Leader- Brackenstar- Golden tom with white tail tip

Deputy- Rainbreeze- Pale gray tom

Medicine Cat- Twigpelt—Dark brown tom

Warriors- Scareye—Very light brown tom with a scar over one eye and dark brown feet and tail

Mothstep-Beautiful tortoiseshell she-cat
Apprentice, Lilypaw

Logfur- Dark brown tabby tom

Whitetooth-Huge black-and-white tom with blue eyes

Jumpfoot- Black tom

Berrydapple— Lean tortoiseshell she-cat

Branchtail—Very light brown she-cat with a dark brown tail and green eyes

Ringtail- Slender almost-white gray cat with black rings on her tail.
Apprentice, Palepaw

Crimsonpelt- Red-brown tom

Brighteyes—Pale golden she-cat with bright blue eyes

Lightningfur—Light ginger tom

Gingertail- Ginger she-cat

Gorsepelt-Long-pelted gray tom
Apprentice, Wingpaw

Apprentices- Wingpaw—Light gray she-cat with white paws, throat, and tail tip

Lilypaw- Thick-pelted silver she-cat

Palepaw—Gray she-cat with white forelegs and tail

Queens- Mistblossom- Beautiful silver queen with blue eyes (Expecting Lightningfur's kits)

Elders- Burnclaw- Dark red tom with yellow eyes

Tansywhisker- Dark gray she-cat with green eyes


Leader- Patchstar—White-and-brown tom

Deputy- Mallowtail- Black tom with white forepaw

Medicine Cat- Thornflower— Brown-and-white she-cat

Warriors- Oddeye- Black tom with one blue eye and one brown eye (former rogue)

Finchsong- Golden she-cat with amber eyes

Goldenflame- Golden tom
Apprentice, Shrewpaw

Morninglight—Golden she-cat with pale green eyes

Deerpelt- Brown she-cat with black markings

Bushpelt—Thick-pelted brown tom
Apprentice, Sandypaw

Waspstrike- White tom with gray patches

Leopardclaw- Tabby-and-white tom

Queens- Larchfur- Gray tabby (Kits: Hollykit and Dawnkit)

Elders- Tigerstripe- Tabby she-cat


Leader- Palestar- Cream-colored tom with green eyes

Deputy- Frogleap- Brown and cream tom

Apprentice, Poppypaw

Medicine Cat- Poolsplash- Gray she-cat with white patches and green eyes

Warriors- Milkwhisker—Cream and white tom

Marshpelt- Mottled brown tom

Aldertooth- Black-and-white tom

Brightflash- Golden tabby she-cat with amber eyes
Apprentice, Stripepaw

Graypelt- Gray tom with bright green eyes

Grasspool—White she-cat with brown ears and blue eyes

Queens- Dovestep- Green eyed silver tabby she-cat

Elders- Cinderflame- Black-and-white she-cat with bright amber eyes


Leader- Lichenstar—Gray tabby tom

Deputy- Fishsplash—White she-cat

Medicine Cat- Shineheart- Golden she-cat

Warriors- Carpfin- White tom with light brown tail and front paws

Apprentice, Amberpaw

Nutpelt- Brown she-cat with a torn ear
Apprentice, Cricketpaw

Pigeonwing—Gray tabby she-cat

Birdheart — Pale gray she-cat

Ravenfur- Black tom with silver markings and pale blue eyes

Blueshade—Blue-gray tom

Frostblossom- Gray-and-white patched she-cat
Apprentice, Hornetpaw

Shiningfur- Glossy-furred silver she-cat

Queens- Cloverfur- Gray she-cat with white flecks(Kits: Dropletkit and Cloudykit)

Elders- Firefur—Ginger tom


Leader- Pebblestar- White and grey tom

Deputy- Pheasantwing—Mottled she-cat

Medicine Cat- Elmbark—Gray tom with blue eyes

Warriors- Mousestep- Light brown she-cat with amber eyes

Redfoot- Reddish brown she-cat with yellow eyes
Apprentice, Fieldpaw

Fangstrike- Black tom

Gustclaw- Dark gray tabby she-cat

Daisypetal- White and golden she-cat
Apprentice, Morningpaw

Quickclaw- Dark brown tabby tom

Watersplash—Pale brown she-cat with darker patches

Queens- Rabbitfur—Brown tabby she-cat (expecting Fangstrike's kits)

Featherstep—White she-cat (Kit: Dustkit)

Elders- Eggfoot—Dark cream tom


"She's beautiful!" said the silver queen

"…Yes," answered a brown tom.

"'Yes'? Is that all?"

The tom snorted. "I'm sorry, I really meant this: Oh, Mistblossom! She is the most beautiful kit ever! Almost half as beautiful as you are! You are the most wonderful cat SkyClan has ever been graced with! In fact, you're the most wonderful can ever to walk the forest! No, the world! Your beauty is—"

"Don't mock me, Twigpelt."

Twigpelt glared at the she-cat but didn't reply. He gazed silently at the tiny silver kit—so much like her mother. His thoughts were interrupted by a cold mew. "What is it?"

"StarClan has quite a path for this little one." Twigpelt instantly regretted saying anything at all.

"I knew it! I knew it! Tell me, Twigpelt. What is her destiny?"

"How am I supposed to know?"

"You're a medicine cat! It's your job to know!"

"I just told you everything I know."

"Well, we've already established that you're not very knowledgeable, haven't we?"

Twigpelt spat.

"She's going to be a leader," Mistblossom said, as if she had just said, 'It's going to rain.'

"You don't know that," Twigpelt said. "She might be just a deputy, even the mother of a leader—or a medicine cat."

"StarClan forbid! You'd have to be her mentor. And she could never have a mate!"

"And we all know how nice that is, eh, Mistblossom?"

"It's really none of your business. However, it is my business to know my own daughter's destiny."

"Not really," Twigpelt said, an edge to his voice. "It's her destiny, not yours—or mine."

"You just don't want to tell me. Just because you hate me."

"There has to be one tom in the forest who doesn't like you."

"You're changing the subject. She's going to be a leader, and you know it."

"She's less than a day old. Can you really expect me to know her full destiny? She might be a leader, but then again—"

"She's going to get her nine lives at the Moonstone and all the other Clans will respect her and she's going to have the perfect name to fit her future."

"What? Perfectkit?" Twigpelt said sarcastically.

Mistblossom rolled her eyes and told him the name.

"No!" Twigpelt gasped. "That's a disrespect to StarClan!"

"The warrior code doesn't forbid names!"

"You'll regret this choice. You'll be thought poorly of by all the Clans—she'll be thought poorly of by all the Clans. You can't do that to her!"

"And you can't stop me. It's the perfect name!"