Author's Note: This is just a story that builds off of some of my baby daddy stories that I've written on my blog (it's at . if you want to read them) I'm not sure if I'll continue it, this may just be a oneshot, but tell me what you think non the less. I'm not really sure of a plot, but I want to take a break from my cute little fanfics that I've been writing lately. Also, I did extensive research on all Akatsuki members for the purposes of this story, so I tried to make it as accurate as possible.

She lay on her full sized bed in fetal position, she was afraid and she didn't want to think about what would happen when everyone got back from their missions. When the members got back from their missions, that's usually when things were the worst.

She hadn't the slightest clue why she had gotten into this situation, or how even, but she just knew that she ended up here. She tried to remain positive, but it was nearly impossible considering her state and her position in the Akatsuki.

She felt herself stop breathing as a knock came on the door. The knock was rough, demanding almost. She held her breath and replied, "Come in,"

The person slowly twisted the door knob and they slowly pushed open the door. Whether to make her nervous or out of respect, she didn't know which, but she did know what was coming.

The figure at the door revealed itself as Deidara, he smiled at her and then he closed the door and locked it. She gulped, she knew Deidara to be one of the worst, probably because he was about nineteen years old and still as horny as ever. She pulled herself from her fetal position and then she sat crossed legged on the bed.

She slightly smiled at him and then she darted her gaze to her lap. She knew what was coming, and she had to mentally brace herself. Deidara slowly and agonizingly stalked over to her place on the bed. He was smirking to himself at the sight of her squirming and her nervousness.

As Deidara climbed on the bed and climbed over her, pressing her on her back, he ominously hissed into her ear, "Ready Emi?"

Emi nodded, she was as ready as she'd ever be. She pressed her back to the bed and stared up at the ceiling, she didn't want to see any of it. Although Emi didn't see anything, she still felt him. She felt his hands, him inside of her, everything that she could've lived a life without.

She silently cursed Pain for agreeing to the idea—or not disagreeing with the idea, of having someone like her for the Akatsuki members. She thought that Konan would at least protest, and help a member of her sex, but Konan was radically loyal to Pain, and she wouldn't go against what he said.

Emi closed her eyes and tried to think of something happy from her childhood, her mother, her father, her brother, her happy family, and her friends. Everything had been fine in her life, until this happened. And she was still unsure of how she ended up here, as this status in the Akatsuki. But she was too afraid to ask, she didn't want to know what a group of S-Rank criminals were capable of doing to a young girl, barely even eighteen.

The thought had crossed her mind a lot. She assumed that kidnapping would be child's play for criminals as dangerous and blood thirsty as some of these men. Emi took solace in the fact that not everyone was so bad, like Itachi. Not everyone knew the pacifistic side of him, not everyone saw him like how she saw him.

Emi let her body go limp in Deidara's arms as he did was he liked with her.

This was the profession that no one ever spoke of. This was the profession that wasn't respected. This was the other side of the Akatsuki that no one ever saw. This was a girl, behind closed doors.