Title: The Boxers

By: Brithna

Beta: Peetsden

Fandom: Devil Wears Prada – Duh

Paring: Miranda/Andy, Caroline/Cassidy

Summary: I think at least 25% of all the DWP FanFiction I've ever read has Andy in a pair of boxers at some point. So—I thought I would add my two cents. Enjoy.



It was eight o'clock and on a beautiful Saturday morning and Miranda Priestly was sound asleep. There was absolutely no reason to wake up but that was exactly what was happening; much to her disapproval. She had never been one to sleep late but now it was something she considered a treat when she could manage it. In fact weekends period were now a treat and rarely did she do any work. She really didn't have time. There were breakfasts to cook, movies to watch, walks in the park to take and much more and all that pretty much took up the entire weekend so no, there wasn't hardly any time for Runway on the weekend.

"Miranda…" She heard her name being said and smiled again. It sounded so nice coming from those lips. It had sounded even nicer last night when it was being screamed. Miranda smiled again as she remembered and stretched under the covers.

"Miranda…hello? Wake up for just a second, honey."

"Hm? What is it? Is the house on fire, darling? Have the girls taken over?" Miranda mumbled and rolled over to stretch an arm out over the love of her life. The one and only Andrea Sachs.

"No, the house isn't on fire and no they haven't taken over the house but I do need to check on them and then I want to make some coffee."

"No." Miranda pulled her closer and tightened her grip. "Absolutely not. They're fine. Stay with me."

"Honey, I need to go check on them…hey lady what are you doing?"

Miranda pulled the covers over their heads and rolled over on top of her. "Whatever I want. As usual."

"You're naked…which I love." Andrea smoothed her hands over Miranda's hips and back and she sighed. This was absolute heaven.

"I know…and you're not. Which" Miranda lifted up a bit and let her eyes roam over Andrea's body. "Which considering what you're wearing…I love."

"I know and I still think that is totally messed up. Now get off of me. The sooner you let me go check on them and get the coffee going the sooner I'll be back here."

But it was true. Miranda did love it. From the first moment she had laid eyes on Andrea in those boxers and that tank top, she was gone, done, finished, totally lost, not to mention a drooling mess. Well she'd been gone for her before that but the boxers sealed her fate.

Miranda rolled back over and settled back into the bed. "Fine then. Leave me for the girls and coffee. I never thought I'd ever hear the words 'get off of me' come out of your mouth. Now that I know where your priorities lie, go make your precious coffee." Miranda forced herself not to laugh when she saw Andrea roll her eyes and nearly fall out of the bed. This new bed was higher off the ground than their old one and after a month Andrea still wasn't use to it. "You're going to kill yourself getting out of this bed one day darling and I'll try my best not to laugh when you do."

"Shut it. You wanted this bed so it's pretty much your fault anyway. I'm never approving another furniture purchase sight unseen again."

"I wanted it because it's beautiful and you're beautiful in it." Miranda put on the best 'pouting' performances she could muster.

"Stop trying to suck up, I'll be back in a minute." Andrea threw a pillow at her then stumbled out of the room, closing the door behind her.

"Dear God help me." Miranda whispered into the pillow she covered her face with after watching Andrea walk out. After two years she still felt like a horny teenager half the time and it didn't look like that was going away anytime soon. Which was good…but it drove her crazy. "Those damn boxers…" She whispered again then turned over to try and go back to sleep.


"No Nigel, absolutely not. I want the disk, the files, the proofs...all of it—here tonight. You're on the ground now so get someone over here with the things I'm asking for." Why this was even an argument was beyond her. Nigel was back from the Brazil shoot–now, therefore she should have the things she was asking for. To wait until tomorrow was ludicrous at best. She could get so much done tonight that by tomorrow morning everything would be ready to put in motion and hopefully their problems would be solved with this reshoot. But no, Nigel wanted to argue. He would be lucky if his head wasn't on a spike by the end of the night.

"Miranda, it's ten o'clock at night, we've all been up for twenty hours if not more, everybody needs some sleep…wait, hang on."

Miranda could hear someone else's voice in the background. It sounded like Andrea, which made her hand that wasn't holding the phone clinch into a fist several times. That was becoming a horrible nervous habit. There had to be some way to get over this…thing…this…infatuation…this…obsession, dare she say; crush? Oh, God.

"Nigel, I do not have all night."

"Yes, sorry Miranda. Andy is about to head your way. I'm getting everything together for her then putting her straight into a cab once we're out of the airport."

"Fine." Miranda hung up the phone and threw it on to her desk, where it almost slid off and hit the floor before she reached out and grabbed it. It was plainly obvious that Andrea had volunteered to bring the things she needed. That girl was going to be her early death, always eager to please, always eager to do the impossible, always eager to be there…anywhere Miranda needed her to be. Under any other circumstances this would have made for an ideal situation for Miranda to find herself in with the amount of work she needed done on a daily basis, but this was different. This was borderline insanity. No, it was insanity. Pure unadulterated insanity.

