Their Friday night sleep-over was here and the girls were more hyper tonight than on Christmas morning. Miranda felt just as hyper but she was stuffing it down deep inside. She had not seen Andrea's face or heard her voice since her last day at Runway. Andrea called the girls after she opened her gift and thanked them for the t-shirts but she had not spoken to Miranda, which was not only odd but disappointing…not to mention unacceptable. They usually always spoke on the phone when she called the girls but this time Andrea opted to send her 'thank-you' in an e-mail.

"Girls, girls, get away from the door please. I'll not have you stampeding out into the street like a couple of heathens that have absolutely no manners…all though that describes you perfectly."

"We have manners! We're just excited!" Caroline yelled from her perch on the windowsill. "She's gonna be here any second now!"

"It really is pointless for me to ask you not to scream and yell isn't it? I apologize for thinking otherwise." Miranda said sarcastically.

Cassidy patted her on the back "It's okay mom. Apology accepted."

"Oh my God. You're both ridiculous. Look…she's here and you didn't even notice." The girls jumped up and ripped the door open before Miranda could stop them. Just as she imagined the three of them stood out on the sidewalk hugging and carrying on. Miranda paid the cab driver and took Andrea's bags inside since she obviously wasn't paying any attention. "Would you three like to come inside or shall I bring some pillows and blankets out here for you?"

"Come on guys let's get inside before she locks us out." Andrea smiled up at her from the sidewalk and for the first time in over a week Miranda felt like she was on stable ground again. As soon as everyone was inside the girls grabbed Andrea's bags and took them upstairs, leaving them both standing alone in the foyer. "Hey, I miss you, you know. It's good to see you again." Without any hesitation Andrea hugged her. At first Miranda did not know what to do but thought it would be at the very least rude to not return the hug…so she wrapped her arms around Andrea in a shared embrace. In almost three years Miranda had hardly ever touched her and when she did it was a light, inconsequential touch that of course meant nothing. This embrace was…everything and it ended too soon.

"I, yes…it's good see you too. I trust you are enjoying your job?"

"So far, so good. I have a lot to learn." Andrea led the way to the kitchen. "I think it will be okay though."

"You underestimate yourself. You will do fine otherwise Spence wouldn't have hired you." Miranda pulled a Coke out of the refrigerator and poured it into a glass for her. She had not forgotten about the promise of junk food, which of course included the drinks and yes, pizza was on its way.

"Yeah, but it was you. You introduced me to him and –"

"No, for the fortieth time, no – I did not have anything to do with you getting that job. I would not lie to you Andrea. He came to me because he wanted you there. I wish that you would believe me, I really do because this is getting old." It was. They had already visited this topic ten times too many but Andrea refused to believe that Miranda had had nothing to do with the job offer. If anything, the only thing Miranda had been a part of was helping Andrea negotiate her salary and that had only taken five minutes.

"You're right. I'm sorry. I guess it just happened so fast and it was…very unexpected and I didn't really have time to…I don't know."

"I know…believe me I know."

"Miranda!" Andrea yelled from the living room.

Miranda sighed and lifted her eyes to the ceiling. While Andrea and the girls were busy killing gangsters or something of that sort for the past hour Miranda had escaped to her study and unfortunately forgot to shut the door. Playing a game of Scrabble on her laptop was quite a chore when all she could hear were gun shots and three people yelling at one another.

"Miranda!" Andrea called for her again.

Okay, okay. Miranda got up, shut her laptop off and headed downstairs. On the way she couldn't help but think of how ticked off Meryl was going to be if anyone spilled Coke or dropped their pizza on the carpet. Oh, well.

"Yes, what is it?" Miranda stopped in the doorway and watched as Andrea pried herself up from the floor. There was pizza, cokes, popcorn and various boxes of candy and pillows all over the place.

"Here." She handed Miranda Caroline's Xbox controller. "I have to go pee and I don't trust her. Do not let this out of your sight and do not let her get behind you. She will jump on your back and then she'll try to choke you. Consider yourself warned."

Andrea disappeared and Miranda got comfortable on the couch. "Mom, let me have it just for a second I swear I'm not going to do anything."

"Absolutely not. I have no interest in seeing a death match happen in here again. Once was enough. You both nearly destroyed the living room and this couch still hasn't recovered from your sister jumping up and down on it like some crazed spectator." Miranda protectively folded her arms over the controller and Caroline threw herself into the nearest chair to pout.

Cassidy remained on the floor and looked up at them both. "Caroline shut up already. You're just mad because she's kicking your as—I mean butt."

