17th December 1966 was a blistering morning, when I was passing the video store across the shopping mall. A gust of the strong winds blinded me and I found myself in the middle of the mall with a strange lady that was wearing a long pale blue dress that was in definitely not from this century. I saw curious glances looking at me and I wondered if I looked funny. I looked at the lady and she introduced herself as the 'Lady of the Lake'. It took awhile for my brain to process what she said. I blurted suddenly and asked if she was the lady who gave the sword Excalibur to King Arthur 3000 thousand years ago. To my ultimate surprise she nodded and she asked me where I learnt all this information. She told me that way before King Arthur's rule a lot of women were not given the chance to learn because it was frowned upon and it was not appropriate for a woman to out smart her husband or any other men in her family. I asked her millions of questions. She said that during Camelot time there were lots of tournament for new knights and women enjoyed embroidery as their past time. Women wore lots of jewelleries and matched it with long dresses like hers. Knights wore heavy armours and they sometimes fell in the rivers and died because the armour was heavy. She explained on how Arthur got the Excalibur. I asked her one last question on how she came to be here? To my astonishment she chuckled and answered it was Morgan le Fay's last magical spell before Camelot vanished forever. I was o excited that one of my dreams came true. I felt like I was on cloud nine. I asked her if she has more of the dresses if so can I have one. She thought about it and said "Why not? My work is cut out from me but in one condition that you do some of the work and tell everyone about King Arthur?" "I promise," I spoke. The Lady of the Lake asked me where my house is and I showed her. "Oh my, this is really nicer than my dreary tower," she exclaimed full of surprise. She glided in and fixed things up and neatly put some of my stuff in order and she looked at my bed and made it look astonishing by having wispy lace curtains around it. I was awed. She turned to me and gave me some of her dresses that were in every colour and had all different types and styles. On top of the pile of dress there were two scrolls one had a red ribbon tied around and the other had a blue ribbon.

"The red ribbon scroll is for you telling your duties and what you must accomplish. It will magically cross of what you have done and the blue ribbon scroll is a letter. I believe you are the reincarnation of me and there is someone who is reincarnation of King Arthur, Let the adventure begin!"

With that she vanished in thin air never to be seen again. I thought about what she said and I couldn't understand especially the last bit about the reincarnation of her and there is a reincarnation of King Arthur.

Next day went smoothly for awhile until the clock chimed 12 at noon and suddenly there was a loud BOOM. The air started melting around till it looked like they were breathing on nothing but gravity.