Jazz immediately pounced on Danny the moment he entered his room. Unfortunately, he wasn't in his ghost form and couldn't turn intangible to get away from Jazz's needy hands.

"What did she say, Danny?" she demanded, pinning his arms down onto the bed. "Did she hurt you? What did she ask? Did you tell her anything important?"

"Jazz, I think you're hurting me more than Mom was," Danny said. His arms were seriously starting to hurt. Jazz had a wild grip when she wanted it to be.

Jazz frowned. "Just tell me what she said. Did she ask anything funny? Maybe you let something slip—"

Danny's eyes widened at this. For a moment, he stopped struggling, letting Jazz push him even deeper into the blankets and wire coils beneath his body. Thoughts swirled and swirled around in his head—

"Nothing, Jazz," he said calmly, despite the beating interior. "I saved her from Vlad, so she gave me my freedom in return. Now let me up."

Jazz reluctantly let her brother sit up. "Are you sure she didn't hurt you?" she asked, wringing her hands. "I'm sure she could have shocked you with the Plasmius Maximus or used the Fenton Ghost Catcher to get half of you or something else I'm sure is terrible—"

"She didn't hurt me that much," Danny replied, rubbing his arms.

"DANNY!" Jazz cried. "That much?"

"Well…maybe a little."

"Where? Did you say anything? Did she find out with all those questions? I knew I shouldn't have given them to Mom, of course she would just use them to get back at ghosts! You!"

"It's nothing to worry about Jazz."

"Danny," Jazz began heatedly. "I'm not that dumb. I know you're hiding something from me."

Danny shrugged in response. "I'm not hiding it if you already know I'm hiding something."

"I know you're hiding something that I already know but I—gah!" Jazz threw her hands up in frustration. "Mom wouldn't have let you go that easily, Danny, unless you said something to her. And she acted weird—weirder than normal, which is saying something. What did you tell her?"

"I just told her that she was finally trying to really understand us poor ghosts," Danny said, getting up from his seat. "Nothing much, although I did mention I really like lime and vinegar potato chips."

He shrugged once more, glancing expectantly at his sister. "Get it now, Jazz?"