Miranda glared at Cassidy. "I see your language skills need some serious looking after. We'll discuss that later young lady."

"Discuss what? Thanks." Andrea came back into the living room and took the controller back and handed it to Caroline.

"Mom's mad because I kinda almost said a bad word." Cassidy rolled her eyes.

"Hm…well you know she doesn't like that so you have two choices, right? Either chill out or she'll get mad and life as you know it will be over. Take your pick. Now…turn this game back on. I want to get promoted to a mob boss before we watch a movie. I'm on a roll."

Everyone got back to their killing spree and Miranda remained planted on the couch, unable to move. Andrea had changed while she was gone. She was now laying on the floor in white tank top and a pair of boxers…light blue, micro checkered…Miranda had given her those.

Miranda had no idea how long she sat there staring, perhaps thirty minutes, perhaps two hours, she would never know but suddenly there was movement and a major living room overhaul going on around her.

'Okay, I'm the mob boss now so you all have to do what I say. Ha, ha. Caroline, get all these pizza boxes out of here and Cassidy start picking up all this freakin' candy off the floor. Meryl will cut our thumbs off if she sees one Skittles on the floor. I'll get fresh popcorn for the movie."

"And more coke!"

'No. You're both about to die from coke poisoning as it is. Water is pretty much it for now." Andrea proceeded to pick up all the drink cups as the girls tended to their respective tasks while mumbling about how they hated water.


Miranda looked up at her and smiled, which was strange but Miranda wasn't going to take the time to analyze it. She was happy for the moment and should be able to at least attempt to smile right? "Yes, Andrea?"

"You want something to drink? Eat? You look sort of zoned out there. You haven't moved in over an hour." Andrea sat down on the couch right next to her instead of all the way on the other side. At least now she knew how much time had gone by while she was busy staring.

"I think I'm going to make a salad…get some water. I'm not up for pizza. Did you pick a movie?"

"Yes, how did you miss that argument?"

"I might have dozed off."

"Hm, well they want to watch Fellowship of the Rings. I know it's long but I guarantee you they'll be asleep before Frodo makes it to Rivendell. Do you want to go change or something?"

"I believe I will."

Andrea was right. The girls were fast asleep before Rivendell was even mentioned. "I will go put them to bed. There's no point in them laying here on the floor like this. Do you wish to finish the movie?" Miranda slowly got up off the couch and started to rouse the girls from their sugar induced comas.

"You want to finish it?" Andrea asked as she paused the movie.

"I wouldn't mind." As much as it hurt Miranda to be alone with Andrea she would take every chance given to her now that she didn't see her every day. "Caroline, Cassidy. Up, up…let's go."

"Okay, I'll get you some more water."

Miranda was finally able to wake both the girls up enough to get them to their beds. They complained but were out again as soon as their heads it their pillows. Miranda left the door open just a crack and watched them for a moment. It was good to see them this happy, this content; even if they were full of junk food. Besides, just like the gifts Andrea gave them, the junk food had absolutely nothing to do with how happy they were tonight.

Enough watching. Now it was time to go back to downstairs and torture herself some more. All the lights were off down here now, leaving the TV to do the job of lighting the room so Miranda carefully made her way to the couch since the floor was still littered with pillows. Suddenly she realized there was no room on the couch as Andrea was stretched out all the way across it. Miranda just stood there for a moment, looking down at her, watching her take slow even breaths. Her hair was down, falling across her shoulders in waves and it was…

"Hey." Andrea opened her eyes and Miranda knew she had not been asleep after all. "Here I'll move." She started to get up but Miranda stopped her.

"No, no it's alright. I can sit over here."

"No. Seriously, please sit with me." Miranda was a little surprised by the look on her face. It wasn't panic but it wasn't calm either. "I'll sit up."

She started to move and her shirt rode up again and as soon as Miranda caught sight of her smooth pale skin she covered up her gasp with a quick cough. "Just curl your legs up a bit and I'll have enough room." As if that would help. That would just mean that her feet with toe nails painted in a deep shade of purple would be right next to Miranda leaving her little choice but to keep her hands in her lap at all times. Fabulous.

"Okay…you ready?" Andrea sat up just a little and yes, her feet were a mere two, three inches away from Miranda.

"I'm ready."

Andrea turned the movie back on and Miranda was able to relax a little bit. She really did love this movie, all three of them actually. She would never forget the first time she saw it. After she paused it for the twentieth time to study some intricate part of a costume the girls headed to their bedroom to watch another movie on their own TV. Up until that moment Miranda was quite sure she had seen everything there was to see in the world of fashion and design, but she had been wrong.

