CH. 35

Seinaru stared at the place where the doors of hell came out of. He has never seen such a sight before in his life. And he wished at the bottom of his heart that he'd never see that again. He stayed in a fear filled state for only a few more seconds before moving again. He looked up at the sky.

"It appears the rain has finally stopped." He then lifted his Zanpakuto to his field of vision. He saw a couple leftover turquoise aura pieces still on the blade. Seinaru would never forget that rush of power flowing through him. He wanted to learn how to control that power. So that way he can face stronger opponents. "I want to stay as a soul reaper. I want to get stronger like that. I know there are stronger enemies than Fuzen and his hatred. I want to get stronger to protect everyone. No one should go through the pain I went through before."

"Seinaru." Tiana called out. Seinaru turned around to Tiana who was walking toward him. When she got in front of Seinaru, she looked at Seinaru's eyes and said, "I'm sorry for not understanding your feelings and respecting them. I shouldn't have tried beating the answers out of you." Seinaru smiled at Tiana before responding. He then walked past Tiana.

"Don't worry about it. Let's just go back to Matt and Mana. I'm sure they're waiting for the both of us." Seinaru said while walking. Tiana quickly caught up to Seinaru and walked beside him under the night sky. The walk was silent and Seinaru asked the only question during the walk.

"Tiana, I have a favor I'd like to ask you." Tiana gave her attention to Seinaru. "Once you get your own soul reaper powers back, I'd like your help on receiving my own powers." Tiana perked up when she heard that. She was curious about the reason why. "I want to continue being a soul reaper and the only way to become one permanently is by getting my own powers. So the next time I become a soul reaper, it will be with own powers rather someone else's powers I've borrowed." Tiana had a grin appear across her face.

"Your wish will be granted. I promise you that you'll easily get your own powers." Tiana said to Seinaru. "You may not realize it Seinaru, but you already have been using your own soul reaper powers. You haven't gotten that strong because of me. It's all because of you. My powers merely just taught you the basics. After that, it was all you. You have awakened your own soul reaper powers that have been sleeping inside of you your entire life. You should be proud of being that strong. Prepare to have your life changed forever for the better. Or should I say, prepare to continue on with your changed life?"

Seinaru gave off a smirk. "Thank you, Tiana." Seinaru and Tiana then walked through the forest eventually meeting up with Matt and Mana. Matt walked over to Seinaru and gave his best friend a good firm welcome back handshake.

"It's good to see you back in one piece." said Matt. Seinaru grinned back in triumph. When Seinaru faced Mana, he noticed that Mana was fighting back some tears of happiness.

"He's gone. You no longer have that bastard Fuzen to worry about anymore." Mana gave off a smile and nodded.

"Thank you, Seinaru, Matt, Tiana." said Mana with a wide smile on her face. Mana then felt a lone tear of joy escape her grip. "I can't possibly thank enough for all that you have done. You all almost died because of me. This was my mess, but you stuck with me till the end. That truly means a lot to me. I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart." She then faced Matt. "I almost ran away from everyone but it was you Matt that stopped me. I'm glad I didn't." Seinaru smirked while Matt and Tiana gave off wide grins.

"We're just glad that you're ok." said Tiana. "But aren't you forgetting to tell us something?" The group all had confused looks on their faces. "Mana, why did you and Matt go out here on your own? There must have been a reason why you sneaked out from our sight." Seinaru quickly realized what Tiana was talking about. He then put a hand on Matt's right shoulder and asked,

"That's right, you never told us why you ran away in the first place." Matt could feel the killer intent coming from Seinaru. He could feel Seinaru glaring through his head with his evil grin. "You have a lot to explaining to do you idiot."

"Well you see," Matt began nervously.

One Explanation later

"And that's the story." Mana finished.

"Let me get this straight." Seinaru began. "The reason you sneaked out of the hospital Matt, was because you were helping Mana get to her own house? Is that what I'm hearing?"

"Yep, that's basically it. Mana had weird feeling she had to be there so I decided to tag along." Matt was nervous more about Seinaru's reaction rather than Tiana's. He waited for a few long minutes before getting his answer. He got both of his answers at the same time.

