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It was the second to last day in August before school started for Bobby Hill who was about to attend his first day of high school. He was on a camping trip with his father Hank like they did every year before school started; they just completed a day of fishing and were now enjoying the fish that they caught for diner. Hank had just returned from the cooler with a cold can of Alamo beer.

"Well Bobby, in two days you're going to be walking down the same halls that I did when I was your age," Hank said, "I remember when I first walked through those doors it was like entering into a different world."

"Nice dad, but I think my experience will be much different than yours." Bobby pointed out while poking the fire with a stick

"It won't be that bad." Hank begged to differ

"Please, after Connie move away two months ago I'm without a girlfriend plus my best friend Joseph ditched me for some stupid football jocks."

"I'm sure if you join some extracurricular activity you'll get a new friend maybe even a girlfriend." Hank said with a chuckle after the last part

Suddenly the wind began to blow hard and the fire started to die.

"Why don't you go get us some more firewood, while I get the plates ready?"

Bobby sighed, stood up and walked into the woods. The moon was full has he treaded through the trees, after five minutes he have picked up around four pieces of wood big enough to keep the fire going, When he found a fifth piece of wood, a large howl filled the night air.

"Ok Bobby, don't be scared," he told himself, "it's probably just really far away."

Suddenly he heard a twig snap and decided that it was the time to run like hell. Dropping the wood he sprinted back towards the camp and thanking him self for getting into better shape for high school. He kept running until he saw the dying flame of the campfire when out of nowhere he was tackled by some large animal. The beast snarled and growled as it scratched at Bobby's chest ripping through the material of his jacket.

"Get off!" Bobby screamed

The moon broke from its short time behind the clouds to reveal that it was a wolf that was attacking him. He watched as the creature stopped to stare at the moon then turned back and stared at Bobby with its large yellow eyes, its long snout, and razor sharp teeth. The wolf than slashed its claws into Bobby's left wrist. In pain Bobby reached for a large rock and smashed the nose of the wolf causing it to bleed onto his wound. With just a growl the monster ran off leaving Bobby there alone on the cold ground of the woods.

"BOBBY!" a voice shouted

He turned to see his dad running towards him with his shotgun in hand. Hank then saw Bobby lying on the ground and ran up to him.

"My God what happened?" Hank asked kneeling down next to him

"I….was….attacked by a….wolf." Bobby explained in between breaths

"A wolf, uh those are rare in these parts."

Hank then noticed Bobby's arm.

"Ok just hold on, I'll get you fixed up."

He helped up Bobby and made it back to the camp where he cleaned, disinfected, stitched, and bandaged the wound.

"Good thing I was an Eagle Scout uh Bobby." Hank joked

Bobby gave a weak chuckle.

"Can we go home now, I don't want to be out here anymore."

Hank stared at him in guilt for letting him got out there in the dark by himself then decided it was best just to leave.

"Alright, get in the truck."

After they packed up and left the scene switches to the full moon as a wolf (most likely the one that attacked Bobby) began to howl into the night.

I hope you enjoyed this story. Now this story will be what I'm hoping to be part of a series with this one having 12 episodes in three or four parts. You'll will also noticed similarities to Big Wolf on Campus, Supernatural, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Sanctuary but i promise this isn't a crossover with any of those shows although I might make references to them soon. I hope you will stay with this story for the next chapter. Thank you and i can't wait for the reviews. P.S sorry for the short chapter.