"You know it took me forever to figure out how to kill these guys in the game. I think I died five times before I figured it out." Andrea motioned toward the TV where Aragorn was busy fighting the Ring Wraiths.


"The game…the video game. I never realized you have to pick up the stupid torch."

"Ah, well I suppose it's a good thing you learned then." Miranda tried not to laugh. She could just picture Andrea cursing and yelling at the game until she figured out that it was her own fault she was being slaughtered. Typical.

"Yeah, as you can imagine I was pretty pissed off."

"Yes…yes I can imagine."

"Hey…thank you for today."

If anybody here needed to be thanked it definitely was not Miranda. "I hardly see what I need to be thanked for. I only provided the sugar and carbs."

"No, you did much more than that. You always do. This would not be the same without you here." Miranda wondered if there was an echo in the room because those were the exact words she wanted to say to Andrea. Yet they were being said to her and Miranda had no idea why. "Are you cold? I'm cold."

Miranda didn't answer but pulled the blanket off the back of the couch and spread it over them both. Her left hand ended up underneath it, resting on top of Andrea's foot. Miranda moved it back quickly but Andrea's head shot up from her pillow. "No…it's okay. Really, just leave it." She laid her head back down quickly and focused her attention back on the screen. Miranda's hands were clammy again but apparently that didn't matter, so she put her hand back, resting it gently on Andrea's cold feet. Just as Miranda was starting to be able to breathe regularly again, out of the blue Andrea asked, "What's your number one, all-time favorite part in this movie?"

Ah, that was an easy answer. "Ngila Dickson."

Andrea sat up a bit and looked at Miranda like she had three heads. "What?"

Miranda rolled her eyes. "Oh, lay back down and I'll explain it to you." Andrea laid her head back down on the pillow and Miranda absentmindedly began to rub her foot slowly. "Ngila Dickson is the costume designer for all three of these movies, silly. She is quite possibly one of the most brilliant people alive, in my opinion."


"Yeah. Don't tell me you haven't seen the extras." Miranda motioned toward the tv with a sweeping gesture. "Tolkien might have created this world but Ngila Dickson put the clothes on their backs and no one can tell me otherwise. It's all in the details. Everything is in the details and the horrible part is that a large portion of those details are missed on screen. And to think about the money and time that it took to produce that type of experience…makes my head spin."

"Wow…so you feel pretty strongly about that, huh?"

"I do. Don't ever tell anyone this but if I ever met the woman…quite frankly I would probably forget what I even wanted to say to her to begin with."

"Somehow I doubt that."

"No, it's true. I could never create something like that. It's truly remarkable."

"You create something every day Miranda."

"No…not exactly. I merely pick and choose which things to display. I do not necessarily create. I used to think so…but enough time as gone by for me to know the difference."

"I disagree but I know better than to argue with you."

"Thank you."

"Although I gotta say…it's totally cute to see you fangirling over someone…" Andrea giggled and Miranda rolled her eyes. There was no way she was asking what 'fangirling' meant. Perhaps tomorrow she would look it up.

For the next hour or so, Miranda concentrated on breathing and rubbing the feet that had somehow found their way on to her lap. Her insides felt like a roller coaster or a ticking time bomb; or perhaps both. This couldn't last; this comfortable feeling, this sense of belonging with someone. Soon the movie would be over and they would go to separate rooms and Miranda would just have to wait until the next time, the next phone call, email, visit, to feel this way again.

The movie finally ended but neither of them moved. They let the credits roll all the way to the end and DVD actually had time to reset back to the main menu. Miranda wasn't even aware the player could do that. Finally Andrea sat up, giving Miranda no reasonable excuse to remain seated so she stood up, quickly said goodnight and practically ran up to her room.

Now she was lying in the bed looking at the ceiling, drumming her fingers against the blankets. This was probably going to be another one of those sleepless nights. Two hours had gone by and her eyes had not closed one time. Why couldn't she get rid of this? Why couldn't she just stop feeling this way? Every time she tried to stop it never worked…

There was a noise…a voice, maybe two. Something was probably wrong. Miranda put her robe on and slowly opened the door. A light was coming from the girls' bedroom. Cassidy was probably sick from all that candy. As soon as Miranda turned the corner she stopped. Andrea was leading Caroline, not Cassidy back to her bedroom by the hand. Something didn't seem right but she decided to wait until Andrea came out of the room. A few minutes later Andrea come out and closed the door. She must have sensed that Miranda was standing there waiting because before she even turned around she said "Caroline…too much candy I think."