"YOU TWO SHOULD'VE TOLD US DAMMIT!" Seinaru and Tiana yelled at the same time at both Matt and Mana. The two victims cringed. Seinaru and Tiana then both hit Matt on the head simultaneously. "YOU ARE AN IDIOT!"

"Ummmm, can you please stop getting mad at Matt. It's my fault he decided to come with." said Mana. "I dumped my own problems on him when it wasn't even any of his business."

"We're not at mad at Matt because he decided to help you." said Seinaru. "We're mad at him because he went on his own thing without telling us ahead of time. We'd be glad to help out as well."

"The first thing that you can do is lead us to your house so we can guide you there as well. It's better to travel in groups and you know it." said Tiana with her own grin showing.

"I'll lead the way then." Mana said with a smile. The four teens then walked over to their destination. Along the way, Seinaru looked at the sky. He saw that dawn was very close to arriving.

"I hope I can get back without anyone noticing I was gone the whole night. That would be bad if I was found missing. I mean my body isn't even in my room. Tiana left it near the building site I was just at." Seinaru said with a worried tone in his head. "I'll have to think of something just in case I don't make it."

"I know what you're thinking Seinaru." said Tiana. "And you don't have anything to worry about. If you don't make it in time, you can just tell them you went on an early morning jog or something. It's that simple." Tiana said that last sentence with a grin. Seinaru smirked back.

"You're right. And plus I've been on early morning jogs dozens of times before. So you're right. I've got nothing to worry about." Seinaru relaxed a little after that. "I'll just pick it up when I see it." The four teens then continued their journey to Mana's house.

After Seinaru got his body back, a long walk, and a few confusing routes, the four teens were nearly at Mana's house. Or so she claims. Mana also worked up the courage to ask Seinaru a question she's been wanting to ask since the fight with Fuzen happened. She waited till her and Seinaru were a little distance away from Matt and Tiana.

"Hey Seinaru." Mana called out. Seinaru brought his attention to Mana who looked a little nervous. "How do you know the name of my Dad? I never told you and Matt doesn't know his name." Seinaru thought about choosing the right words for this for a second.

"Well, don't be mad or anything." Seinaru said with sigh and a serious look, "I saw your memories of the night when Fuzen killed your father right in front of you on your birthday. And when you died along with Fuzen when you got run over by that truck." Mana was shocked that came from Seinaru's mouth.

"How did you…?" Mana couldn't finish her sentence. She honestly could not believe that Seinaru knew all of that. "When did you…?"

"Well," Seinaru began. "It's a little difficult to explain. But I'll try my best." Seinaru sighed once again. "I honestly didn't want you to know I saw one of the most private memories you have, but I guess you deserve to know."


Seinaru and Tiana were following the long chain of fate which they had no idea where it leads to. Tiana had her eyes glued to the extremely long unknown chain. But that doesn't mean she wasn't paying attention to her surroundings. Seinaru was the one mostly looking around while recognizing the suroundings.

"Are we walking towards Matt's house?" Seinaru said in his mind. "That is strange." Along the way, a couple people were zipping by in a hurry. They looked like they were wearing a nerdy style of clothes and you could tell with the glasses they were wearing. They were blurs when they rushed past Seinaru and Tiana. The last one bumped Seinaru's shoulder. He was moving so fast that Seinaru fell back and landed on his rear. The chain for some reason got wrapped around his ankle. Tiana managed to evade all of the blurs.

"What was that about?" Tiana asked confused. "Is there some event happening here in this world?" Seinaru sighed in annoyance.

"Yeah pretty much. There is this stupid sale on figure dolls at a convention and it attracts the lamest people I've ever seen. It attracts these lame nerds from all around Karakura town. These dolls are seriously dumb. Theses nerdy people treat them like real people. It's really annoying." It was obvious that Seinaru was annoyed by this whole thing.

"It sounds like these people need serious help." said Tiana who appears to agree with Seinaru very quickly.

