Oh, tell Harry if you see him awake before I do, that Hermione flooed to say she checked in on Teddy, he had the bug as well but Andromeda already had some potion made up. So he didn't have a chance to get too sick."

I nodded to show Mum I had heard her. Before giving her a quick hug and heading down stairs to get something to eat. Sitting at the table with the plate in front of me I let my thoughts wander as I started eating. Teddy, Harry was so great with him. Maybe thats why he's so amazing with Liv, he had almost been another parent to Teddy when Andromeda needed help. I couldn't help the slight pang in my heart. One of my huge struggles after giving Olivia up was the fact that if I attempted to have a relationship with Harry I would probably never see Liv at Christmas or special holidays. There was no way he would have given up his time with his Godson who had lost both his parents on those days to spend time with me in France and my Goddaughter whom for all I could tell Harry at that stage had a perfectly normal family. He would have visited with me I'm sure, but always a few days later etc. To say I had given him up easily would have been a lie. I'm sure I tried to convince myself many times that maybe...just maybe it could work. But in the end I couldn't be with someone whom I had done the worst thing possible to. I had given away his daughter. The only real family he truly had by blood if you didn't count those horrid Muggles and I sure as hell didn't. I'm still not sure I've forgiven myself for letting her go let alone expecting him to forgive me.


The alarm woke me in the morning. It once again felt strange waking without Olivia next to me. In fact I had struggled with returning to sleep at all last night. It was probably due to sleeping so much the day before. But I had ended up leaning on Olivia's door way again watching Harry and Liv sleeping on her bed, just enjoying the sight for another hour or so. Great I couldn't help interrupt that thought with the one that was I turning into some sort of obsessed girl with a crush again. Watching Harry sleep. I had never even thought of doing that when I was enamored as an 11 year old.

"Ginny?" I heard a little voice from the door, and Olivia poked her head in. "Are you better? Can I come in now?" There was just a hint of her being unsure in her voice and my heart melted.

"Sure you can sweetheart. I missed you last night." I sat up and opened my arms for her.

Olivia quickly climbed on the bed and burrowed into me. "I slept with Harry, he thought you might still be a little sick." She explained. "I'm glad he stayed I didn't want to sleep in my bed by myself."

"I know you still find it a bit scary. But you are safe here. You do know that don't you?" I asked her.

Olivia nodded looking up at me. "Can I sleep with you again tonight?" She asked me with her big eyes starring up at me.

I nodded at her and hugged her closer. "Sure baby."

"Liv...Olivia...where are you?" I heard Harry calling out.

Olivia looked up at me guiltily. "I was supposed to let you sleep." She admitted, then burrowed even deeper into me.

I tightened my grip on her. Wondering just what me being sick and not being there for her yesterday had done to her already fragile mind. "She's in here Harry and don't worry she waited until my alarm had gone off." I called out.

"Oh, are you feeling better?" He called back. Before arriving at the door and stopping there. Clearly not quite so sure of what to do with himself. Starring at me wide eyed for a moment before looking at the ground like he didn't want to meet my gaze.

"Much better thank you." I tried to smile and stop myself from blushing to much at the way he kept glancing up at Liv and I snuggled up together.

"I didn't wake her." Liv said in quiet voice.

"I know." He said while giving her a slightly reassuring smile before looking down again. "She's been up for an hour wanting to see you." He told me. "I just wasn't sure if you still needed your sleep."

He was still worried about me? "I'm much better. Thanks for dinner last night as well, I ate it about 11."

Harry nodded. "That's good. Well I suppose I better head off for work if I'm going to be back for Liv's counseling tonight. I'll see you later sweetheart." He said to Liv glancing up with red cheeks. She just waved from her place on my knee. Which was strange for her. Poor Harry walked away from my door looking rather crestfallen and embarrassed. Poor man had done everything for her in the last 18 hours or so and all she wanted was me.

"Thank you for everything." I called after him.

"Are you going to work as well." Liv asked me a few moments later.

I sighed she clearly wasn't to sure of things this morning. "I have to go to practice Liv. I've already had far to much time off this season."

"Okay." She sighed and snuggled further into me. I hated leaving her when she was like this. "Are you going to be long?"

I also knew I had to get up and start getting ready for the day. I know Gwenog had plans for me today, I had a horrible feeling that she would be after some publicity shots for when I could finally start talking to the media again. The last thing I felt like doing was posing for photos when Olivia needed me. "I have to get up honey but I will be back as soon as I can. Has Gran made some breakfast for us?" I asked her trying to move.