While Miranda waited for Andrea to arrive, she checked on the girls to distract herself; both of whom had been sleeping for a few hours already. She turned the fan on for Cassidy and in contrast she threw another blanket on top of Caroline, their internal thermostats were anything but identical and now that they were sharing a room again it was a bit of job to keep them equally comfortable.

That had been going on for a year now, sharing a room. Well it wasn't exactly sharing considering all Miranda had to do to keep them happy was have the wall between their rooms knocked out. As much as they both fought and swore up and down that they wanted to be 'individuals', they still wanted to be together at night.

Her eyes fell on the pile of clothes in the corner that they had yet to put away so Miranda set to work quietly putting their clothes in their respective drawers. That's when she caught sight of the stack of movies on the dresser they shared. They were all from Andrea. Miranda put her hand gently on top of the stack and closed her eyes for a second as if she could see her there, and she could.

Andrea was always buying Caroline and Cassidy something. Movies obviously, but there were books, cd's and God knows what else. She blatantly ignored Miranda's order to stop because Andrea loved them. She had said it on more than one occasion and to make matters worse, the girls loved her too. One Harry Potter book and one apology later and their relationship grew faster than anything Miranda had ever seen. And it wasn't just because of the gifts. That really had nothing to do with it. Andrea just knew how to talk to them and that was all they really wanted and of course it helped that Andrea treated them as two separate people. That had always thrilled them to no end.

Miranda heard the door open and had to stop herself from running down the stairs. Andrea had been gone for four days and that was four days too long. She was never letting Nigel steal her away again. Ever. Just before she started down the last flight of stairs she gripped the banister and slowly walked down in her usual regal manner, all the while running in her mind. This was torture all in itself.

"Andrea, I trust you brought everything I asked for?" Miranda reached the bottom step and instantly regretted allowing Nigel to send Andrea on this errand that now seemed so silly. She looked exhausted and ready to fall asleep anywhere, even the floor if given a chance.

"Yes, I hope so. I just took whatever Nigel gave me." Andrea stepped closer and handed everything over. "I got your last e-mail before we boarded the plane but I didn't have time to make the-"

Miranda cut her off. She wasn't about to listen to an inventory of what did or did not get done when the girl looked like she was about to fall over. "Andrea that's fine. It can wait. Go have a seat in the kitchen. Now." Miranda could tell Andrea was confused but went anyway because she always did whatever Miranda said. Miranda headed outside to the waiting cab, paid the driver and took her bags. Andrea wasn't going anywhere tonight, which was ridiculous really. Andrea was perfectly capable of making it home on her own but…oh, God. Miranda shook her head and walked back into the kitchen where Andrea was patiently waiting for her to return.

"Miranda, I really need to go the cab is waiting."

"Not any longer. Your bags are by the stairs. I'll not having you falling asleep in the back of some cab that will end up taking you God only knows where. You will stay here tonight. You need rest."

"Oh…okay. Actually that's good then…where are my bags again?"

Miranda was a little shocked that she so readily agreed but guessed that it was probably due to how tired she was. "As I said they are by the stairs." Andrea hopped off the bar stool and went right past Miranda and straight to her bags where she knelt down on the floor and opened the nearest suit case. "Andrea, I'm more than sure that we can carry your things up to the guest room. There is no need to-"

"I know. I know…I just need this first. If I'm staying the night I can do this now…"

Do what now? Before she had a chance to ask, Andrea was on her feet and headed up the stairs. Miranda couldn't see what she held in her hands now that her back was turned but she decided to follow her and see where this mystery was headed. Ironically enough she stopped right in front of the girls bedroom then turned and faced Miranda, whispering "I'm not going to wake them up, okay?"

"Okay." Miranda wasn't sure what else to say since it almost looked like she was sleep walking…and besides this was too interesting to ruin now.

Andrea opened the door very quietly and reached out to turn on the small lamp that was nearby. Miranda was amazed that she could find it in the dark so easily and stood silently watching as Andrea looked at both the girls for a moment. Something in her expression changed and Miranda wasn't sure what it was exactly but Andrea seemed to relax a little, like a weight had been lifted.

Once Andrea was done watching the sleeping twins she moved to Cassidy's side and placed a folded t-shirt and card at the foot of her bed then did the same with Caroline's. She stepped back toward Miranda but kept watching them. Without realizing it she practically walked backwards right into Miranda who would have had no other choice than to wrap her arms around the young woman and kiss her. No, no, no…insanity! "When did you find the time to shop?" Miranda whispered. When indeed? Their work schedule for the re-shoot had been packed solid.

"I made time…that's what I do Miranda. I make time for what's important. That" she pointed to the girls "is important." Andrea sighed and headed downstairs to get her bags. Miranda barely had enough time to move out of her way.

For the next four hours Miranda did nothing but draw doodles on post-it notes and occasionally look over the pile of things she had demanded be brought to her. So…Andrea thought her girls were important. She thought they were worth the time and effort to break away from an over-loaded schedule to go out and personally pick out gifts for them. Miranda always brought something back for them but could not remember the last time she personally took care of it. There was always an assistant around to do that job. Come to think of it Miranda hardly ever personally bought them anything.