"No kidding." Seinaru then moved his hands to the chain that was around his ankle. "I honestly wish that-" Seinaru abruptly stopped talking right after he grabbed the chain. His eyes went wide when a nasty feeling came to him. His head started to hurt and he grabbed his head and clutched it as the pain came.

"Seinaru what's wrong?" Tiana asked. "What happened?" Seinaru could not answer. Because he couldn't hear anything other than himself. Seinaru then saw faint images he did not recognize flashed in his head. The pressure was over whelming when he felt pain in his chest and head at the same time. Excpet this felt worse than any wound he's had before. He couldn't take anymore and collapsed on the ground. Seinaru then heard a faint call from Tiana calling his name before blacking out on the ground.

Seinaru opened his brown and green eyes and saw that everything was black all around. He was floating in an empty black space.

"Where the hell am I?" Seinaru asked to himself. He took one step and then the black all of a sudden vanished like a balloon bursting in the air except it was slower in this case. Seinaru looked around him and he thought he recognized his new surroundings but before he could think, he heard some laughing going on. He turned around and saw a girl who looked his age walking with a much older man who looked like he looked like he could be the girl's father since they look slightly alike. The girl looked almost as tall as Selena with long, chestnut colored, slightly shaggy nice looking hair, a heart shaped face and large emerald eyes. She had cute looking appearance.

With the older man, he looked like he was in his mid-forties with also having the benefit of being tall. The older man was 6'2. The man had very short slightly messy hair that was brown with some white patches in it. He had thin facial hair that had white around the chin and sideburn areas. He had glasses on in front of his own green eyes except they weren't as bright as the girl's eyes. He gave off a smiley friendly looking appearance who looked pretty good for his age.

"Where did those two come from?" Seinaru asked in his head. He saw that they were right in front of him and they made eye contact with Seinaru.

"Hello there. How's it-" What happened next completely made Seinaru freeze. The two passed right through Seinaru like he was nothing. He did not expect this at all. It caught him in a 10 second freeze before looking back at the girl and man. He then heard them talking to each other.

"Are you ready for your birthday dinner Mana?" The older man asked. "I know how much you wanted to eat here." The girl known as Mana laughed before responding.

"I am very excited." said the girl known as Mana. "It's been forever since we've eaten here. It just makes it so much better that I get to eat here on my birthday with you. Thank you so much dad."

"You're very welcome." The older man had a smile on his face while talking. "I'm glad to see you happy today Mana."

Seinaru had a smirk on his face when he heard that. He could tell that the girl called Mana was happy to spend time with her. He could also tell that her father was happy as well. He was just about to leave them be when a spark when off in the back of his head. It didn't hurt but it made him as if on instinct look back at Mana and her father.

"Strange, am I being told to follow them or something? This isn't something I should be doing but, I think I'm being told to follow them." Seinaru was just about to try walking away again but another slight spark went off in his head again. "It happened again. I guess I'm following them. As long as they can't see or touch me then I guess it's alright. I just hope it applies to everyone here." Seinaru then caught up to Mana and her father. Seinaru stood a few feet away behind the two and he listened onto their conversation. Along the way, Seinaru saw that he passed through every single person who walked toward him. The same also happened with inanimate objects. He just passed through everything like it was nothing. Well the good news is that I won't stand out in any way."

Once a few more minutes went by, Seinaru finally saw that Mana and her father stopped in front of restaurant that looked popular based on the crowd inside of the building. Seinaru looked at it and realized something in his mind.

"I remember eating here a few times before. The last time I've been here was during one of Rin's earlier birthdays. He definitely liked this place along with a bunch of other people. They do make good food here." Seinaru then looked at the smiling Mana. "She looks so happy being with her dad. Why am I being told to watch them? Something doesn't feel right." Seinaru followed the two family members into the restaurant that was labeled as the BBQ Mansion. (A/N: Not the greatest name I know. I was just lazy to think of anything fancy.)

Once inside, the older man went to one of the male workers who looked around his early thirties and introduced himself.