Once she turned all the way around and walking toward Miranda it started happening again. The sweats, the nausea, her hands were clammy and now she even felt dizzy. Andrea kept coming closer and Miranda put a firm hand on the wall to keep herself upright. "She came into my room talking about trees and something about The Prancing Pony…you know? The inn. I don't know. It kinda freaked me out at first because she- Miranda?"

"Yes? Sleep-walking…too much candy. I'll…we'll talk about it in the morning. Goodnight." Miranda turned around to try and go back to her bedroom but Andrea followed her.

"What's wrong Miranda? Something's wrong with you, what is it?"

Miranda whipped back around "Wrong? Nothing is wrong, don't be ridiculous. Goodnight."

"Don't tell me to not be ridiculous. What is it?" Andrea moved to grab her hand but Miranda jerked away just as she was reaching her bedroom door. "No, wait. Stop, please. I feel like something's wrong. Something's been wrong. You look at me like…I don't know. Did I…have I, done something?"

"As I said, don't be ridiculous. Goodnight, Andrea." Miranda went thought the door and practically closed it right in Andrea's face. Just as the locked clicked into place, Andrea knocked. Oh, God. This was never going to end was it?

"Miranda let me in, we need to talk."

"Andrea, please go to bed."

"We need to talk. I feel like something isn't right."

Miranda sat on the edge of her bed and stared at the door. What would happen if she opened it? What would happen if they talked? Would they really talk or would Miranda skirt around the issues? If she really told Andrea what she really needed to know, would she lose her? What little bit of her she had?

"Andrea…please…just please go to bed."

There was no response and Miranda breathed a sigh of relief. But oh, no. Then she heard a sound from the next room and her heart stopped. As luck and opportunity would have it, when Miranda had that wall between the girls bedrooms knocked out, she took that chance to have a doorway knocked out between her bedroom and the guest room next door that was never used. She turned that room into her new closet and used her old walk-in to house all her shoes and accessories. It was a grand idea and she thoroughly enjoyed it, but now? Now that she realized she never locked that bedroom door from the hallway, it all seemed like a horrible, horrible idea.

Right on time Andrea burst into her bedroom from the closet. "You sure are a hard lady to see sometimes. I thought I was going to have to call Emily to get a damn appointment or something. Now…tell me what is wrong. Seriously." Andrea swept her hair out of her face then folded her arms in front of her as she leaned against the wall. Miranda could tell there was no way she was getting out of this. Andrea would be more likely to tie her to a chair than let her leave this room.

"I already told you Andrea. Nothing is wrong, everything is perfectly fine."

"No…no it isn't perfectly fine." Andrea began pacing back and forth in front of the bed "In the hallway there you looked…I don't know; but when you saw me you just looked sick. And that's not the first time that's happened. Right when I think everything is going good you get this funny look on your face and I can't figure out what it means. Do you not want me here?"

"No…no that isn't what I want at all." Miranda gripped the bedspread with both her hands to keep herself from getting up.

"I didn't think so but that still doesn't explain things. I mean come on, half the time when I'm here now you hide! You like literally go away and I mean I know the three of us are loud and I know that drives you crazy but if it really bothers you that much I'd rather you just tell me than have you go away. You know I come here to see you just as much as I come here to see them." Now she was pacing slower and running her hands through her hair in frustration. There was no bra under the tank top now…and those boxers were just perfect on her and… "Hello? Miranda you have to have some answers somewhere in that head of yours."

"Andrea for God's sake, nothing is wrong. How many times must I say it? It's just…you're just. You're just…" She motioned toward Andrea with her hand, keeping her eyes on the floor.

"I'm just what!" Andrea managed to find a way to whisper and yell all at the same time. "I mean I seriously don't get it. You want me over here yet half the time you look at me like I've got the plague or I've got on some horrible rag from five seasons ago. Maybe that's it! You don't like what I wear. I never thought of that before, ironic isn't it? Because I always thought that if I was here on my own time it didn't matter what I wore."

"Andrea…" But Andrea did not hear her.

"Is it what I wear around here when we're just chilling out? I was honestly surprised that you didn't have something to say about the boxers and tank-tops I run around in but no, that can't be it because you freakin' bought me more of them! Yet…wait…" Andrea stopped in her tracks and faced the bed. "Wait…Miranda. Every time you see me like this…that's when you look sick, that's when you run off."

"Stop." When Andrea started to speak again Miranda found her legs and stoop up. "You need to stop."

"And you need to give me some answers!"

Miranda's answer was to press her up against the wall and kiss her but she refrained because for some reason, she was angry now. "Alright! Would you like some answers? I'll give you a few. Yes, yes the boxers…tank-tops, bother me but not in the way you think they do. Not in the least."

