"Ugh" Grace said, collapsing on her

couch. Her parents were away and she had Adrian over for a bit of a sanity check, another guy just didn't work out, and after Adrian's last man just had to bring up marriage, well let's say she had free time. "I am so sick of men!"
"What happened, he just not doing it for you anymore?" Adrian asked teasingly.
"Its not just him, every guy I get with wants in my pants and nothing more, I want marriage, kids, the whole domestic life! I want a career too Adrian! I can have all this and a life, everyone expecting all of this from me; my mom, God, the school, sometimes I think about just doing whatever feels good .The only person OK with me the way I am is you Adrian, and I can't very well go having sex with you..." she trailed off, only now noticing what she said.
"Yea, as religious as you are, you'd freak out before it would be my turn." Adrian added laughing maniacally. "Oh come on, every guy I've been with has begged me for more, I bet I'd drive you insane." she added with a laugh. Adrian got up very slowly on all fours, crawled on the couch onto where Grace was sitting, who then leaned back to almost a laying down position without a thought, but with a look bordering on terror.
"Grace Bowman, if I didn't know better I would think you were seducing me" she said in a husky, sexual voice.
"I...I uh..I" Grace stuttered, unable to form words as Adrian moved in and kissed her. It was slow and soft, as well as almost thirty seconds long, ending only when Adrian pulled back, the drunk-like smile on Grace's face spoke volumes. She began to speak and Adrian stopped her with a finger in a shushing pose. "No No, Gracie, you're going to think about this and come back to me, OK?" All grace could manage was another half conscious smile as Adrian left her there and went back home.

Adrian's mind was swimming with euphoria, finally, progress after years of innocent slumber parties and all of the meaningless relationships. Even after an attempt at a family, she finally worked up the nerve to plant the seeds of her affection in the mind of her desire. She went on her jog shortly after arriving home, at about 5:30 Friday evening. School had been uneventful, except for the final class where Grace got dumped for a freshman with a nice ass. Adrian had driven her home in sympathy but here on her jog, the smile she had been holding back was gleaming in the sun. Meanwhile, at the Bowman home, as her parents still weren't home, Grace was downloading a few documents to a folder on her phone titled only "learning", these included mainly documents from religious speakers on the idea of same-sex relationships being acceptable in God's eyes, the other were stories of a somewhat explicit nature.

For the next two weeks Grace wanted nothing but Adrian's company, though nothing happened. Sometimes Adrian would say things and Grace would blush wildly and bury her nose in her phone. Her grades hadn't changed, but people started to wonder if something was up, as she wasn't frantically looking for a new boyfriend. For Adrian people assumed that she was "getting with" people they didn't know. But people were curious about Grace. Was she seeing someone? Going for the abstinence thing again? No one had ever seen her on her phone so much, the general assumption was she was sexting a guy she met during her trip to Africa.

About 4 weeks after their kiss, Grace felt confident to bring it up. Sitting on Adrian's couch watching "Make it or Break it", Grace found herself staring at Payson's ass. Once she noticed this, she thought 'Have I always been like this? Or does Adrian just get anyone she wants?' Well it's too late for that now." "Um...Adrian?" Grace asked tentatively.
"Yes Gracie?" Adrian purred.
She loved that nickname. "About what you had said, you know, about what I should get back to you about?"
"Yes? And?" Adrian tried so hard to hide her widening interest.
"Well, I'm sure I want to try more kissing, if things go further then that I'll have to see how I feel, is that OK?"
With her best seductress smile Adrian answered "I'll try my best to hold back."
Leaving the tone of her sentence blunt, she edged closer to Grace, giving hints to Grace at how she may 'slip up' and say it was an accident, this made Grace smile like the Cheshire cat. "So, Ms. Bowman, I was thinking we could maybe make it a little romantic, maybe a movie? My treat?"

The next weekend they were preparing for their movie, Adrian picking out her favorite flavor of lip-gloss, choosing the perfect outfit to accent her facial features, as well as looking up the schedule for movies. She decided on a slightly early movie, the opposite of the usual choice made by her usual dates, she found it easier to be talked into things if she was a little tired, and she wanted Grace to make decisions she could live with, and not blame it on any impaired judgment.

Across town a readying ritual both similar and quite different was taking place.

'Well.' Grace thought. 'She bought me this warm blue cardigan, maybe it will show her how much I like it, and like her if I wore it?' Grace's mind had been a blur since that kiss, she had thoughts of girls before sure, but had quashed them for two reasons. The first reason being the obvious, God, though through her research it seems whether this was against His will was entirely up to whom was reading the bible. The more she thought about it, the more she kept thinking 'If it was something He thought was important to their ability to enter Heaven, surely He would have put it in the Ten commandments, maybe made an eleventh. Certainly not worded it in a cryptic sentence within a New Testament book. The second reason was equally simple, the girl she found herself attracted to was either within a movie/TV show, or was clearly not interested in girls. Both of these reasons, seeming so watertight even a month ago, were now full of holes. The more she looked back with this in mind, the more she regretted lying to herself. Now more than ever, she owed Adrian, even if the two of them failed to work out, she had changed Grace's entire outlook on life. She would never be the same again.

Meanwhile, at Ricky and Amy's apartment, Jack had arrived to talk to Ricky. He knocked.
Opening the door Ricky sighed "Oh what the..what do you want Jack?" Jack was standing super awkward with his arms straight and his hands in his pockets.
"Can ..uh, can I come in? There's just something I wanna talk about with you, Amy's not here, right?" he looked left and right inside the apartment.
"No, she's not, and Jack, we have nothing to talk about, you should leave." Ricky said
"Oh come on Ricky, I wont take more than five minutes, you'll wanna hear this." Jack whined
"Fine, is this something you want privacy for?" Ricky asked, sarcasm plain in his voice
"Yes please." Ricky stood to the side to let Jack in, then closed the door and led him to the living room.
"Ricky, there's something you need to know about Adrian," Jack began.
"How did I fucking know this had to do with her, why do you people still think I give a damn?" Anger plain in Ricky's voice
"Hey, its not anything average, I think she has a date tonight and.." Ricky cut him off. "And. I. Don't. Give. A. Damn."
"Ricky! I think she's going out on a date with Grace! A date date! Doesn't this bother you? Even a little?" Jack questioned
"Ah, so the truth comes out, your worried about your now nonexistent chances with Grace. So, you do remember breaking up with her, right?" Ricky countered.
"She said I couldn't commit, I got mad, I didn't mean it, but she hasn't given me the chance to fix it! Because she's been making goo goo eyes at Adrian this whole time." Ricky explained
"Look Jack, either I'm offended that your a homophobe, I'm offended that you thought you could use my past with Adrian to help you get Grace, or I'm offended that you came into the home of me, Amy, and our child and brought up an ex girlfriend you seem to think I still have feelings for? Just get out!"
Jack rushed out of the apartment, Ricky following him out to make sure he got the point. Bunny perked up from her paperwork. "Oh, what have we here?" Ricky turned.
"Horny boy here is mad that his Grace is going on a date with Adrian and thought he could use, of all people, me to break them up, I was just getting offended and kicking him out."
Not understanding the sentence, Bunny asked. "Going out with who? They don't seem the double dating type."
"Its with each other and he just can't stand the idea of them together." Ricky said shaking his head.
"Oh, so he's a homophobe, I'll remember that." Bunny responded
"Yea, I never would have that out of him, grah!" and he angrily turned and went upstairs, calling down "See you later Bunny."
"Later babe." she called after him. Then to herself she muttered. "This town is just full of people who can't keep their nose's where they belong..."