"Hi there." He began in a polite voice. "I had a reservation here today for me and my daughter. My name is Ryuunosuke Bell." The worker looked at a list in a clipboard and after some searching he easily found the name.

"Right this way sir." The worker led the two new people to their table along with Seinaru closely behind them.

"So the girl's name is Mana and her father's name is Ryuunosuke. Ryuunosuke is an interesting name. I've never heard of it before."

The group then sat down at their table and Seinaru surprisingly managed to sit down on a table like he was normal. While he was watching Mana and Ryuunosuke, he couldn't help but smile while watching the two eat. He could truly tell that the two loved each other very much. He then thought back to good times with his own family eating at the same restaurant. He stayed there sitting down with his smile still on his face. After a nice hot meal and cold dessert, Ryuunosuke paid the bill and they got up with Seinaru close by. When the trio got to the main entrance, they all stopped and saw that the main entrance was completely blocked.

"Well it will be forever before that crowd is finally gone." said Mana. "I know this place is popular but holy crap. That's ridicules." Ryuunosuke chuckled with agreement.

"Agreed." Ryuunosuke then noticed the same worker from earlier trying to get his attention.

"If you're interested, how about you go out our back door to escape this crazy mess?"

"Sure why not? Lead the way." said Ryuunosuke.

"It's easy. It's just several feet near the kitchen entrance. It's also the way to our garbage load but it leads the way out. We don't normally let people through that way because of the smell. But consider this a special treat. The good news is that our garbage was just emptied out not too long ago. So you're lucky today."

"Thank you." said Mana. Ryuunosuke gave off a wave and smile showing his thanks while walking off. Seinaru followed close by the two family members. Along the way, Seinaru started to have slightly ominous feeling overcome him. It caused him to stop walking and look around with wide eyes.

"What was that?" Seinaru looked around but he saw nothing out of the ordinary. "Whatever that was it can't be good. But what could possibly go on in a place like this, and where?" Seinaru then heard creaks coming from a door opening. He quickly looked back to see Mana and Ryuunosuke about to go through the back door. Seinaru quickly realized something and bolted towards them.

"NO! STOP!" Seinaru yelled while trying to grab Ryuunosuke's shoulder. But Seinaru's hand only went through his shoulder. Seinaru tried again but it was useless. Mana and Ryuunosuke walked out but they only took several steps away from the restaurant before they were stopped by a tall man in dark nearly black clothing on that consisted of a trench coat, stocking cap, and a scarf that covered the bottom half of his face. The stocking cap covered most of his head except the eyes leaving them out. Most of his head was covered up.

"Hey!" he shouted in a gruff voice. "Stop where you are." Ryuunosuke took one step forward in front of Mana.

"May I help you?" He asked in a serious voice. "We are on our way home now so we would appreciate it if you let us move on." Seinaru then saw a grin outline from the outside of the scarf of the man in dark clothing.

"As a matter of fact," The stranger began. He then flashed a gun and pointed it at Ryuunosuke. Seinaru had wide eyes when he saw the gun. "You can start by giving me all of your money and valuables right NOW!"

"…" Ryuunosuke was silent while staring at the gun with a scowl on his face. He also saw that Mana was afraid of the current situation. He raised his right arm slightly telling Mana to back away. He took another step forward before speaking. "Alright, I don't want to keep you waiting. Just give me a minute." The gunman pointed his gun to the ground.

"Place everything right in front of you. And no funny business. I can tell when something is going on. Make sure the girl stays right behind you where I can see her."

"As you wish." Ryuunosuke then got on one knee and took out his wallet to empty all of the cash he had on himself. While the gunman was waiting for the money, a fist appeared right in front of him like lightning. But the large bony fist went right through the gunman. Seinaru grunted when he missed. He tried again and again but all hits were all nothing.

"Damn you. Get the hell away from these two." Seinaru shouted while endlessly punching the gunman in rapid fails. Seinaru then walked in front of the gunman. He glared at the gunman even though he couldn't see Seinaru. "You better not lay a hand on these two you bastard."