"You mean they…holy shit." Andrea slapped her forehead and started to pace the room again. "This turns you on doesn't it? Doesn't it?"

Miranda wanted to pace too but there simply wasn't room for both of them so she just stood still with her hands on her hips. "Yes! Yes it does." And now Miranda was doing her own fine version of yelling and whispering. "Are you happy now? Is that the answer you were looking for?"

"Let me make sure I've got this right. Miranda Priestly gets turned on by a pair of boxer shorts? Really?"

"No! Well yes but it has more to do with who's wearing them…"


Miranda threw her hands up "Yeah. Surprise, surprise."

Suddenly Andrea stopped pacing "Miranda why didn't you just tell me that a long time ago?"

"What? Tell you a long time ago! How would I have gone about that? 'Andrea, I want Starbucks and when you bring The Book tonight wear these. That's all!' Is that how you would have had me confess? My children love you Andrea and I was trying my very best not to jeopardize their relationship with you by telling you that you are a walking hazard to my health not to mention to my sanity. Now are you happy? Now do you have all the answers you need?" Miranda took a few steps back and a few deep breaths. This was out of control. Her controlled, emotionless, voice was gone. Her resolved was gone. Everything was just gone.

"Yes, thank you. I think…but why then? Why, if you felt this way about me, why did you send me away?"

"Oh, for the love of God! Andrea!" Miranda was upon her so quick that Andrea didn't even have time to blink before Miranda had her literally backed into a corner. "How many, many, many times must I tell you that I did-not-send-you-away. How many times?" Just thinking about that last day brought tears to Miranda's eyes. "Do you…do you honestly think I would ever do something like that to my children intentionally. Do you?" Miranda backed away now and motioned for Andrea to sit in a chair that was against the wall. "God, I wanted to tell him no. I wanted to tell Spencer to go to hell. But I also knew this was a good thing for you. I knew I was hurting my children…and I definitely knew I was hurting myself. The one thing I hadn't really counted on was how much it would hurt you. And it has hasn't it?"

"Yes…it has." Andrea answered her through her own tears now.

"On that last day when I saw you crying on the floor in my office surrounded by my babies I have never, ever felt so retched in all my life. Not even on my worst day at Runway have I felt that retched. By trying to do the right thing I feel like I broke all three of your hearts… I'm not sure how to remedy that but I can tell you this. If you leave them because of what you know now then I will never be able to forgive you."

"Miranda, you didn't break my heart. It just scared me. Okay, it terrified me. It terrified me because I thought you wouldn't let me see them anymore. I thought you wouldn't want to see me anymore. For that whole month…before I left, I hardly ate, hardly slept…I just. I was terrified. I can't lose them…and I can't lose you. I can't. Regardless of a job. I cannot lose any of you! It would rip me apart."

"Well you're in luck because a different job is about as far as I'll ever let you go because I want you in my life, in their lives, in our lives. When you're here everything is right. Even when they're driving me crazy with all that yelling and screaming, or I've had the worst day imaginable at work, everything is right. And every time you walk out that door, even before this job change, it's as if any stability I ever thought I had leaves right out the door with you." Finally…it was done. It was out there in the open and free. Finally.

Andrea wiped her eyes with the back of her hand and settled into the chair. She seemed to relax and in turn, Miranda felt like a tremendous weight had been lifted from her shoulders.

"I'm tired of crying; Miranda…we've all been doing a lot of that lately."

"I quite agree. It's certainly a horrible habit to form."

"You know…I want them in my life too. You already know that. But…I want you in my life just as much, Miranda."

"Andrea…I meant what I said. I'm not letting you go…and if I can manage to get you into my bed? Well, I'm not letting you go from there either. I just thought you should know…before you said anything else."

"Yeah?" Andrea raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah." What was it with them always doing this back and forth 'yeah' thing? As much as Miranda wanted to laugh all the sudden, she couldn't. Andrea was getting up now and a heavy sense of dread filled Miranda's chest. She was leaving. She was going to walk away…But no…

Andrea walked past Miranda and climbed right into bed. Just like that. She was right, Miranda should have just told her a long time ago.

"Well? I'm in your bed, and I'm not in here to have you read me a story."

Miranda slipped off her robe and sat down on the edge of…their bed. If Andrea was in it, then it was theirs not Miranda's. "No, I suspect you are not. And now "Miranda climbed in next to her "you are quite simply…trapped. I do hope you enjoy your stay because it will definitely be a long one."

"How long?"

