"What are you...?"

"N-Natsuki! I- uh-"

A confused and mildly entertained Natsuki stands in the doorway, and Yuki blushes. A pair of black glasses are balancing on the bridge of his nose, but they aren't his.

"Is there any reason why you have my glasses?" Natsuki says, and Yuki is relieved his tone is more amused than irritated. Still, how to explain himself? He had been waiting for Natsuki to come back from his shower(Haru had pushed them into the sea again, but this time Natsuki had pushed him back before he actually fell in), and had gotten a little bored, and a little curious.

Glasses. Yuki had never had glasses, had never really had friends who told him about glasses, and he and Natsuki tended to fish, or talk about fishing. Rarely did other topics come up, and Yuki wasn't sure if asking would be okay or not.

But he had to admit, he was curious. Glasses seemed...Cool. Something like that.

I must look so stupid...Aghhh, stupid stupid stupid! Yuki thinks, and he feels that stress bubble up a little - the water is encasing him for a moment, before Natsuki pulls him out of it.

"They look good on you, you know." And then Yuki is back to himself. Sort of. The compliment throws him off balance in a whole other way, and he blushes the color of his hair.

"Do I really? I don't think they suit me very much...Glasses, I mean." He looks over the top of his glasses at Natsuki, who's leaning on the doorway, a soft-ish smile on his face.

As an afterthought, or not thought, Yuki says, "They suit you though!" Before remembering what he thought about glasses being cool, Natsuki being cool, and he stuffs his head into the palms of his hands the best that he can because I'm so stupid!

"Really? My sister says they make me look cold." Natsuki laughs a little, mostly at Yuki's reaction - shock, then a faint moment of thought before a nod. "I can't tell what I look like though."

You look good with or without them. Yuki thinks, but doesn't say because he can't stare right now without turning red. Natsuki's eyes are easier to see without his glasses - the color is a hazelish brown, Yuki notes, before deciding that his hands are much more interesting and he should really, really take off these glasses-

"If you wear these too long they'll hurt your eyes, especially since you don't wear glasses yourself. Be careful." Says Natsuki as he steps across the room and pulls them from the arc just above Yuki's nose, his fingers lightly brushing the edges. Yuki recoils in shock and embarrassment and the over-beating of his heart that feels like everyone can hear.

Natsuki just gives him an odd look before clapping him on the shoulder and saying, "Haru's outside - he wants to fish again, but watch out when you're near the pier. He's probably going to try and push us in again."

"Right." Yuki says, and doesn't mention the heat that spreads from his shoulder to the rest of him, nor does he mention his decision that glasses suit Natsuki much, much more.

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