"Hey you little imp, what's taking so long." The gunman shouted. "I don't have all day."

"Just be patient my good sir. I shall-"

"Shut the hell up and just do what I tell you to do. No one tells me what to do." Mana tensed up when the gunman shouted. "I don't have all day."

"Sir," Ryuunosuke began in calm firm tone. "If you just give me a little more time I shall give you what you want. Just wait a little longer."

"I said hurry up you little imp. You're just going slower than the beginning. I want the money NOW!"

"Sir I said-" Ryuunosuke then stopped talking. Seinaru and Mana both had wide eyes with the next event that just happened.


Ryuunosuke was shot in the chest by the gunman who just shot him. Ryuunosuke fell straight to the ground but was able to mutter with a dying breath before touching the ground,

"I'm sorry… Mana." Ryuunosuke fell to the ground dead after that. Mana was frozen with fear with tears rolling down her face.

"D-Dad?" Mana managed to whisper. She went straight to Ryuunosuke and fell on her knees while shaking her father's dead body. "No, you can't be dead. Please, you can't die."

"HAHAHAHAHAHA!" The gunman howled with laughter. "That felt good. Now I can do my own business on him. I hate leaving my own work to other lazy bastards." He walked to the man he killed and pointed his gun at Mana.

"Hey, move away from the body." Mana slowly moved back. "Good girl. Now stay there and don't move. Cuz I won't hesitate to kill you." The gunman then looted Ryuunosuke's person.

Seinaru could only helplessly watch this goinf on from the sidelines. He felt truly useless right now. He tried his best to keep himself calm but it wasn't working.

"Are you serious? I can't do a single thing to help? I wasn't sent here to prevent this from happening? Because it usually is on times like these in movies and books. Why can't I be that guy who helps?" Seinaru said in his mind while gritting his teeth with anger. "This guy though, he sounds familiar. I can't put my finger on it though." When the gunman was finished, he laughed evilly while walking away.

"Another one down." The gunman said in triumph. While he was walking away, Mana started to calm down slightly and look at her father. Then the gunman. Then at her father again. She looked back and forth until it happened. Without warning, Mana charged at the gunman with a trance on her face that had venom in it. Even Seinaru did not see this coming. Mana latched herself on the gunman's back and she bit his shoulder hard. The gunman shouted in pain when he felt the teeth sink into him.

"You little imp!" the gunman shouted with rage. "I'll kill you." The gunman tried firing shots at Mana but because of Mana being on the gunman's back, it was proving useless. All shots were misses. Mana started to taste blood when her teeth sank in deep enough. Seinaru saw the small amount of blood leaking from Mana's mouth.

"Just how sharp are this girl's teeth? That's crazy." Seinaru wanted to help but he could only watch. Eventually, the gunman and Mana wandered off into the street. The gunman then finally shook Mana off of his back and pointed his gun at Mana who had blood in her mouth and had a few tears going down her face.

"You're dead you son of a…" The gunman couldn't finish his own sentence showing how pissed off he really was. "I'll kill you." But before the gunman could fire, a loud honking noise caused him to stop and stare at a large truck that was speeding towards them. Mana also saw the truck coming as well. Then just like that, the truck ran over both of them killing them both with a quick and painless death. Seinaru could not believe what he just saw. He just watched a father and daughter both die on the same day only minutes separating their time of deaths. Seinaru saw on the road that there were large amounts of blood painted onto the road. He couldn't see the bodies that were run over but he was glad that they were out of sight. He didn't think he could look at the sweet girl who just died.

"What the hell did I just watch?" Seinaru eventually asked. And then, the room started to spin all around him taking him back to the empty black space. There were white whirlwinds spinning all around the place showing activity in the black space. Seinaru wanted answers on what was truly going on. He knew it was useless but it didn't stop him from screaming as loud as he could. "WHAT THE HELL WAS THE POINT OF WATCHING ALL THIS IF I COULDN'T DO ANYTHING TO HELP?"

"Protect my daughter Seinaru." said a voice that went off in Seinaru's head.

