Any Other Road Trip: Bobby had always reminded them that a hunter adapts to the situation or dies especially since Castiel sent Sam and Dean away for their own 'good'. Well, maybe he had sent them too far, "Sammy I don't think we are in Kansas anymore!" SN6/AtLA1

Rating: Teen for swearing … mostly from Dean. XD

Disclaimer: If only, if only, the plot bunny sings.

Beta –read by Isis the Sphinx.

Image: 'Two Obsessions Merge' by GreenAppleFreak on Deviantart.

Of salt and silver and blood,

A supernatural flood,

Two brothers caught and captured

In an angel's cruel rapture

Were sent away

Unknown if forever or a day.

"This fucking sucks!" Dean yelled as he kicked a nearby rock, the thing seeming to fly out of sight.

Sam, who was checking his phone for the fifteenth time without a signal bar in sight, stopped staring at the sky. He slowly turned to look at his brother, who now had his jacket thrown over one shoulder due to the heat, survival bag on the other shoulder. Well, it was a survival bag for a normal day in their life with things like salt, stakes, guns, and silver. So, it was a supernatural survival pack with one canteen of what had been holy water but was now drinking water.

The canteen had long since been emptied since they started this fiasco about a day and a half ago, wandering like two id'jits, not a soul or building in sight. At least that was what Bobby would have said.

"Not a single bar," murmured Sam, forlorn, his eyes scanning the terrain. He was hoping to see a body of water in the distance instead of rocky grassland.

"That son of a bitch! Just zapping us with his angel voodoo saying it was for our own good. I swear if my baby has one scratch on her when we get back from…" Dean stalled in his banter to look around once and bark, "Wherever the hell we are! I'll stick my foot so far up Castiel's trench coat covered ass that he will see Christmas!"

Sam, who had been looking at the sun's placement to try and figure out an idea of what time it was, since the sun was high in the sky and his watch said 3:12a.m, sighed. Wherever the angel had placed them, it was on the other side of the world.

Putting his cell phone away Sam asked, "What does that even mean, Dean?"

Dean, who had stopped yelling at the heavens long enough to glare at his sibling, barked, "What do you want from me, Sam? It's been over a day since I've seen a paved road for that matter a gas station. If I don't get something with cholesterol in me soon I might not make it. So higher brain functions are the least of my worries right now."

"There's some protein bars in the … "

"No! Sam I need real food. Man food," added the older hunter almost childishly as he waved his hand about. "I need artery clogging goodness like a Twinkie or heaven forbid meat. Bloody red and once alive kind of meat. Not that lettuce crap you love so much."

Shaking his head at the other's drama, the more intellectual brother added, "We have bigger problems than Twinkies, Dean."

"Yeah, like what is that trench-coated idiot doing with Crowley? I doubt it's for soup and sandwiches or a guy's night of light porn!" Growled Dean as he kicked at the dirt, no rocks available within kicking distance.

"I know! I know it hurts Dean that he's been screwing us over, he was supposed to be our friend, but right now we need to focus on surviving." Sam snapped for the first time that day, Dean reeling back in surprise. Sam took a breath before continuing, "We need water. We need to find out where we are."

Baring his teeth, the angry bother wilted. "You're right, but this path isn't leading anywhere!"

"There wouldn't be a road if it didn't go somewhere," stated the beanstalk as he waved at the dirt path in front of them.

"To hell, probably," murmured Dean who immediately got a nasty look until he nodded, conceding. "Yeah, sorry…I just feel really…hot."

Frowning, Sam put a hand out and touched his reluctant, though luckily shorter, brother's forehead. He drew away his hand with a hiss, which caused Dean to go stock still as a flash of fear flickered in his eyes.

"What, what, is there something on my forehead?" Dean panicked as he started touching his face like his nose had gone missing.

Shaking his head, the other was quick to reply. "No, no. It's just you are really hot. Don't you dare turn that into a sex joke," added Sam quickly as he continued. "More like sunstroke hot. Let's get you out of the sun for a bit, okay?"

Though he was stupidly warm, Dean didn't feel sick-hot, but he didn't see a point in worrying his brother. Plus, his feet hurt. He could take a break. Whining only minimally, Dean allowed his brother to grab him carefully by the wrist, the younger leading the older to some shade behind a large rock. A large rock he didn't remember seeing there a moment earlier. It was as if it had just sprung up out of nowhere to assist them because Sam had wanted it to.