"Until we die from natural causes or the children kill us…which ever happens first. Does that sound acceptable to you?"

"Hm…tell me what it is about these boxers that make you so…crazy and then I'll tell you if that's an acceptable time frame."

"Well if you must know…" Miranda slid under the covers and took a very deep breath. What happened to 'I'm not in here to have you read me a story'? The last thing she really wanted to be doing right now was talking but apparently Andrea had other ideas. Miranda would just have to wait her out and that was certainly not something Miranda was good at. But, she would make an exception just this once. When she felt Andrea move closer to her, she froze. Perhaps talking was okay for now…

"Don't be nervous. Now…tell me why these boxers make you so crazy. Tell me." Andrea leaned into Miranda's neck and kissed her gently making every inch of Miranda's skin come to life. She started to turn onto her side to gain proper access to Andrea's mouth but was denied. "No, not yet. Tell me Miranda."

"Is this some sort of punishment?" Miranda said breathlessly.

"Not really. I just want to know and we have a lifetime to…" Andrea used the tip of her finger to trace a line down Miranda's neck and along the center of her chest. "do everything and anything else. I'm willing to stay trapped here forever but you gotta at least do what I say every now and then. Now…for the fortieth time, tell me."

"Alright, alright." Miranda breathed in through her nose and tried to find a spot on the ceiling to concentrate on. Andrea was driving her mad, slowly moving the tip of her finger along Miranda's neck, arms…and now her breasts. "Oh, God. I hope you realize that paybacks are in your future. Now…when I first saw in them…ah…it was after Brazil. I should have never let you go. I was crazy the whole time you were gone. As I was…hm, that is…killing me" Andrea traced circles around Miranda's nipples and along the contour of her breasts.

"Go on. I'm waiting."

"Ahem…you were so…it was sexy. I thought I was going insane at first. When you left the kitchen I had to lay my forehead on the counter top…I felt so…And then by the time I saw you in those jeans…"


"Saturday…I cooked you breakfast, remember?"

Andrea leaned down and kissed her lips so gently it was almost like a ghost and it left Miranda begging for more. "Please…please kiss me again."

"Finish telling me…and yes I remember now. Art projects. Go on." Andrea moved her hand down to Miranda's legs and began tracing lines down her thighs.

"I uh…you tried to reach the glass and I saw them. I spilled my coffee."

"I remember. I knew…I knew then that something wasn't right for sure. I had thought so before but I knew then that something wasn't right. I just couldn't figure it out. You're not good at hiding your reactions but you are very good at hiding your reasons."

"Yes….oh, God yes…" Miranda moaned as Andrea cupped her breast and squeezed it, rubbing her thumb over her sensitive nipples. "I cried when you left the night…when I gave you back your boxers and tank-top. I thought I could never have you and it was tearing me apart."

"Well, you have me now. You sort of always did in a way." Suddenly Andrea moved over her, settling down between Miranda thighs. "I'm going to kiss you Miranda. Just like I've always wanted too. Would you like to know the first time I thought about what it would be like to kiss you?"

"Yes…yes tell me" Miranda inhaled sharply as Andrea took her tank-top off. She immediately reached up to touch her but Andrea brushed her away, yet her own nipples instantly went rock hard which only served to make Miranda even hungrier.

"We were on our way to Runway Italia…two months after your little stunt in Paris. You were asleep." Andrea paused and pushed up Miranda's silk night shirt; her hands felt strong but were so gentle. "I'm taking this off now." Miranda rose up just a bit and Andrea pulled it over her head and tossed it toward the floor. "Like I was saying…you're gorgeous you know. Really I hope you know that." Andrea seemed to forget about that Runway Italia trip as she leaned over Miranda, pressing their bodies together. They both moved into one another and Miranda almost came from that alone but managed to reign herself in. "You feel so good Miranda." And finally Miranda received a proper kiss. Once Andrea lips brushed against hers she pulled her in and was determined to not let Andrea go. Enough teasing. At least in that regard. Andrea must have felt the same way because she promptly claimed Miranda's mouth, exploring every part of it, leaving Miranda in desperate need for air. But that was okay, Miranda didn't need oxygen. Her hands traveled down Andrea's back and finally came to rest at her hips…and she felt the waistband of those damn boxers.

She must have made some sort of sound because Andrea pulled back and looked at her. "Are you okay?"

Gasping for air Miranda said "Am I okay? You're so ridiculous…it's just." She patted Andrea's hips with her hands. "As I've already explained, these are…"

Andrea laughed "Oh, that's right. I almost forgot. That is so crazy…you know that right? Almost unbelievable but I like it. It's just for me to know and that is really nice considering how popular you are." She laughed again.

