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Chapter one:

Today was March 28th. A beautiful day with the sun shining brightly and not a single cloud to be seen in the whole horizon. But to a certain pink-haired kunoichi, this day seemed depressing. She turned twenty today. Twenty. She was starting the next decade. Although she certainly didn't believe that she had done nothing of her life, Sakura felt unsatisfied with where she was. She was still a chuunin and didn't have anything particular feat to her name other than defeating one of Akatsuki's members. And even then, it had all been thanks to Chiyo.

She was also a great medic-nin. But to her dismay, Tsunade didn't trust her enough to assign her to a team and on missions outside the hospital yet. So she was stuck working full-time in the hospital ever since the end of the war.

It had been a hard time. A very hard time. Many did not make it back. Everyone that she was close to had made it out alive, luckily. But not Sasuke. He had been too far gone. No one knew what had happened between him and Kabuto, but it had driven him over the edge. He went for anyone, just to kill and feel the pleasure of it, it seemed. She would never forget the look in his eyes. Pure insanity and violence. He had tried to kill her again that day. And he would have succeeded if it hadn't been for Kakashi. Even Naruto didn't have the time to react before Kakashi slipped himself between Sakura and Sasuke, hitting him dead on the forehead with chidori. It all seemed unreal. Had Sasuke really been killed that easily? In a way, she had no problem believing it. After giving it much thought, she had come to the conclusion that Sasuke must have wanted that. It must have been his last possible escape. She truly hoped that he rested in peace now. No matter how much he hurt them, he would always stay their teammate.

Now, the shinobi world was peaceful, for once. Though she longed for adventure and something more challenging, she was glad. There were still plenty of missions, she just wasn't the one sent on them and that infuriated her. It wasn't because of peace that she was stuck in Konoha for the past four years, after all. In the end, what really bothered her was what little of a life she had outside of her medic work. She had been single for all of her life and she had decided that was it. She would find someone this year. It was her new year's resolution... Only it was a birthday resolution. She would also be sent back on mission and maybe finally make it to jonin.

And with those goals in mind, Sakura Haruno's day started. It was mid-morning on her day off and she had it all planned out. That is, if a certain constantly late jonin would cooperate, she told herself as she walked quietly through the streets of Konoha in search of her sensei. Luck seemed to be on her side today, it barely took her thirty minutes to find him, sitting under a tree in its shade and reading his usual orange book. He had to have read it a million times over, how could he possibly find it so interesting to keep reading over and over again?

"Hello, Kakashi-sensei.", she greeted in a sweet voice.

Immediately, Kakashi looked up at her and gave her an happy eye crease. "Hello, Sakura."

And he was back to his book, ignoring her already. He knew that voice, she wanted something from him. He was in no mood to do something, he wanted to sit here all day and relish in the perfect weather of this day to indulge in his legendary laziness. Yes, that was a good plan. So maybe if he did't pay attetion to her, she would just go.

But Sakura was in no mood for that either, her happy facade immedaitely crumbling as she growled and bent down to his level.

"You are not ignoring me today, Kakashi-sensei.", she threatened.

"What makes you think I would do such an awful thing to my favorite student?", he replied, his voice feigning hurt. Damn, so much for her going away.

"Because you need to train me, sensei." At this, he looked up at her again, somewhat curious.

"I haven't been your sensei for a very long time, Sakura. Why should I do this?" Truth be, he wouldn't mind training her again. But he wouldn't give it to her so easily. Or else she might think he would jump at any occasion to help her. Yes. He didn't want that. Kakashi liked being lazy, so he couldn't afford that.

"Because if you don't then I'll never be allowed on missions again. That means that you won't be able to skimp out of bills with me anymore unless you want me on the streets, indebted above my head.", she sing-songed, knowing this would hit a sensitive chord.

His lone visible eye somewhat widened in self-pity. Free meals were one of his favorite things and Sakura was his number one walking wallet. No one else allowed him to get away with so many times of leaving her with the bill. Hmm. Now that was a big problem.

"Fine, but you owe me a meal this evening then.", he sighed. Hopefully she wouldn't be too much trouble.

Sakura squealed in delight, impressed by how easily she had won him over this time. Usually, it took a lot more persuading to get him to do what she wanted.

"What do you need the training for?", he questionned as he slowly got up and started a slow pace towards the training grounds, watching her closely the whole time.

"Tsunade-shishou won't allow me to be on a team and back on missions if I don't become stronger.", she replied sheepishly, scratching the back of her head.

Ah, so that was where the money thing had come from. She obviously didn't make the pretty penny he was paid from doing missions. He somehwat chuckled at the several changes of attitudes she had displayed in the last two minutes or so. Sakura was truly a creature of volatile moods. He found it endearing and certainly entertaining. He liked to aggravate her only to embarass her later on. As short-tempered and dangerous as she was with her fists that could break through concrete like through water, she was easy to push and control if you knew how to push her buttons.

"I see. We'll work on your taijutsu. I should probably teach you a long-range jutsu or two as well.", he offered, looking straight ahead of him.

"Oh, okay. That would be great.", she answered, beaming.

They started with her taijutsu first, assuming it would be easier to start from. Sakura had almost forgotten how much he liked to run his students into the ground when training. She enjoyed it though, because he was one of the only people, except Tsunade, who didn't go easy on her. That would result in several bruises and nicks the next day, but it was worth it. He was pushing her to the limit and it had been a very long time since she had such a sastisfying training.

