A New Bleach Generation

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Date: July 30th

Time: 4:36

Location: Karakura town

In Karakura town was in the season of summer and all of the people who weren't in school were all doing things they mostly couldn't do as much while they were at school but now they have much more free time. Some kids were hanging out with friends doing crazy stuff, tiring themselves out to exhaustion, wandering around town while bored, or just plain chilling at their homes inside or outside. This is what's mostly going on at the moment and it has been like this for a while. But we focus our attention at just one teen who was just wandering around his hometown with nothing to do so he just decided to just walk around while looking for something to kill the time.

While walking, he hears some laughing that someone could easily recognize that it was from a random thug. He saw them messing around near a telephone pole. At first he was just going to ignore them and walk away, but he quickly saw something that the thugs were doing that set him off.

"HEY, YOU THREE OVER THERE! WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING OVER THERE." The teen yelled. The three thugs stopped what they were doing and looked behind them to see a tall teen who looked around 6'1, had nearly shoulder length shaggy hair that looked like it had a couple spikes on the sides and back sticking out, unique colored eyes, and a scowl on his face that looked like he held it there for a long while now. He glared at the three thugs.

Name: Seinaru Kurosaki

Age: 17

Eye Color: Brown/Green Mix

Hair Color: Dark Red

Occupation: High School Student

Special Ability: …

"Can I help you punk?" The biggest punk snarled. He looked like he was the leader of his group. The teen just stood and glared at him. "Hey kid, I just asked you a question. How about you answer it before I punch your lights out?"

"…" The teen was silent. This pissed the thug leader off. He raised his fist and sent it toward the teen's face

"Hey Answer me da-" *CRACK* The thug was all of a sudden interrupted and hit square in the face with the teen's own fist. He had hard knuckles so it easily knocked the leader out cold and he was sent back at least 20 feet away.

"HOLY CRAP, BOSS ARE YOU OKAY?" One of the other thugs yelled. The one yelling had a beanie on.

"No way." The second thug said out of shock. "The boss was knocked out just like that. I can't believe it." The second thugs then got into a fighting stance. "We gotta take him out now."

"Hell no!" The thug with the beanie on was shaking with fear. "There's no way I'm taking on an insane guy like him." He then tried to run away but after just having his back turned for only 3 seconds, he felt a hand grab his shoulder. The thug quickly tensed up and froze with fear. He looked behind him and saw the teen with a pissed off look on his face. He also saw that the thug he was just talking to was already knocked out with a bloody nose.

"Now, why don't you tell me what you and your buddies were doing on this fine day?" The teen said with malice in his voice. The thug with the beanie was scared stiff and couldn't talk. But he eventually managed to get out,

"W-w-well, we were t-t-tossing a hacky s-s-sack a-a-around." The thug responded while his teeth were chattering with fear.

"That's a good answer." The teen then pointed at the telephone pole. "Now I want you to tell me what you see over there and why it became like that in the first place." The thug looked and saw a knocked over flower vase with red flowers in it and a couple were out of the vase. The thug was really afraid of the next event.

"I-I-I guess t-t-that's a v-v-vase for a kid who dies here."


The thug was sent back with another fist from the teen in the face. This time, he was not knocked out with a single blow.

"I'm surprised that you managed to catch on like that. You must be pretty quick when you want to be." The thug got up with a black eye and when he looked back at the teen, he nearly lost it. "NOW GO AND APPOLOGIZE OR YOU'RE GONNA REGRET IT AND THOSE FLOWERS WILL BE FOR YOU NEXT TIME."

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The thug minion screamed and he was scared. And the teen swore he saw the thug piss his pants just now. "I'm sorry, please forgive me." The thug got up and carried his knocked out leader and buddy away from the scene they were at just now.

"Maybe I was a little too rough." The teen said while sighing slightly. He turned his head toward the telephone pole and said, "Sorry about getting violent like that. Those people really set me off and I guess I got carried away." Something then appeared over the vase. Above the vase was a little boy who looked at least 10. He had a small chain connected to his chest which the teen guessed that it meant that the specific person was dead. And so far, he was right.

Special Ability: The Power to See Ghosts

"It's ok." said the little boy. "I wanted those bullies to stop messing around here. This vase is something my Mom gave to me so it's really important." The teen just smiled and put the vase right back up. Even though the teen still had a scowl on his face, his smile put the boy at ease.

"Do you want some fresh new flowers tomorrow? Cause I can do that." The teen asked.

"Yes please, It looks so much better with flowers in it anyway. Thank you." The boy was smiling after that.

"I'll seeya tomorrow then. And I'll keep my word to you. Maybe you can now rest in peace. You deserve it." The teen then walked away. "Glad I could help out. It was no trouble at all." The teen took several steps but the boy stopped him.

"WAIT!" The boy shouted. "Can you tell me what your name is for me?" The teen then turned around and said his full name to the little boy.

"My name is Seinaru Kurosaki." The teen said with a grin on his face. Seinaru then continued walking off. "Glad I could help out." He said in his mind. He looked around some more and saw that nothing was going on. "Just gonna be another average day I guess. A lot of my friends are on vacation right now so I won't be able to call them up. Oh well." Seinaru then walked off once again.

Later, 7:35

Seinaru arrived at his house in the late afternoon and the position of the sun looked like it should be a little earlier. Seinaru was just about to open his door when a large pressure went over him for a split second. This made him stop in his tracks and look around himself. He didn't see anything out of the ordinary when looked and dismissed it.

"Must've been my imagination." Seinaru said in his mind. He opened his front door and he was greeted with a foot rushing toward him. Seinaru didn't do anything except move out of the way with just one step sideways. The blur that was charging toward him rushed past him and crash landed in the front yard of his house. Seinaru turned his head and glared at the person who attacked him.

"What the hell was that for Dad? What kind of sick freak attacks his own son out of nowhere?" Seinaru shouted in a pissed off tone. The man got up on his feet and smiled at Seinaru.

"You're good son. You're just as good as me when I was your age. Possible even better. Keep up the good work." The man then patted Seinaru's head. Seinaru just sighed. The man who was in front of Seinaru was Ichigo Kurosaki, his father. Ichigo was the same exact height as Seinaru of 6'1, had brown colored eyes, short bright orange spiky colored hair, and a faint goatee on his face that was also orange colored. His age looked around 40 years of age. All in all, he was a young looking middle aged man. "So tell me, what were you doing while you were gone? I take it you were helping spirits pass on in peace? No, I know that's exactly what you were doing."

"And tell me how you knew that?" Seinaru asked.

"Kid, I was doing the same exact thing you're doing right now. You're a lot like me, so I can tell." Ichigo said with a grin on his face.

"I highly doubt that. There's no way I was like you when you were young. I refuse to let myself become childish like you." Seinaru said in his mind.

"Why don't you come on in now? Your mother has just finished making dinner so you're just in time." Ichigo said while pointing to the inside of the house. Seinaru and Ichigo walked inside and they went to the dinner table where Seinaru saw his mother Orihime, his little bro Jinsuke, and his little sis Rukia await him.

"How's it going everyone?" Seinaru asked. "I'm starving here. I'm ready to eat Mom."

"Sure, go ahead and dig in." Orihime said with a small laugh in her sentence.

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