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If you guys remember, I used to have a YJ fanfic called "Hidden Fangs" but deleted it because I couldn't see it going anywhere. But now, I have the inspiration with the plot changed somewhat (and not to mention the title which is now "The Hunted"). I hope you all enjoy this! (I will NOT be deleting this one . . . Promise!)

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He was running, always endlessly running. Dick couldn't stop even for a moment and catch his breath. If he dared to do so, they would catch him and he would be subjected to two different fates. One of self-loathing and one of death. It did not matter which fate he would be forced to choose; he would sooner or later greet death. He would meet his end at the hands of another or the hands that were his own. Either way, Dick could not stop running. Not if he wanted to a chance at life, at redemption.

Dick's legs pumped faster, images of the things that he had done, the things his pack liked to do, flooding his mind. They were stained with the blood of the innocent and echoed last screams that spoke of such pain. Why hadn't he done something sooner? He should have tried harder at converting his pack. He should have left a long time ago and faked his death. He shouldn't have befriended her. He shouldn't have done a lot of things.

A bullet flew past his ear, it missing his head by mere inches, but Dick didn't turn around to see who was shooting at him. He already knew who was chasing him throughout this infernal forest. It was the Hunters. They despised and hunted werewolves for the slaughters they took pleasure in centuries ago and still did in the present. They were a close group, keeping an eye on each other's backs. But this wasn't a regular hunt, wasn't a hunt that began by stumbling upon him. No, it was a hunt for vengeance.

His eyes stung with tears of regret and shame. If Dick hadn't been so stupid and broken one of the most important rules for a werewolf, this wouldn't be happening right now. It would be different, safer. He would have been able to leave his pack in peace or at least faked his death quietly. Dick wouldn't be racing against Hunters and pack members to save what was left of him. He wouldn't feel as if he were drowning in guilt and fear. He wouldn't be so sad.

Dick shook his head as he weaved in and out of the trees of the thick forest, his paw prints etched in the snow that littered the ground. He couldn't afford to get sidetracked by what had happened. Not when his chasers were smarter, faster, and stronger than him. He couldn't make it easier for them to get him down and out for the count. No, Dick's heart would cease to beat before he allowed himself to be taken.

"Go get him, boys!" one of the Hunters shouted at his dogs as he let them out of their leashes, setting them loose to let them chew Dick to pieces.

Those dogs were no ordinary dogs. Infused a bit of werewolf DNA, these dogs were trained to hunt, maim, and drag werewolf bodies back to their owners. They were mostly dog so they were not like other werewolves, but they were strong enough to at least harm a full-grown werewolf. Their teeth were laced with silver, the only weakness that werewolves had. Once in the bloodstream, a werewolf would have to be quick to get the cure or experience an excruciating death.


Dick snarled as he felt one of the abnormal dogs sink their teeth in his right hind leg, breaking the bone almost in half. Blood roared in his ears as a wave of agony washed over his body from his leg. He internally struggled as he spun about and growled at his attacker as he bolted towards the dog. Dick's teeth sank into its neck and he tugged with all his strength, killing the dog in an instant. Dick had no time to revel in his kill as his eyes searched for the rest of the dogs and found none to be anywhere near him. He heard distant growls, snarls and whines that told him what he hadn't thought of.

The dogs had gone after his pack.

Taking a brief moment to thank his lucky stars, Dick turned and started off again at a slower speed. His leg was broken and he was exhausted. He was running out of energy and time. The Hunters would not take long to gather up their hounds again. He needed a place to hide and shift back to his human form to heal. If he could find a place with other animals, that would be the ideal place. His scent would be lost with the animals and would be even more hidden if there were humans. The scents would mingle and he would have a chance to take a break and rest for a moment. But where would he find such a place?

A city's lights snuck their way through trees' leaves, teasing Dick with the hope of a city. His heart began to beat even faster as he pushed himself to go faster and to get there before the Hunters caught up to him. He needed to get there, he needed to get there! A whine escaped his throat and his mouth. He couldn't go back there. He just couldn't! He deserved to be able to live a life without bloodshed and killing, without being a monster. He deserved to be free.

Dick wanted to bark with laughter as he broke out of the trees and into the city. Through injured and poisoned, he had managed to get a step closer to a hiding spot. Now all he had to do was find one and hope he could ride out the silver in his system for a few hours. He didn't exactly have the cure on him at the moment. It was back in his old bedroom, probably on his desk or in a pair of jeans.

Gotta hide, gotta hide!

He limped through alleyways and the edges of streetlights, hoping and searching for an adequate place to hide and wait. Dick wasn't sure how long he searched before coming upon a circus tent that stank of various animals.


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