Alex was tired, but was unable to sleep. He stared at the ceiling, unable to shake of Gigi's words. No, not really her words, but how he felt about them. Or that he felt anything at all about them, was the most surprising at all. Her words hit hard, and he couldn't help but replay her animated face as she proclaimed that she was a lot closer to find love than he was. So what if she was, he was never the type of guy that needed love! He had himself, and his business, and that was all he needed.

Then why was Gigi's words making such a big impact? Why is Gigi, of all people, the one that made him think? Something about her made him want to believe in happy endings. Maybe it's because she's so gullible, or maybe its her confidence that she will find someone. Even though she was rejected so many times, she had never lost her faith. Yeah, that's it.

He stretched out in his bed as far as his limbs could, getting into a comfortable position. Instead of making him want to sleep though, he realized just how big his bed was. It was too big, at least just for him alone. Gigi's words struck again as her "You're alone, Alex" struck him again harder than it did the first time. He groaned, and rolled back over on his back.

He has never lost sleep for a woman. At least, not thinking about a woman anyway. Sun was streaming through the bedroom window, giving Alex a clue to how late, or early, it was. Glancing at the clock, he groaned. Work in a few hours, and he didn't get one hour of sleep. That's when he realized that he has a very unusual problem: Gigi has transformed from a charity case to his very own infatuation. He was infatuated with Gigi. And he wasn't sure that he liked that.