"Who are you and how do you know my name?" Seinaru got an answer with a bright light that flashed in front of Seinaru. As the light engulfed Seinaru, he started to drift off once again. Eventually, he was out once more.

Flashback end

"I don't know for sure Mana but," Seinaru began. "I think that it was your father who showed me that memory of what happened that night. I know it sounds a little crazy but that's what I believe." Mana had a smile on her face after hearing Seinaru's thought.

"It doesn't sound crazy at all." said Mana. "I believe that as well. I'm sorry that you had to watch that day. It must've been hard to see that. I don't think I can handle watching that memory again. I must've been hideous acting like that all violent like a beast."

"You're fine. Let's just be glad that it's all over. And let's be glad that you have a father who loves you very much and wants nothing more than to keep you safe." Seinaru said with a smile of his own. "You're one of the lucky ones to have a dad like that." A lone tear of happiness came down Mana's face.

"Yeah, and I'm lucky to have great friends here for me." said Mana.

"And don't worry, I managed to keep this from Tiana who was with me at the time. I just told her that I didn't feel like talking about it. I knew that something like this was really private." Seinaru then showed a wide grin. "Come on, Matt and Tiana are waiting for us. Let's this done so you can see your dad once again in the soul society." Seinaru and Mana then caught up with their friends and continued to walk with them to Mana's house.

They didn't have that much longer to walk when they finally got to Mana's two story house in nice looking neighborhood. Or what was left of the house anyway. Mana was shocked to see that the house was broken down and it looked like it was abandoned for a little while.

"Mana, are you sure this is where your house is?" Matt asked. Mana took a couple steps forward while looking at the house. Her head then moved down.

"I'm positive. They obviously destroyed long ago and they are going to rebuild it to a better one." She then looked at the rest of the group. "I'm sorry to have wasted all of your time. Turns out this was all for nothing."

"It wasn't for nothing." said Matt with a smile. "You probably wanted to have something to look at one last time that was important to you before you left this place." Mana looked at the broken down house one last time and agreed with Matt. Mana knew that Matt was trying to cheer her up.

"Yeah, I guess you're right. And thank you for helping me out. I'm ready to pass on in peace and see my dad again. I really miss him." Seinaru walked towards Mana and gave her a warm smile.

"Are you ready?" Seinaru asked. Mana nodded yes. Tiana pulled Seinaru's soul out of his body once again and Seinaru got ready himself to send Mana off. Seinaru grabbed his zanpakuto and was just about to unsheathe it when he saw something in the corner of his eye. "Hold on a second. I want to check something out before we continue." Seinaru walked past Mana and into the pile of what was once a house.

"What are you doing Seinaru?" Tiana asked.

"I thought I saw something here so I'm just looking around. Won't take long." Seinaru searched through a pile of small rocks and he shuffled his hands in them. "I could've sword I just saw something. It looked like paper or something like that." Seinaru eventually gave up his search. "I guess it must've been my imagination." Seinaru then took a step and he felt something under his foot. He looked down and saw that under his foot looked like something that was made out of paper. "I knew there was something here. Luckily I saw that just in time. This is probably important." Seinaru reached down and picked the paper which was quickly seen as a letter. Mana was curious on what Seinaru just found.

"What did you find over there?" Mana asked. Seinaru only walked over to Mana in response. She saw the letter that Seinaru was holding. "What is that?"

"… I think it's a letter that you wrote." responded Seinaru. He then showed Mana the letter. "I think your name is on the front of it. There's a smudge on the right corner that I think says your full name." When Mana saw the letter, she went wide eyed. Seinaru took notice of this. "It sparked something didn't it?"

"Mana, what is that letter?" Matt asked.

"This letter, is something that me and my dad wrote, to my mother." Everyone perked up when they heard 'mother' come from Mana's mouth.

"What do you mean?" Tiana asked. "What does it say inside of that letter." Before Mana could respond, something sparked in her head like lightning. Her eyes went wide because of that.

"Mana, you alright?" Matt asked.

"I remember now." Mana said as a response. "I now remember what I've been trying to remember all this time."