She eventually pulled away causing me to realise that my singlet strap had slipped down and I must have been exposing half a breast to Harry while he was standing in the door way. No wonder he couldn't look me in the eye? What of earth must he have thought of that?

"I already ate with Harry. He made me a smiley face with eggs for eyes and bacon for a mouth. He cut the toast to look like funny hair." Olivia informed me.

"Wow, and did you eat it all or did you leave some for me?" I asked her a little amused by her breakfast while I slowly disentangling myself form her and tried not to think about Harry's wide eyes when he had first seen me a few moments ago.

"I ate it all." She announced, a little more animated now she was talking about food she had clearly enjoyed. "Can I have some more with you? Will you make me another smiley face?"

Well maybe she just had a moment upon seeing me this morning and she will be fine. Then again food is a very good distraction when it comes to my daughter.


I hit the showers after practice. To say I was tired would have been the understatement of the year. I was totally exhausted and it was only 1pm. Gwenog had pulled in a photographer, I was pleased to find out it was Dennis. At least he always seemed to take good pictures. But I still wasn't totally in the mood. The thought of the award I had been nominated for actually worried me after what Ron had admitted on Saturday. The Auror's weren't sure who else out there knew that Olivia was mine and Harry's daughter. That meant she or I could still be in danger. Not that it was likely anything would happen to Olivia at the moment she hardly left the house and when she did it was normally with Harry who would clearly die before he let anything happen to her. I think it was just the media backlash I wasn't looking forward to. I know its coming one day but...

"Ginny?" I heard Lucy calling out for me. "Are you almost ready Gwenog wants us to be quick."

"I'm coming." I called back. 'Quick and professional.' was always Gwenog's advice on dealing with any media. It stopped them prying too much if you didn't give them a chance. She also knew we had to have our pictures taken and be advertised but I loved the fact that she always declared we weren't a bunch of Scarlett Woman and photograph's were also meant to be Professional and not sexy. It didn't seem to work though as Harpies Calenders always sold the fastest of any of the Quidditch teams.

I pulled on my team outfit that was really only used for talking to media and traveling and quickly whipped my wand over my hair, checking in the mirror it had settled flat, with just enough wave to frame my face.

"I really do have to get you to teach me those hair charms one of these days." Lucy said watching me then sighed at the mirror in her locker before slamming it shut, Gwenog wanted ones with the three chasers together as well, I wasn't sure where Janet was. "The ones I use just don't quite do the same thing."

I nodded as we headed out the door. "Yeah, these ones are gems. Hermione my brothers fiancée had the most wild bushy hair when we were at school. Turns out her need to know everything helped in the hair department. Even though she didn't really think about there being charms for hair until she ranted at twins for selling products that were making the first years puke everywhere and asked them why they couldn't event something useful like a smoother for bushy hair. Fred just looked at her and said. 'There are already charms for that aren't there?'" I couldn't help but smile at the memory and the surprise on Hermione's face that she hadn't thought of researching that before hand.

Lucy smiled. "I've always heard how brilliant Hermione Granger is, it's nice to know she wasn't always completely logical."

I shrugged "We all have out moments." I smiled as I pushed open the door to the room we were to meet Gwenog in.

"Ginny. Hey." Dennis smiled and waved at me from where he was setting up a white screen to shot against. I know that he would magically add whatever background they thought best later. The back drop was just just giving the clean background for him to be creative.

"Hi Dennis, how are you?" I asked him. He always seemed so happy to see me. Telling how his family is, and what he was up to. He really was going to make some woman very lucky one of these days.

"Good, getting everything ready for the wedding this weekend. Love the idea of photographing Neville and Hannah's day and I'm looking forward to Ron's next year as well. It's great to see so many happy endings for the DA group." He answered me. "Not that I got to photograph George's." He smirked at me with raised eyebrows, referring to George and Ange's shotgun elopement.

"Oh, well I'm sure Hermione will make you take so many of the family you'll have to charge her double." I joked back.

Dennis just grinned then winked at me. "I'll be sure to talk about that with her the next time we meet."

Janet and Gwenog entered the room at that time and everything got underway pretty quickly and it wasn't long before I felt like my cheeks were hurting from smiling.

"Hows your little one?" Janet asked me afterwards as we helped Dennis pack up some of his things.

"She's alright. We both had a bug yesterday and we've got her second counseling session tonight." I answered the question. I have to admit I had tried not to talk about Olivia too much since the kidnapping but it was hard with everyone always asking questions.

"The poor thing. She seems to be having one thing after another." Lucy replied back.

