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"Please. Please. Please!" I yelled excitedly from the bathroom while staring at the small, white stick.

"How's it going?" Zayn asked outside the bathroom.

"I don't know yet, it-" Slowly, I walked out of the bathroom and stared Zayn in the eyes.

"So?" He asked, staring back. I suddenly jumped up and down screaming and Zayn grabbed my hands, jumping too. "You're pregnant?" He yelled and I nodded. He lifted me up in his arms and spun me around laughing.

It had been three years since Zayn and I had gotten back together. We were now more in love and stronger than ever. He proposed two months after we got back together and we were married a year after he proposed. Niall came to the wedding, but he wasn't the Best Man. Harry ended up being the Best Man and Liam was the other one. I only had one Bridesmaid. My Maid of Honor had been Louis and he was proud too. Louis didn't wear a dress though, he wore a pastel blue suit.

After the wedding at the reception, Harry and Louis danced together for every song. Their bromance was going strong. By the end of the reception, everybody had told them "Long live Larry Stylinson" at least once, including Zayn and I.

Zayn and I moved out of his old apartment and down the street from where Harry and Louis lived together. We often had get-togethers that Niall was invited to. He eventually accepted that me and Zayn weren't going to break up and became part of the picture. He even got a girlfriend.

Louis got a girlfriend named Eleanor, and there was a lot of joking on Harry as to whether he was jealous or not. Of course he played around and said he was. Liam also got a girlfriend, Danielle. She was beautiful and marvelous, and they got married soon after Zayn and I. In fact, I was one of her Bridesmaids.

Louis and Eleanor have talked about marriage, but haven't gotten engaged… yet. Louis talks to me about asking her very often. I always give him the same answer, "Do it."

Now I was pregnant, and Zayn and I had already decided on names. If it was a boy, his name would be Skyler James Malik. If it was a girl, her name would be Anna LeFay Malik after my mother.

My mother ended up not being able to come to the wedding after cancer got the best of her and she passed on. I was upset for a little while, but Zayn helped me get through it. My father came, and was very pleased with Zayn, surprisingly. They got on very well.

I started a career in designing, mostly buildings. Zayn ended up a model for Hollister. It wasn't all that shocking.

After he and I got back together, everything just fell into place. There were no more mixed emotions, doubt or sadness. We never fought once. Now we were having a child together and living the life.

Everything was perfect.