"…Are you talking about your regret in this world." Tiana asked. "What does that letter to your mom relate to specifically?"

"My regret in that's keeping me here is this letter to my mom that both me and my dad wrote that we never got a chance to send off to. This letter was supposed to go to my mom saying that I'm good and well." Mana felt tears swell in her eyes. "My parents divorced when I was really young. My mom wasn't responsible enough when taking care of kids. So that's how I lived with my dad all this time. And I was hoping I would be able to see my mom one last time. She may have not been the best mom, but she still cared for us. She sent us money from time to time to help us out. This letter basically says thank you for all you've done to support us." Everyone was silent not really knowing what to do or say. "Looks like she won't be reading this letter after all. I doubt she even knows that we died." Matt then walked over to Mana.

"How about I send her that letter?" Matt suggested. Mana was about to decline the offer but Matt stopped her. "It really means a lot to you that we give your mother this letter. So I will take the letter out of this envelope and put it in a brand new one along with a letter that I will write telling her what has happened. If you say she really does care, there's no doubt that she will want to go and pay her respects for you. I'm pretty sure she really wants to." Mana was moved. She didn't want to trouble Matt at all with anymore problems she has. But she knew that Matt really wanted to help no matter what. It really made her happy that there are rare people like Matt who are this willing to help. Mana could not help herself and she quickly took Matt in a hug once again.

"Thank you, so much. You have no idea how much that means to me." said Mana while still hugging Matt. Matt hugged back along with saying,

"You're welcome. I'm glad to help you out in need." Seinaru and Tiana grinned while watching the two hug each other. They gave Matt and Mana all the time they needed before sending Mana off to the soul society. The two hugging teens eventually released their grip on eachother and Mana had smile on her face when she faced Seinaru.

"I'm ready to head on out. Thank you both once again for helping me out. You have no idea how much that meant to me. I can't wait to tell my dad all about my newly made friends." Tiana grinned in response.

"You're welcome." said Seinaru. "Are you now ready to see your dad for real this time?" Mana nodded yes still with her smile stuck on her face. Seinaru sheathed his zanpakuto out all the way and made the bottom the hilt face Seinaru. It glowed a konso symbol and Mana knew what was gonna happen next. "Alright Mana, I hope that you have yourself a good life up there in peace."

"I will." Mana then pointed at Matt with a grin on her face. "I will wait for the day when you pass on Matt. I look forward to seeing you again. My dad will to."

"Yeah, you're right about that." said Matt with his own grin. "I'll be waiting for that day to." And then, Mana faced Seinaru and gave him permission to continue. Seinaru stamped the bottom of the hilt on Mana's forehead and a konso symbol glowed there as well. Once the konso happened, Mana slowly started to turn into sky blue spirit particles and the wind blew them away sending her to the soul society where she can finally meet her dad. The long chain that was connected to Mana was also gone as if it was never there in the first place.

"She's finally resting in peace." said Matt while looking up at the sky that's about to turn to a dawn daylight. Seinaru entere into his body once again and was ready to head on home.

"Hey Matt," Tiana began. "You ready to head on home. You have people waiting for you."

"Yeah, I'm coming." Matt then looked back at Seinaru and he started to walk once again followed close by Seinaru and Tiana toward a newly rising sun.

Four Days Later

Seinaru was walking home alone today. He told Tiana to go on ahead today. He felt like being alone for a while. He wandered around town for a bit while looking for something.

"I wonder how Mana is doing right now? Can't believe four days have already passed since that night. Wherever she is now, I'm sure she's happy now." Seinaru stopped his thoughts when someone accidently bumped into his shoulder. Whoever did felt like that person was in a rush and wasn't paying attention to what was in front of him.

"Oh I'm really sorry about that." said a woman's voice. "I'm really out of it this afternoon."

"You're alright." said Seinaru. "No big deal since you apologized." Seinaru then got a good look at the woman who bumped into his shoulder. She was a little tall and looked around her mid-forties with bright brown hair, emerald colored eyes, and almost heart shaped face. When Seinaru saw the emerald eyes, a bulb went off in his head.