"I hear her and Harry get on very well?" Dennis asked popping his head back out of a trunk he was storing his camera equipment in. "George and Ron were teasing him a bit a the bucks night."

Typical, my brothers were probably the worst at joking about things they shouldn't. "Yeah, he's pretty great with her. Well amazing actually." I answered, thinking about Harry and Olivia curled up together last night.

"Hmm." Lucy nudged me with her elbow and whispered. "Is a slight crush returning? You looked pretty dreamy eyed just then."

Blast now my cheeks were turning red. I quickly excused myself. "No, I was pretty sick yesterday. Harry had the unfortunate timing of turning up just as Dad was called into work. He had to look after Liv and I. I have to admit to throwing up in front of him." I confessed with a cringe.

"Well I suppose it wasn't on him." Janet shook her head at me.

"Nah, Liv did that." I answered her.

"Poor guy. Did he run a mile?" Lucy laughed.

"No, he cleaned her up and gave her a bath, because he wanted me to have more sleep." I told her boldly. Now that I knew Harry wasn't at all what the media had made him out to be over the last few years with his undercover jobs I sort of wanted everyone to know what a great guys he is.

"Yep, crush defiantly returning." Lucy winked at me.

Janet caught my eye. "Isn't he pretty much your brother?"

Dennis dropped a lens he was removing from his camera and laughed out loud as he pulled his wand out to repair it. "I'm sorry." He stated looking at me, with a smirk on his face. "But you and Harry, brother and sister? That would have made your relationship in your 5th year very wrong on so many levels. You two couldn't keep your hands off each other."

"You went out with Harry Potter?" Janet questioned.

"Wow, why has that one never hit the papers?" Lucy asked.

"Because it was a very short amount of time. He broke up with me only a few weeks later." I tried to explain. But really who was I kidding, the crush was way more than back.

"Bummer." Janet sighed. "That must have been hard for you especially with your brother being his best mate."

"Harry only broke up with Ginny because he thought she would be in danger if Voldemort found out how much he cared for her." Dennis helpfully piped in again reminding me a little of how much Colin could get on my nerves when we were younger, he had been a walking Harry Potter encyclopedia. "I was under the impression though he would have been quite happy to have you back straight after the war?" Dennis questioned me. I could see the look in his eye, and it was much more than just an impression after all it had been Dennis who gave Harry the photograph of us that Harry still carried in his wallet. My cheeks probably pinked up even more at the thought and the question of why it was still in there after all this time hit me again.

"It just didn't work out. We had been apart for a year. We had both changed." I declared, feeling like I was lying again. After all Lucy and Janet had been nothing but great friends and very supportive of me taking on Olivia. I kept my eyes downcast. I really didn't want them reading in my face that I was on the verge of being hurt again if well probably more when Harry meet someone new.

"Well I suppose it was a good thing. I mean he's been through a huge amount of women in the last few years. I hope you were never hurt over it all." Janet gave me a reassuring pat on the back.

I raised my eyes and saw Lucy looking at me with raised eyebrows questioningly. I hated that she looked like she was reading me like a book. "So he's getting on well with Olivia then?" She asked.

I nodded in acknowledgment. "She adores him."

"Doesn't mean it makes it easy for you." She sighed. "Remember you can always talk to us."

"Thanks." I probably half mumbled. "But right now I better go. Liv was a little clingy this morning." I made my excuses to get out of there pretty fast. I knew I should probably tell my fellow chasers what was going on in my life. They after all kept nothing from me. But I wasn't ready for that just yet. "I'll probably catch you at the wedding." I waved to Dennis.

"Yeah, I'll be the one behind the camera." He waved back at me cheerfully. Clearly not at all aware he had just made an awkward situation for me because of his comments. I suppose you had to love that most things didn't faze him.


I flooed home glad that it wasn't to late in the afternoon. I was hoping to spend a fare bit of time with Olivia before we headed into her second counselling session. Her hugs this morning and questions had reminded me of all she was going through. Dispite loving seeing her grow closer and closer to her father. The truth was that for Olivia her world had changed drastically in such a short space of time. I was her only true link to her life in France. It really didn't matter how accepting my family was of her. She was still just gettting to know all of them.

Steping out of the floo I was surprised to see little Fred run right into my legs bare bummed and giggling.

"Grab him will you?" Angelina called out to me.

I dropped my bag behind me and picked him up. "Hey little one. Where's your pants?"