Deciding the oversight of the rock might be heat exhaustion, the elder hunter decided not to question it. He did throw out one more complaint as Sam headed over a nearby hill in the search of water, claiming he smelled something moist. It was probably a swamp if they were lucky.

"Bastard could have at least abandoned us with some cold ones," murmured Dean as he kicked his boots off and tried to find a comfortable position in the shade.

Sam grinned, glad that he had finally found water an hour later, coming back to find Dean curled up in the shade, taking a nap. That night, for the first time since they were children, Sam curled up next to his brother, allowing Dean to drool on his shoulder.

It felt good to protect Dean, if only from himself.

Dean was up at the crack of dawn, the sun rising in the distance. He growled and pressed his face back into his pillow. No, it was too bony and moving to be a pillow. He almost pulled a knife out of his jacket until he suddenly noticed that it was just his little brother with a jug of water in hand, head back like a turkey trying to drown in its own drool.

Not wasting a moment, Dean greedily guzzled half of the canteen before he stopped himself, gasping like he had been under water.

Sam would probably be thirsty as well. He'd just have his brother take him there and they'd take a morning dip and then they would continue onward. This damn road had to lead to somewhere.

"Sammy, Sammy, get up. We need to get moving before it gets too hot and we start roasting like turkeys on Honokaa," Dean said as he rose to his feet, grabbing the survival bag and offering a hand to the sleepy-eyed college nerd.

Groaning, thinking how wrong it was that Dean, hates-the-sun-at-some-points-in-the-morning-Dean, would willingly get up this early to do something as unpleasant as walk, reluctantly got to his feet. A quick dip later and it was back down the hell road. Truthfully, after another hell joke, both brothers carried a forlorn expressing because they were now wondering if Castiel had killed them and they were dead, and this road was their private hell to walk on forever.

"Damn angel," grumbled Sam as they continued on their way, a skip suddenly forming in Dean's step as if he was glad the sun was rising higher in the sky, beating down on them. Sammy actually considered hiding under another rock at one point. The soft earth sounded nice. So much so he considered taking his shoes off once or twice.

Luckily, about three hours later, Fate proved she wasn't a complete bitch and gave them a break because there was a village in the distance. Not a town, mind you, but a village. Third world kind of village since there wasn't a car in sight, not one antenna on a house, but it was still a village with higher life forms.

Ah, civilization, even if it was a one horse, camel, or llama, kind of town.

"Where are we?" asked Dean as he peeked over a rock near the village's entrance. The two felt distinctly out of place after a little girl in green met them up the road, screamed, and then ran away.

She didn't even have shoes on.

Sam had envied her for a brief moment.

"Well, it's definitely third world. Cas wanted us to take a while getting home," Sam pondered as he spied the village for a moment, rustle and tussle abound as someone led an … ostrich of some sort… down the street.

"Fucking angel bitch, I'll fucking kill him. He knows how reliant I am on processed foods. I can't eat dirt, Sam. I can't eat it like you can," growled Dean, kicking the ground.

Offering an ill-humored glare, Sam decided to take the initiative and started taking off his clothes, leaving just his white undershirt and brown pants. He rolled the pant legs up and kicked his shoes off. He actually almost sighed with release as his toes dug into the earth. Opening his eyes, ignoring the look Dean was giving him, the taller sibling looked down at himself. Perfectly homely as the child had been, and he didn't seem so American now.

Standing up, the half-dressed brother stated, "You have terrible social skills, Dean. Let me deal with this. If I start running, please don't forget to grab my shoes."

Slightly insulted, though figuring he deserved it for the dirt comment, Dean nodded and watched his brother slowly walk forward to what had to be some type of cabbage vender. Dean immediately frowned. If that idiot came back with a piece of lettuce and not something deep fat fried, there would be hell to pay.

Helllllllll … with a lot of L's.

Scrunching his shoulders, Sam walked forward with a tight gait, trying to mimic the posture of one of the locals he watched behind the cabbage man. Coming up the stand, feeling as if he now blended in, Sam noticed that the man gave him a slightly apprehensive look before the salesman held up a cabbage and said something.