"Well then," the woman began with a small smile. "I'll be on my way. Sorry for hitting you again." The woman then walked away.

"That woman looked familiar." Seinaru said in his head. "… She reminds me of someone." Seinaru thought about it for a second and decided on something. "I know I'm gonna not like doing this but I guess I could follow her and see where she's going. Gotta keep a low profile though." Seinaru then started walking and seeing where the woman was heading off to. Seinaru had to walk a little distance while following the woman. He wanted to know why this woman looked so familiar. Seinaru had to walk fast since the woman was speed walking.

It took some walking but Seinaru eventually found himself at cemetery. Seinaru easily figured out that the women was visiting a grave. But he was confused why the woman was rushing here. Seinaru wandered around a bit and after some searching, Seinaru saw at the corner of his eye the women that he saw just a few minutes ago. Seinaru walked silently around the cemetery behind the woman to see which grave she was visiting. The woman got down on one knee and paid her respects.

"I'm sorry for never being there for you when you really needed it." said the woman in an almost whisper sounding voice. Seinaru heard it when he was behind the women. He could tell that the woman sounded sad. Seinaru knew that he shouldn't be here long. Before Seinaru left, he looked at the grave and his mouth went open slightly when he saw the name.

R.I.P Mana Bell

"This woman, is she Mana's mom?" Seinaru asked in his mind shocked. Seinaru then had a grin form on his face. "Well Matt and Mana were right. She does care for Mana and she really did visit her grave. As much as I would like to pay my respects for Mana here, It's best that I leave and give Mana's mom some privacy. She needs it." Seinaru then turned around and slowly walked away.

"You're Seinaru aren't you?" Seinaru nearly jumped when he heard that question. He turned around a saw Mana's mom facing him with a smile on her face. Seinaru did not expect this to happen at all. But he responded by nodding yes.

"I thought so. Your friend Matt sent me that letter telling me that you Matt, and a girl named Tiana were good friends of my daughter Mana." The woman said with her smile still on her face. "I thought you were Matt at first but something told me you were Seinaru instead. And I turned out to be right."

"You loved Mana didn't you?" Seinaru asked. The woman started to look down.

"I was never there for her and I really regret it. I left her when she was only 3 years old. I wasn't a responsible person when it came to kids. My husband was the one who took care of Mana and her sister. I honestly wish I could've seen Mana one last time before she died." There was a small silence going on after that. Seinaru then broke the silence.

"Well believe it or not, Mana loved you as well. And she wanted to see you again as well. She knew you cared for her. You should be proud to have daughters like Mana and her sister Amare. Always remember that." Seinaru said that last sentence with a smile that cheered Mana's mother up. Seinaru then started to walk away. But he was then stopped.

"Thank you, so much for being friends with my daughter. And if possible, tell Mana, Amare, and my husband Ryuunosuke I'm sorry." Seinaru stopped walking and held up a thumbs up sign with a smile on his face. Seinaru then walked away from the smiling woman that was the mother of Mana and Amare.

Later that night on the same day

It was nighttime in Karakura town with zero clouds in the sky with full moon shining on the town. The entire town was nearly silent in a peaceful manner. You could easily here a cricket echoing in the night. All was peaceful, until a white circle was formed in the clear night sky shining all around. The white circle then turned into a pair of shoji style sliding doors killing the light. But the light returned when the doors opened and a foot walked out of the doors and stepped on the air like it was the actual ground. The feet belonged to a tall man in a shihakusho with a white vest that had a white hood which was covering the top half of his face but his chin was visible that looked like it had a nearly weeks' worth stubble on it. You could tell that this person also looked very young as well just by looking at the chin. The mysterious man looked down at the city and smirked when he saw Karakura town.

"My, my, this is quite the town you're hiding in aren't you." He said to himself. "I can't believe that I'm being told to come out here to look for you. But it's an order and I can't ignore it. I just hope I can end things nice and quick so I can go home." The hooded figure then took a few steps and let himself fall down to the grounds of Karakura town.

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