"I won't be popular for much longer if I die in this bed; which is a distinct possibility since you're trying to kill me."

"I am not trying to kill you." She said as she moved her mouth to Miranda's neck, kissing at it hungrily, making Miranda press up into her body and tightened her grip on Andrea's hips. "Hm…God, Miranda…"

Miranda took her hands and laced their fingers together, holding them out to her sides. It was almost unreal, to be holding Andrea's hands like this. She thought about all those times she had wanted to do this and tightened her grip. Now she didn't have to dream about it anymore. She could just do it.

"That feels good…to hold your hands." Andrea sat up on her knees and looked at their joined hands. She brought them to her lips and kissed the tops of Miranda hands then let go, sliding her hands over Miranda arms and down over her breasts. "It feels good to hold these too." Miranda blushed and wanted to hide her face. Hearing compliments about her body was not necessarily something she was used to. Especially at this age. "Don't turn your head. I told you already…you're gorgeous." Andrea continued to move her hands over Miranda's body, her arms, even her face. It was almost as if Miranda's soul was being uncovered with each movement.

"I've decided that I love your hands. They are all mine now."

"Well that works out great for me because my hands love your body." Andrea slid her hands down Miranda's sides then slowly began freeing her of the last piece of clothing; the dark blue panties that were now thoroughly soaked. Miranda bit her lip and moaned as Andrea's finger tips brushed lightly against her thighs. This felt incredible but was torture in its finest form. "Miranda what do you want…what do you want me to do…to make you feel good." Andrea asked as she began to caress Miranda's body from top to bottom all over again. This question took Miranda by surprise simply because she had never been asked such a question before. Not once had anyone wanted to know from her own lips how to please her, give her what she desired, or needed in this way. To be asked now, after all these years nearly stole her words.

"I…Andrea, I don't know." She didn't. Miranda knew, had always known, that even she didn't know what she liked. "I've never been asked…before. I don't even know…"

Andrea scooted away from her just a bit and picked up her right leg and kissed her ankle gently then down the top of her foot. "Well then I suppose we'll just have to find out together…won't we?" Andrea held her ankle in one hand and moved her other hand down the length of Miranda's calf, while placing kisses down her shin and the inside of her knee. "Do you like this? Me kissing every part of you…you like that?"

"Yes…yes I do. So beautiful…you're so beautiful Andrea."

Andrea smiled at her as she kissed the inside of her thigh then gave her left leg the same treatment, starting at the foot and moving up to her thigh. It left Miranda breathless and aching for a relief she never knew she needed…until she saw those damn boxers of course.

Suddenly Andrea was over her again, kissing her again, making her crazy again. Miranda wrapped her arms tightly around Andrea; kneading her skin, feeling the taught muscles in her back. She couldn't take in anymore. She was too hungry and too needy to continue in this discovery no matter how glorious it was. Miranda wanted to feel her…now.

She moved her hands down Andrea's back and kissed her harder not only because she tasted so good that Miranda couldn't get enough, but because she needed to distract her. Miranda knew if Andrea caught wind of what she was doing, she would stop her since Andrea seemed intent on controlling this portion of the evening.

Slowly Miranda slipped her hands under the waist band of Andrea's boxers. She left one hand on her lower back but slipped the other around the front, lightly skimming the surface of her skin. Just before Miranda moved her hand down between them she spread her legs further and pressed down on Andrea's lower back bringing her even closer. As Miranda slid her fingers inside, Andrea immediately removed herself from where her face was buried in Miranda's breasts. "Oh, my God…Miranda!..."

"Darling…ah..yes. I can't wait any longer. I need to touch you…to feel you deep inside."

There were no complaints as Andrea rested her elbows on either side of Miranda's head and looked into her eyes as she moved hard against Miranda's hand. "Is this part of the…ah…yes…part of the pay back? Don't stop Miranda…don't stop…"

"Hm…so wet, so wet for me. I wanted to touch you so many times. Just like this." Miranda was breathing harder and pressing up against Andrea with her whole body. She wanted to be touching every inch of her.

"I've…hm, yes…deeper. I want to touch you too…" Miranda felt like they both stopped breathing when Andrea finally touched her. The gentle pressure was all Miranda needed to come. Briefly remembering that they were not alone in the house, Miranda called out Andrea's name in a sort of screamed whisper over and over then found her mouth captured again by Andrea's lips. She had wanted to hold out longer but realized that it didn't matter. They had plenty of time for more.