Miranda ripped another post-it note in half and threw it in the trash can beside her desk. It wasn't just gifts though…it was much deeper than that. Miranda rarely did anything for them. Yes she tucked them in at night, made an occasional breakfast or dinner for them, watched TV with them; she went to some school functions, but all those things were only when Runway allowed it. And those things paled in comparison to what a mother should be doing for her child. Miranda never made a doctor's appointment for them let alone actually accompanied them. That was what Meryl was for. Miranda never packed their lunches, helped them with homework, or took them to the park; again that was why Meryl was around. Yet in her heart Miranda knew that if these were Andrea's children, she would stop at nothing to be there every step of the way.

Then there was that other thing, that attraction, that pull. It was always there but now that Andrea was only two doors down the hallway, it was all that much stronger, all that much harder to deny. Miranda wondered how long she could continue to contain it. She wanted to reach out, to admit it, to claim her for her own. Miranda wasn't even sure how it had happened. All she knew was that one day she woke up and Andrea was in some way, a part of their lives and Miranda found herself in love. She couldn't even pin point the week, day, or moment when it happened. It just happened and there was nothing she could do about it now. If Miranda were to pull away in the slightest and remove Andrea from her children's lives not to mention her own, she knew there would be a complete mutiny in not only her household, but also in her heart.

Enough. It was two in the morning and there was no point in staying in here using up her entire supply of post-it notes. Miranda got up and turned the lights off. She had serious doubts that she would get any sleep but at least she could try. Before turning toward her own bedroom she could not resist turning to the right and going to check on Andrea. Only Andrea wasn't there. The door to the guestroom was wide open and the bed empty. Miranda bit her bottom lip as she looked toward the bathroom door and noticed that the light was off in there too so…where was she?

Miranda began her search by first stopping by her children's room on the off chance that Andrea had woken up in the middle of the night to check on them. That might sound strange to anyone else but to Miranda it sounded completely possible. She had no luck there and decided to head downstairs to investigate. She had to be around here somewhere since her suitcases were still in the guest room and Miranda had not heard the front door open. It was highly unlikely Andrea would just slip out in such a manner anyway.

When Miranda reached the hallway leading to the kitchen she breathed a sigh of relief. There was a soft light, probably the lights over the bar, casting a shadow across the floor. Miranda quietly padded down the hallway and felt herself involuntarily take a deep, shuttering breath. There she was, sitting on a bar stool eating a sandwich and it was oddly the sexiest thing Miranda had ever seen her life. The part of Miranda that wanted to analyze and to rationalize that feeling was immediately shut down by the part of her that just wanted to keep focusing on what was in front of her.

Boxers…white ones with thin blue lines. And a tank top…a tight tank top that left little to the imagination. That was what seriously got Miranda going? Turned her on? Miranda had seen both her husbands in the same manner of dress but was certainly never affected by it. Not in the least. In fact Miranda never was affected by her husbands in any way period. But this…this was…

"Miranda? Hey."

"Ahem…yes…hello." Breathe, air flow, in and out, remember how to do that? Yes, okay. She remembered. "You were hungry?"

"Yeah, sorry. I can't sleep if I'm hungry. I didn't have time to eat dinner."

Finally Miranda moved and stood across from her at the bar. She wasn't sure if she had the coordination to actually maneuver a stool right now. "It's quite alright. Why did you not eat? Surely there was time. Even on the plane."

Andrea finished chewing another bite of her sandwich then continued. "Not really. I was too busy doing things for you and Nigel all at the same time. I know I don't really have a right to ask you this but please, please don't send me away with him for a while. I hate to admit it but I can only do so many things at once before I start pulling all my hair out. And I'm pretty partial to my hair, so if you could-"

"Yes, yes I was thinking the same thing tonight. I should have never let you go. Not that you can't do a wonderful job for him, but I need to tell HR to find him his own assistant. I'll work on that tomorrow…today." Miranda noticed that Andrea's bottle of water was almost empty and went to the refrigerator to grab another one. This was a bad idea because it put her back in direct line of sight of those boxers. Miranda felt her face heat up. What in the hell…maybe she was going crazy.

"Thanks for the water. Did you look at everything…get everything done that you wanted?"

No, not in the least. "Yes, everything looks fine for now. I'll be able to do more tomorrow."

"Cool. I think I'm going back to bed now. I'll bring this water with me…thanks." Andrea climbed off the bar stool and stretched. Oh, dear God.

Miranda took her plate and put it in the sink. "Well, goodnight then. I'm leaving at eight o'clock this morning."

"I'll be ready. Night…" Andrea disappeared through the door way and Miranda grabbed the counter top, watching her every move as she walked away. A sweat broke out on her forehead, her hands were clammy and she actually felt nauseous. Once Andrea was completely out of sight, Miranda leaned over and put her face down on the cool marble counter top. Better…much better.