He swirmed in my arms. "He seems to have decided he likes to hang free." Angelina said walking into the room. "If I can get a nappy on him I have to use a sticking charm or he just takes it off again." She sighed.

"Just you wait until he starts wishing them away." Mum called out from the kitchen. "Fred and George used to do that all the time while I pregant with Ron. They weren't easy to catch. Luckily I had Bill, Charlie and Percy to run after them."

Angelina sighed as she took Fred from me. "I can't wait for that." She groaned. "Why did I fall for George again? I should have known not too after attending almost 7 years of scool with him."

I couldn't help but smile at the exchange. Poor Angelina was never going to be able to relax bringing up George's off spring. I was just glad Olivia's sweet temper didn't normally run into to much mischief. "True, but we can't always change who we fall for can we?" I asked her back thinking about my tragic state of falling for Harry again.

She glanced back at me as she lay Fred back on a changing mat and held him down with one arm as she leviated a nappy under his bottom and then dropped her wand to fasten it, before once again grabing her wand and casting a sticking charm. "No, that would be true, even though this one is turning out more like his namesake than his father. Fred was always more trouble. George at least stopped to think of damage control more often. Can you imagine how many letters McGonagall will send me demanding I control this little one? When he's unleashed on Hogwarts?'

I couldn't help but smile. "Minerva actually misses us Weasley's you know." I told her thinking of the odd comments she made with clear fondness when speaking about any of my brothers. Even though the twins were often mentioned with a sigh. "I don't think she's quite realised that there will be more than ever there when our kids reach that age.

Angelina nodded. "Olivia will be first. Ease us in. Vic, well I can't see her causing too much trouble other than a spread of teenage boys too infactuated to concerntrate. Then we'll unleash this one." She finished by blowing on Fred's tummy making him giggle loudly before he escaped and took off back towards the kitchen.

"I wonder if we could take over Gryffindor completely." I joked imagining if all 7 of us managed to produce an child in one school year just what the sorting hat would do with all those Weasley's, well mine wouldn't be a Weasley I suppose.

Aneglina shook her head. "Lucky Neville. Just imagine him teaching all our kids." She pulled herself up from the floor and waved her wand magically putting away the baby changing mat and banishing the old nappy. "Olivia's out on her broom by the way, Harry turned up about an hour ago."

Really? I couldn't help but think, this sharing of my daughter wasn't that easy. I wanted to spent time with her, not nervous and likely to turn a bright shade of scalett every few minutes because Harry was there. "Right, I'll just put my bag up stairs, then go and find them."

"Oh, Ange dear I finally found that recipe your mother wanted." Mum walked into the room with Fred on her hip now happily eating a piece of apple.

"Wonderful, now she can stop asking me for it. I mean I don't know why she wants it, she has no talent for baking. Dad and I feed one of her cakes to the Garden Gnomes once, I swear they couldn't walk for a few days afterwards, just lay on the ground groaning." Angelina explained taking the book from Mum and pulling out a piece of parchment and a quill from her baby bag. "I'll just copy it and get out of your hair." She said sitting down.

"No hurry, Fred and I will just be in the kitchen." Mum smiled, at her only grandson. "He can watch me start dinner." I heard her say as I headed out the room thinking that I wouldn't be surprised if Mum stuck him with a charm to the high chair she had dug up for Grandchildren when Victoire was born and kept feeding him to keep him happy and not wanting to climb out of it as he always did when there was no more food to eat.

"Oh Ginny." I heard Angelina call out after me. "Hannah floo called me earlier and asked if Hermione and I had remembered to invite you on Wednesday night. I know I hadn't?" She questioned me.

"Invite me to what?" I called back, stopping at the bottom of stairs.

"Her Hen's night. She's taking a few weeks off work after the wedding, so couldn't take Saturday night off when the boys did their thing. We're meeting at Susan Bone's place ."

I walked back towards Ange again surprised. "I've hardly talked to Hannah in years." I commented.

Ange nodded. "I know, Neville's just really pleased you're coming to the wedding this weekend. Hannah well she the one who organises all the DA get togethers. I imagine you'll have to not turn up again for a few years now you've been to one before she stops inviting you places again."

I had to admit it was nice to be so accepted by them after all this time. I hadn't expected it thats for sure. They all had so many experiences during the last year of the war I hadn't been apart of. "Thanks, I'll think about it." I told Ange once again heading for the stairs. I know I had distanced myself from Harry, after the war and that had meant keeping away from all our friends. He needed them more than I did. But here I was years later being accepted and invited back in. It caused me to feel warm inside that after all this time I was being welcomed back in.

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