While the first wave continued to roll through Miranda's body, she couldn't help but remove her hand from its place deep inside Andrea and just hang on. Andrea continued her gentle touch driving Miranda mad. She wanted it harder and faster but Andrea seemed to have regained control of the situation again and just when she was about to beg for it, Miranda came again. This time even harder than before, louder than before too because now Andrea's free hand was over her mouth and had to control her own volume by burying her head in Miranda's neck. "My God Miranda…yes…you feel so good this way. Coming for me over and over."

"I want to…yes I want to…again." Miranda was gasping for air now and barely able to hang on but she wanted more, needed more. "Inside me…I want you inside Andrea."

Andrea rose up just enough to look into Miranda's eyes and asked her. "Is this what you want…what you need?" And then without another word Andrea slid inside effortlessly filling Miranda with three fingers. Miranda's back arched off the bed but was pushed back down by Andrea's weight as she kissed her harder and deep with each stroke to keep her quiet. Miranda wasn't sure how she found the strength but she was able to wrap her legs around Andrea and match her rhythm. This seemed to spur Andrea on, causing her deepen her thrusts.

Miranda tore away from their kiss and grabbed her face with both hands. "I love you…please…yes! Andrea it's so good…feels so good, darling." Suddenly she felt Andrea's back tense up then her body seemed to melt and sink down into Miranda.

"See what you…do? Just being inside you made me come….God, Miranda you feel so good…so good."

"Yes…I see…" She did see. She saw it in Andrea's eyes, the want, the need, the love. It was all there. Miranda felt that burning hunger build from her center and spread all throughout her body and as another orgasm ripped through her she bit down hard on Andrea's shoulder to keep from crying out.

Finally she couldn't hold on any longer and her arms and legs dropped to the bed. As her breathing slowly returned to a somewhat normal pace, Andrea kissed her neck and shoulders softly, whispering to her with each kiss as she moved along her body. "I love you…so…so…much. So much."

"Hm…God…you've killed me darling…absolutely killed me."

"No…no I haven't'. Not yet. I'm just loving you Miranda." Andrea said as she slowly removed her hand and rolled to her side, gathering Miranda into her arms, holding her tightly.

"So…is this…" Miranda began kissing the side of her neck and face gently. "Is that timeframe I mentioned before…acceptable to you?"

"I think so. It seems a bit short actually…but." Andrea smiled and kissed her lips "I can certainly deal with it."

"Well good…now" Miranda pulled and the waistband of the boxers "I love these…but they need to go away for a while."


Miranda smiled into her pillow and rolled back over to look at the ceiling. She loved reliving those little episodes of her life. Some of it made her sad…but the end result brought her little family so much joy in the end. The tears had been worth it. Andrea belonged to them now, not just to Miranda. And in turn they all belonged to her. There was only one thing that solely belonged to Miranda. Those damn boxers.

"Hey." Andrea slipped quietly into the room and closed the door behind her.

"Hey. Get back in this bed. Now."

Andrea climbed in and wrapped an arm and leg around her. "Hm…you smell good." She said as she kissed Miranda's shoulder.

"It's that new shampoo…you should try it." Miranda turned in her embrace and laid her head on Andrea's shoulder.

"I think it's more than that…" She laughed.

"Yes well…that is your fault seeing as how you simply cannot keep your hands off of me."

"Well, I told you a long time ago that my hands love your body. So deal."

"I'm dealing…I'm dealing." Miranda sighed and began tracing the waist band of her boxers. They wouldn't be remaining on her body for much longer. Miranda had plans.

"Hey guess what."

"Every time you say 'hey guess what' it means you want something." Miranda kissed her cheek and stopped playing with her boxers. She knew what was coming next. Breakfast.

"The kids are going to the movies with all their little girlfriends in a few hours…and I was thinking that once they leave we can come back in here…"

"Yes and what else? There is always something else."

"French toast." Andrea playfully scrambled away from her and got up on her knees and folded her hands in front of her, preparing to beg.

"Oh, God. Really?" Miranda rolled her eyes.

"Yes really. Please oh please?" Andrea smiled sweetly and continued to beg.

"Cassidy is a horrible influence on you. I'm sending her to boarding school. Today." Miranda sat up in the bed and pulled her in close.

"Actually I'm better at begging than she is."

"Yes…yes you are. Especially when I have you naked in this bed."

"This is true. So. Breakfast? French toast? Eggs?" Andrea climbed off the bed and started to put on her robe.

"Fine." Miranda smiled as she got up and did the same. "But take that robe off. It ruins the view of my favorite thing."

"Yeah?" Andrea smirked.