Kakashi, on his side, was somewhat worried. She was a great fighter, but she had lost some of the progress she had made before the war. Maybe it was because she didn't train as hard due to her work at the hospital, which was understandable, he assumed. He could see why Tsunade hesitated to send her back on mission as a medic, though. Since medic-nins were so heavily targeted, he didn't doubt she might be an easy prey to an A- or S-class nin. Nothing he couldn't fix, though. She just needed to shake the dust off her fighting gear and she'd be up for missions in no time.

He felt that Sakura took this too lightly, he doubted that she saw the real reason beneath the Hokage's hesitation. Peace at gotten to Sakura, she had forgotten how dangerous the shinobi world remained, he was sure. Before her kick could land on his head, he stopped it with his hand, grabbing her ankle and sending her to the ground roughly. He twisted her arm painfully behind her back as she landed on her stomach and he sat on his knees,one on each side of her, before leaning down to whisper in her ear.

"If I was an enemy nin, you would be dead now... or worse."

The words rolled of his loops smoothly, but Sakura didn't miss the underlying threat in them. It caught her off-guard. He was right. The war was over, but there were still villains out there. People like Kabuto and Orochimaru. People who could make you suffer a fate worse than death. She shivered lightly at the thought and let her body go limp, signaling Kakashi she'd had enough for today.

"You can't forget that, Sakura.", he let out before releasing her and helping her up.

She nodded, feeling rather guilty. How could she let herself go like this?

"Let's go clean up.", he said, pushing her lightly behind the shoulder to get her to move with him. He felt a little bad. He hoped Sakura could remain a nice and innocent girl, but if he allowed her to believe that no harm could come to her then... He would be doing a very bad job. He would be allowing her to get hurt, or even killed. That was not something he would let happen so easily.

He led her to a lake not far, somewhere they had taken the habit to wash up after a harsh training, back in the day when it was just him and her. When Naruto was training with the toads and Sai had gone back to root. Sakura had accused him of being a pervert many times when he had forced her to wash in the same stream as him at the same time. But he really had no intentions of doing anything wrong, or even peeking. He just needed to get her used to somewhat compromising situations with men. He knew that Tsunade would push it as far away as possible, but seduction missions would come her way one day. Or if she was to be caught by an enemy nin for some ugly purposes he did not dare think about, he needed to make it more bearable to her.

And so she had grown more accustomed to seeing him with a bit less clothing. She wasn't uncomfortable, nor blushing to the roots of her hair. He had never taken it farther than underwear. He was quite certain that today, she understood why he had pushed her to do that.

And she did. It had been over two years since they had last trained together, but Sakura was currently remembering the first time he made her strip to her training bra and shorts before him. It was so embarrassing. Today, though, she was comfortable, and even glad that he had rid her of those ridiculous insecurities and girlish fantasy that only her beloved would get to see or touch her. Shinobi didn't get happy endings after all, right?

They slipped quietly into the water, their backs to each other as was usual. For a second, Sakura pondered if Kakashi could be the one to help her fulfill her birthday resolution of having a boyfriend this year. That thought was quickly shred to bits by her imaginary kunai. What was she thinking? She must really be desperate to be thinking this. Curiosity took over her though, and she turned around a little to get a better look at Kakashi. They had never really looked at each other, he had just wanted her to be more comfortable with her body after all, not violate her.

She couldn't help herself but think that Kakashi had an amazing body for a second. The water only reached his hips, so she had quite the view of his defined body. She blushed brightly as he noticed her eyes on him and turned around, closing the distance between him with a few short steps.

"What is it? Ready to take it further, hm?", he teased, his eye looking down at hers. They were wide opened in shock.

He reached behind her back, toying with the clasp of her bra. He loved embarrassing Sakura. Although this would probably earn him another broken arm, it was worth it to see the expression on her face. Sakura felt frozen in time, unable to react. He undid her bra and slowly moved his hand to her shoulder, barely pushing her bra strap down her arm before it hit him. Why wasn't she stopping him? He abruptly pulled away from her and got out of the water.

"You should really stop gaping like that, Sakura. You look like a fish.", he teased with a chuckle before dressing.

Sakura finally came back to her senses, her temper flaring at his insult.

"And you're just a perverted and old man!", she shouted back, hastily making her way out of the water and dressing at lightning speed.

"Really? Then why were you letting me undress you? Was it because you wanted me to make sweet love to you all night?", he retorted, playfulness thick in his voice. Sometimes he teased her like that, with those dreams of finding her prince charming one day that she had given up after Sasuke first tried to kill her.

And Sakura didn't hesitate. She punched him square in the jaw. He grunted slightly at the sudden pain, but he had expected it. He needed to change the mood. That had been too strange. Maybe he had taken the joke too far. She wasn't supposed to let him undress her any further.

Seeing the blood soak through his mask, Sakura relucantly began healing his poor jaw. That didn't mean that she felt guilty or that she would apologize though. This was just their routine.

"Alright, now that we've comfortably gotten back into our old habit, let's go grab dinner.", he said after adjusting his jaw a couple times. She could tell he was grinning under the mask. He had gotten her all flustered and she knew he was proud of that. The dog.