It was the following morning that she began to grow weary of the silence, the atmosphere of boredom weighing heavily on her. He noticed her muteness of the morning, but she had little power to assist, to help alleviate the quiet. She studied him from the comforts of his sheets and blankets, her eyes anxiously following his slow, languid pacing around the room, a new book being held in his hands. Occasionally he would meet her gaze, but for the most part gave his attention to the book.

A small sigh of relief came from her when they heard the familiar firm knock of his brother. He intensely stared at her, as she feigned a look of innocence, before allowing his brother in.

The god of thunder smiled cheekily at her lounging position in the trickster's bed. She returned the smile, though in a less amused manner. The god of thunder simply moved his entertained look to his brother, which earned him a foul glare.

"Oh, come come brother," his booming voice echoed through the room, "I am merely happy for your acquirement of a companion."

She sniggered at his choice of words, while the trickster approached his brother presenting him his wrists for the cuffs. The brother hesitantly put the cuffs on, his face falling to sorrow. She watched them carefully, noticing the god of thunder's lingering look of sadness as he met the trickster's stony stare, but she was the only to notice the god of lies' posture relaxing.

Her hands gripped the blanket's edge tightly, as the brothers moved towards the door. She gave a longing smile when the trickster turned to give her a wistful look, followed up with a wink.

"Goodbye most fair maiden."

The door then shut close, but before the words had even finished echoing through the room, she was out from the covers and off the bed. She was quickly at the door; gentle as she opened the door a bit, the only noise being a slight click. She stuck only her head out, just catching the brothers turn around a corner.

After years of tiptoeing around fanatical ladies and fickle lords, the worse of course being the trickster; she was able to silently follow the two gods. She quickly realized their destination, the kitchen. She then diverted from the brothers' path and took a servants route to a less used kitchen door. She slipped in quietly, her entrance blocked by a counter and a rack of food. She stilled her movements, held her breath and listened.

She heard murmured chattering from the golden hair god, but a constant silence from his brother; though she did hear the occasional clanging of silverware against a plate, meaning the gag had been removed.

Suddenly the trickster spoke, abruptly interrupting his brother, "Please brother, leave me in peace."

Despite her blocked view, she knew a slight pout was forming on the god of thunder's face, but she was too happy for some alone time to care much. She waited a beat after the door closed before peaking her head out. The trickster, however, was distracted from her presence when the main door swung widely back open.

She immediately crouched, hiding herself again, this time though she had a vantage point, being able to see between the spaces of the racks. She watched his face tense as, not his brother, but the mighty warrior maiden strode in.

Before the trickster could even finish chewing his food the warrior maiden pulled him up by the neck of his shirt.

"What is wrong with you?!"

The trickster struggled to compose himself before answering. "Is one, such as myself, not even allowed a measly bite or two?"

The reply was a low growl, and then silence. A few tense seconds passed before she spoke up again, "You betrayed your family and world, tried to destroy your brother's little planet, and then when you are brought back you bring your brother back under your spell, but you, in no way have changed!"

The trickster's face relaxed at her accusations, and he merely replied cheekily, "The gift of a silver tongue I suppose."

"You are a coward and have committed treason. But you are still allowed to stroll around here with a tramp on your arm!"

It was then that he managed to squirm from her hold on his shirt, quickly reaffirming himself by staying close; the fury suddenly in his eyes.

"My relationships are none of your concern," he managed to keep his voice level, but it came through gritted teeth revealing the wrath behind his words.

The warrior goddess did not seem to be put off by his remaining closeness in any way, in fact she chuckled a bit at the silent seething god.

"You really must care for this girl, or at least think you do. But is she worth it, for the god of lies and tricks? Is she enough? Worth the price of losing your clever destructible lies and games?" Her leering voice made the maid bristle while he remained unaffected, at least physically.

"Why are you provoking me?" He sat slowly sat back down, eyes unwavering as he held the warrior goddess'.

"In hopes it will work, and you will be rightfully punished."

"It isn't working, and it really never will Have you not met my brother? I am not so easy to anger and action like you and him."

She saw the warrior goddess clench both hands into fists at her side, but her face remained calm and neutral, her beauty shining even as she suppressed her ever growing rage.

"Very well." With a huff she rotated on her heel, her long cape furling out around her as she did so. After the door slammed shut, his eyes immediately fell to hers', still hidden behind the rack and food. She couldn't hold his gaze though, the goddess' words rebounding in her head. Uncertainty had gained a firm foothold in her thoughts, and her hands shook as she wondered how long the god of lies would truly have her for. With that though she quickly fled the room. Both were silent; he too afraid and unsure of her feelings and she too afraid to face the questions that came by being with a prince, a god, especially one known for his deceit and games.

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