Privileges and Problems

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Chapter 1: Power Shift.

Matoro was only aware of the feeling that he was plummeting through the icy waterfall in Karda Nui, the Kanohi Ignika glowing with the power of his own life as it left him for the mask, the feeling of crashing on the stalagmites at the bottom…

A rude jab to the forehead woke him from his nightmare.

His eyes flashed open to see the ever-obnoxious Tohunga, Ehrye, standing by his sickbed, finger in a position that proved him to be guilty of the poke. Both Toa and Tohunga of ice let out a yell of startled shock. This, of course, caused Ehrye to lose his balance and topple backwards off the stool he'd been perched on, and Matoro to "jump" backwards and end up banging the back of his head on the headboard.

"Slag it, Ehrye! What was that for? Can't a Toa get any rest?" the now considerably peeved Toa Inika of Ice asked irritably, before he realized several much more worthwhile questions and went on, "Wait, where am I? Why do I have feathers and wings? How am I ALIVE?"

"Woah, woah, settle down!" Ehrye said hastily, trying to avoid getting himself in trouble by causing the Turaga to investigate.

"What is going on here?"

Ehrye winced. Frag it, too late.

Slowly he turned around. There was an extremely annoyed Turaga Dume walking towards him, having heard Matoro's panicked yelling. The fiery red Turaga cocked a brow upon seeing the busted Tohunga beside the cot and asked, "Ehrye, what in the name of the Great Beings are you doing here?"

"I… uh…. Got lost?"

Dume snorted with spite. "Your track record of bullying Matoro causes me to doubt that."

It was at this point Ehrye used his last means of escaping trouble.

He fled from sheer terror.

Dume gave an exasperated sigh as he watched the troublemaking Ko-Tohunga retreating form. Will that youngster's antics ever cease? he wondered.

"Umm…. Turaga Dume?"

The ruby-masked elder came to his senses at the sound of Matoro's voice. He turned around and asked, "Yes, young Toa?"

"Why am I alive?"

"Mata Nui brought you back to life and made you the next Great Spirit as he passed away," Dume explained, "Which is why you have wings as well as feathers on the back of your neck and elbows."

Matoro froze and blinked once. Twice. His eyes seemed to refocus. Then, just like that, he fainted.

And Dume facepalmed…. err, maskpalmed.


The wind blowing through the Makuta robot's remains was brutal. Too brutal for the young, malnourished Kewa falcon tiercel* as he cowered behind the "lip" of his nest. Where were Daddy and Mama? He was hungry, he was thirsty, he was cold, he was tired, but most of all, he was scared!He'd never been alone for this long!


Was that a ProtoBat? Would it eat him?


The nest was tilting! He had no choice…. Turning to face the lower edge of the nest, he jumped!


His landing hurt. A lot. He hadn't expected the ground to be so rocky! But now where could he go?

A soft psee caused his head to turn in search of its source. It was a falcon eyas, an actual falcon, or female, not a tiercel, or male, like he was, and from a different nesting pair too. She was a dark blue, while he was albino. She was a day younger. And apparently the storm had destroyed her nest as well.

Well, at least she could be a friend.

She toddled over to him and gestured, with a bob of her head, towards a large exit leading out to a huge, dry desert. In the twittering, screeching language of birds, she said, "If there's anywhere we can go, it's out there."

And so, they began walking out of the robot. By the time they reached the exit, the sun was setting, yet they still continued. Hunger, thirst, and exhaustion were plainly ignored. They huddled together as they walked in an effort to escape the bitter winds of the desert night. Then they saw him.

A somewhat battle-worn Vulcanus Glatorian was sleeping by the remains of a campfire barely a meter ahead. To them, he only meant one thing.


They toddled over to him as fast as they could and curled up behind his head, quickly falling asleep.

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