The next day, Emi met up with Mai, Mai looked concerned, which could only mean that she knew about the plan to counter the plan.

"Yuudai told me everything," she whispered as they walked. "We have an idea, don't worry, we'll save you," they walked side by side as Emi led her to what seemed like her death. She knew that if her and Yuudai were to fight Hidan and Kakuzu, they wouldn't survive. But still, Emi pressed on, limping on her hurt knee.

The last night had been brutal, Hidan and Kakuzu were both angry with her, but it was Hidan who started to beat her up again. He made a deep cut in her face with a kunai knife and he kept telling her to get up off of the floor just so he could beat her back down onto it. She had never felt such pain in all of her life as of which Hidan had inflicted on her that night.

Just remembering the bloody mess that was on the walls made her knee and her stomach hurt all over again. Although she was pregnant, she was sure that she had lost her baby due to the repeated beatings. She tried to protect her stomach, but Hidan noticed this and just kicked her harder and more often in her stomach, this was an extreme form of sadism.

Kakuzu chastised Hidan for kicking Emi so much in the stomach, saying that Itachi would be mad if his baby died, but Hidan just laughed and disregarded it. The disregard that these men had for human life was incomprehensible as well as inhumane.

Once Emi showed Mai around the corner and into the ominous ally, Emi knew that herself, Mai and Yuudai were all done for. But much to Emi's surprise, she welcomed this death and embraced it with open arms; she was ready to stop suffering.

Hidan and Kakuzu came out of the shadows as Mai and Emi walked in. Hidan smiled and licked his lips, looking Mai up and down.

Mai took out a kunai and stood in defensive form. She stared the two members down as they both took a step forward.

"Now, now, girl. We can do this the easy way, or the hard way," Kakuzu informed her. He tried to appeal to what was assumed as reason, but it didn't work.

"I'll do it the hard way. I won't be your prostitute and I'm going to kill you and free Emi!" she declared.

Kakuzu and Hidan turned to each other and laughed. "You've got to be kidding me," Hidan spoke up. "A little bitch like you can't beat a guy like me," he challenged.

"Maybe I can't do it alone, but me and my brother can!" Mai shouted. Yuudai jumped from one of the surrounding roof tops and he stood by his sister, taking out a kunai and mimicking her defensive position.

Hidan laughed maniacally, "I love to kill bastards like you. I'm going to have some fun. Stay out of this Kakuzu," he smirked.

Mai and Yuudai looked unfazed by this, they just stood strong and kept staring down the members. Finally, Hidan made the first move and used his scythe, he charged at Emi first, but Kakuzu moved quickly to block him.

"What the hell are you doing? We're going to sell her for money you idiot," he hissed. Hidan was angry with Kakuzu thwarting his plan and he wriggled his scythe out of Kakuzu's grasp before attacking Kakuzu.

Kakuzu dodged the attack, which seemed to be the wrong thing to do as when Hidan saw an opening, he lunged straight for Emi. But, he was slightly disrupted by the series of kunais that entered his back from Yuudai and Mai.

"You can't kill me motherfuckers," Hidan cried. "I'm immortal by the great Jashin,"

Mai and Yuudai looked at each other, they were now both afraid for their lives and realized the magnitude of what they just did. They were trying to fight an immortal man, as Jonin, they were equipped to handle this, but defeating an immortal man was impossible. Both realized at that moment that they would die.

But as soon as they came to this realization, it was too late. Emi had been killed by Hidan. Hidan sliced a long, stretching wound that went from her left shoulder all the way down to her hip bone. Emi fell down dead.

"No, you killed her!" was all that Emi heard from before she died and went home, to where she couldn't be hurt anymore.

As things turned out, Mai was taken as the official prostitute for the Akatsuki, much against her will, and Yuudai was killed right on the spot by a very angry Hidan. Kakuzu was, naturally, very angry with Hidan for killing Emi, which he saw as precious money being thrown down the drain. And as for Emi's body, it was found and dubbed a vagabond's body and was thrown into a shallow grave with all of the other vagabonds. She never truly got the funeral that she deserved, and her poor baby never got to see its mother's face nor breath it's first breath.

And as for those of you who were asking about Itachi, he was very angry. Once he had found out about Hidan and Kakuzu's poor treatment of Emi, he was enraged, although he never showed it. He was even more so enraged to find out that, yes, Emi had been pregnant with his child. But soon that rage was replaced with guilt and sadness, if he hadn't raped Emi and gotten her pregnant, she never would have had to die and his baby would have never had to die. Itachi spent a long time dwelling on what his child could have been, but that was cut short when Sasuke killed Itachi.

When Itachi met Emi in the afterlife, he apologized for everything, and they talked long hours getting to know each other. Emi had a brand new attitude and she wasn't as hopeless as she once was.

Emi, Itachi, and their unborn baby, were now free.

The End.