I roll over on my side to face the beautiful man lying next to me, but it hurts to see him while he's sleeping. His perfect facial features, the way he looks so much younger as he sleeps. He just looks perfect. I roll over on my other side and stare at the window, through the curtains, through the shades, through the glass. Finally, I cannot take the boredom. I sit up and circle my legs over to the edge of the bed. It's 4:37 in the morning, and I still haven't fallen asleep. Drowsy, I stand up and Zayn's shirt falls down, barely covering my butt.

I go to the kitchen and start to get a glass of water, but I'd forgotten to change the setting on the fridge to water, so I get a glass full of ice. The noise was obnoxiously loud, and it made me jump. I lean against the kitchen counter and take a few aspirins, not even paying attention to how many. I could have overdosed for all I know.

Strong arms wrap around my waist and make me shriek.

"Babe, it's just me," Zayn says, and I relax in his arms. "You okay?"

"Yeah, I just can't sleep." I sigh and take a sip of my water.

Zayn picks me up and carries me to couch, where he has me sit on his lap. Stroking my hair, he asks, "Are you feeling well lately?"

"I guess."

"What's wrong?"

"I'm fine."

"Babe, since when do you keep things from me?" Zayn's British accent is stronger than mine, and sexier too. I can't come up with an answer, so instead I just bury my face into his shoulder.

"Hun, will you please tell me what's wrong?" He pleads. I look up and see genuine worry in his eyes.

"Honestly... I don't know. I just can't seem to be happy lately." I choke back sobs, and tears start to form in my eyes. He holds me tighter and kisses my forehead.

"Is our relationship starting to bore you...?"

"No, baby! Of course not! It's just... I don't know. Maybe we should get out and go somewhere." I reply, and kiss him on the lips.

Suddenly, I'm just overwhelmed. I start to sob, but I can't bring myself to pull away from his lips. He holds my face in his hands. Our kiss isn't wet, or messy. There's no tongue, no feeling each other up. Just our lips pressed together like some unbreakable bond, like that of two atoms in a molecule.

He's the first to pull away. Zayn inhales deeply and pulls me in even closer. "Yeah, let's go somewhere. Somewhere with a beach."

"Okay." I snuggle in and manage to fit to the shape of his body. I fall asleep in his arms, but he stays awake, watching me sleep.