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Chapter seven:

A month had passed. Sakura had avoided Kakashi as much as she could, too ashamed of herself to try and face what she had done. She was now in bed, staring at the ceiling of her bedroom as the sun shone outside. It was still early morning, but she had barely slept. It wasn't because Kato was in bed next to her or because they had had a fantastic round of sex the previous night. Their first time together. He had been very careful, knowing she was a virgin. Or so he thought. He had asked many times if she was okay or ready, and of course, she had said yes.

She wasn't a virgin. She had cheated on him. In the past month, she had thought about it and decided that it was better not to tell him. She would keep living her life normally, avoiding Kakashi like the plagued, possibly bribe him into not revealing the truth so that she could go on with her normal romantic life. Yeah, that seemed like the best option.

Only, this morning she was leaving for her mission with Kakashi. It was a two-man team so no one else would be with them for the whole week their mission would last. She was throughly afraid of what would happen. Would he be mad at her? Would he want to have sex with her again? Her skin tingled at the idea, heat reaching her privates immediately and she scolded herself for this. She had to admit she had craved Kakashi's ministrations several times. It's not that Kato wasn't good, it was quite the opposite. He was very good. But there was something different with Kakashi that she wanted bad.

Maybe it was the fact that he didn't treat her like a doll, like he was going to break her if he wasn't careful enough. She had pinned it to the fact that Kato was really nice and didn't want to hurt her, but when she was honest with herself she admitted that it only annoyed her. She was a strong kunoichi, a little bed wrestling with him wasn't going to hurt her. Neither was sparring or training, but he always insisted on being gentle with her.

She bit back a small moan as she remembered Kakashi pounding into her hips after he had rolled her onto her stomach and gripped her hips, taking her from behind... For a second, she gripped the sheets and contemplated waking Kato to have sex again, just to soothe this feeling of need. But she couldn't. That would make her feel guilty. Instead, she woke him up and told him she was leaving or her mission.

The week had passed very fast, too fast, she thought, when they came back through the illage gates. It had been a simple escorting mission, but nonetheless had involved quite a bit of fighting. She hadn't thought it possible for one person to have so many enemies, but their client convinced her otherwise. Sakura had been so flustered with the whole situation that she hadn't asked for the mission details until the last second. She was so relieved that they were not going to spend a single moment together alone. He had obviously stayed profesionnal all along, only teasing her like he had always done when she was a kid every now and then.

When she arrived home though, she nearly had a heart attack. Kato was on his knee, looking up at her intently as he proposed to her. Unable to say anything, Sakura simply nodded her head. Yeah, she would get married, have kids, have a normal life and forget about the whole ordeal with Kakashi. That was the way to go.

A couple of months passed by that was spent planning the wedding, shopping for a dress and whatnot. Kato had even insisted that Kakashi be the man to walk her down the aisle and the one to help her pick her dress. He thought was a strictly platonic friend, the only guy he could trust to make sure his fiancée would look decent in her dress without trying to peek at her changing. It might not have seemed like it, but Kato was actually quite traditional. She should have guessed at his hesitation to let her go on her mission or spar with her. He wanted her to be a good mom would stay at home and take care of the house and kids.

The closer they were to the wedding, the more she fretted. Picking out her dress with Kakashi had been hell. Every time she came out of the changing room, he would say she looked ugly. It made her want to cry. He had never been so harsh with her. After five dresses, she was tired of it, she gripped the huge and heavy skirt of her gown and growled, stomping her foot down.

"Why are you saying this?! I can't look that bad in a wedding dress!", he shouted, glaring daggers at him.

In the time that she had avoided him and their mission, he had spent a lot of time thinking about why he had behaved this way with her. Why he craved her companionship so badly. Why when she had asked him why he wouldn't let her leave that fateful morning, he had answered "because I want you.". Now it was obvious to him that he wanted her in more ways than one. He just had been too stubborn and proud to admit it. He wanted her all for himself, her body and her mind. He wanted her with him as his wife.

"Because I shouldn't be seeing you in this dress. Because I should only see it when I'm the one waiting for you at the altar and watching you walk there.", he answered truthfully, too frustrated with the whole situation. He knew that if he had just tried a little earlier, she would have allowed him into her life. That encounter in the stream had convinced him so. Sakura stared at him in disbelief for a moment, but understanding flashed in her eyes. He was right. In the end, that was what she wanted. She didn't want Kato. He had been convenient, the perfect man, but not her perfect man.

She knew that Kakashi put forth a lot, and also understood that he didn't necessarily see their relationship that far, it was just to get his point across. That he was the right one for one and that she was making a mistake with this wedding.

"Sensei, you're late.", she answered, her tone sober and neutral.

She fought back tears. She didn't have the courage to call off this wedding. To tell Kato that she had cheated on him. To tell everyone that she was in love with her own teacher who was fourteen years her senior.

"That's always been my strong point, hasn't it?", he said bitterly, looking away.

She nodded before declaring that this would be the dress, to hell with wether or not she liked it. Kakashi's heart broke a little at this. He knew that Sakura had spent a lot of time thinking about what her future husband and wedding would look like, probably passing days laying on the grass, watching the clouds as she fantasized about it. He knew it was something she had wanted so badly, but not like this. This was botched. It was not what she had dreamed of.

The day of the wedding came all to quickly. Sakura was to be called to the altar in about twenty minutes. She was alone with a room with Kakashi, wearing her gown and veil, all dolled up for the event. But he could see the despair in her eyes. What could he do? How could he make her his at this point? He frowned.

"I'm not late yet, Sakura.", he let out, completely out of the blue. Sakura turned to him, confused.

"Uh? What do you mean?", she asked, cocking her head to the side. Yeah, he was here on time for once. But it was her goddamn wedding. She would have maimed him if her wasn't.

"It's not too late to make you mine.", he replied, standing up from his chair and walking to her, taking hold of one of her arms. Sakura stared up at him in disbelief. Would he really try to whisk a woman away from her fiancé who was waiting for her at the altar?

It seemed the answer was a yes. He leaned down to whisper in her ear, wrapping one arm around her waist

"It's not too late, as long as you're willing to give me a kiss.", he whispered, somewhat playfully, before moving his lips to hers in a gentle kiss. At first, Sakura was too stunned to react, but then she couldn't help herself but throw her arms around his neck adn return his kiss. He held her head gently with his free hand, pressing harder against her before lifting her bridal-style, earning him a surprised gasp from the woman in his arms.

He didn't hesitate to bring her with him as he walked to the beginning of the carpet that led to the altar. Everyone turned towards them, shocked and confused. He lost no time in announcing his intentions to all their friends and even the Hokage herself who was present for the ceremony.

"Hmm, how should I say this? I am kidnapping the bride. Don't worry, she will be safe. I have no intentions of hurting her. Though I don't think I'll ever let her go.", he explained to the crowd before making a military-style good bye motion with his head. He hurried to start running and jump on the rooftops to make his intentions clear to everyone.

Sakura very simply giggled in his arms, all worries out the window with his announcement.

"Are you really going to keep me forever?", she asked innocently, looking up at him.

"As long as you'll let me.", he answered, chuckling.

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