Sam immediately felt sick. No, anywhere but there.

"You don't speak English do you? American?"

"Amheir-i-khan?" the vender said, confused. So confused that he didn't even noticed a rather raggedy animal was stalking towards the two of them.

Sam did and actually started, wondering if he should flee at the unknown entity. It almost looked like a deer of some type, but he had never…

The man lost all attention in Sam though, screaming something that probably translated into, "My cabbages" as the beast started to snack.

Keeping his shoulders low, the man distracted, Sam decided the strange creature wasn't a threat and snatched a small satchel of coins away from the stand because he knew they would need it. Then, smooth as only a hunter can be from years of breaking into places and stealing artifacts to burn, he also grabbed what looked like some strange fruit from a secondary stand where a woman wearing blues was frowning at the cabbage man's cries. He at least bought what looked like jerky for his brother because if he hadn't there would be a bitch-fest. Sam even went so far as to steal what looked like a map from a passing group.

Twenty minutes later the youngest Winchester brother felt dirty, as if he was a murderer instead of a pickpocket, but they were growing hunters. They needed to eat.

Finally making his way back to his brother, pockets heavy with many little trinkets and foodstuffs as he could steal without notice, Sam sat, throwing the jerky at his brother while he sniffed the strange fruit from the first vender. Shrugging, he bit into it, enjoying the juiciness.

"So, what did you find out, besides what a good pickpocket our family business has made us?" Dean asked as he picked up a piece of fruit, having finished the strange jerky. For some reason he was damn-hungry, like he was burning more calories than usual. Not that Dean was surprised. They had walked almost two days. He was use to running around but not for such extended periods of time. Taking a bite of the fruit, he shrugged. It was better than being hungry, he supposed, but a good steak would have been better.

"So," sucking on his fruit for a moment, Dean asked, "Find out where we are at?"

Grimacing as he wiped some juice off with his wrist, the younger brother asked, "… How's your Chinese Mandarin?"

Dean immediately stopped eating and frowned for a moment before growling, "No. No. No! I'll kill him. We're in China? Frickin' slot-toy-deals, China?"

Nodding, the other hunter added, "From what I can tell from their language, we must be in an underdeveloped part of the country since it was a little off."

"So I think it would be fair to say, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore," Dean quipped as he peered over the large bolder the two of them were hiding behind, eyeing a man in strange uniform that was standing on the edge of town as if looking for something, like a pickpocketer. Though Dean doubted it was a military man since the uniform didn't have a weapon, yet it was obvious that this was an Asian country of some type by the uniform design alone.

Sam, who was noticing that the man kept looking their way as if he could feel them, knelt down a little farther and whispered, "Really? You had to use that line. You've just jinxed us, Dean."

"Quit being superstitious," mumbled the elder brother who then stalled and for a moment the two looked at each other, the dark haired man laughing slightly as he thought of just a normal day for them, "Oooh, yeah."

Sam rolled his eyes, Dean ignored him. "Well, I could have said something like it's going to be like getting to the door in a Hooter's Fest if you would have that instead."

Waving his hand, the smarter hunter resisted the urge to slap himself in the forehead. This … was going to suck. He thought road trips could be trying during the best of times but at least they had credit card scams for measly moments of comfort and twenty-four gas stations.

They were going to end up on a diet of rice which Sam would never hear the end of.

"I am going to stick my foot so far up Castiel's trench-coated ass that he'll see Christmas! This road trip is going to suck," murmured Sam, which made Dean chuckle. "But at least we don't have to listen to your outdated cassette collection the whole way home."

"Hey, my music is awesome," Dean said before he shrugged. "I guess I kinda learned Latin, I can learn some Chinese, eat some egg rolls. It'll be just like any other road trip to any other hunt."

Smiling, for he knew it was far easier to say than do, Sam nodded. "Yeah, any other road trip."

Paw07: You can blame GreenApple freak for this. Here I was minding my own business on Deviantart and then bam … she gives me some Supernatural/Avatar fanart and this was born. Right now, only one chapter. I might add more if I get a real plotline in order, but just had to make this because the crossover section of SN/AtLA is really lacking. Enjoy.