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Chapter Sixteen: Hanabi's way.


Naruto looked at me confused as I hesitated to opening the door.

"What's wrong?" Naruto asked as he looked at me to the door and than back at me.

I quickly shook my head and opened the door, letting Naruto walk in before I did. I took a quick look around, wondering where Hanabi was.

"Who are you looking for?" A soft chiming tone said from behind me, making me jump. I turned around to see Hanabi leaning against the front doorway, snickering as she looked at me before she stood up straight and made a quick move to stand besides me, "Who is that?!" Hanabi whispered in my ear, pointing at Naruto's back, "Sis, do you have a boyfriend?!... He's actually kind of cute…" she continued to whisper, before she cleared her throat, held her head high and swayed her hips as she made her way over towards Naruto.

"Hana-" I started.

"Hey there… I'm Hanabi, and you are?" She asked Naruto cutely as she moved to stand in front of him, her eyes sparkling with playfulness and her arms folded over her chest to push them higher and reveal more cleavage.

Too bad if he was my boyfriend, good to know you'd still throw yourself at him. I rolled my eyes, watching closely as Naruto looked down at Hanabi's body, clearly having a hard time trying to find her face.

"Naruto… Uzu… maki…" He said slowly as his eyes finally drifted up to her face.

I stormed off to the kitchen out of sight and kicked the cupboard softly, "Where's Temari when you need her." I grumbled, my sister wasn't someone I could really stand for too long, around father she was the perfect little princess who done what she was told and acted noble, but when she was out of father's sight she was the complete opposite. At least if she's occupied with Naruto she won't hit on Gaara.. I suddenly had a sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach, who am I kidding, I can't let her toss Naruto around like a rag doll… I quickly walked back into the lounge room to spot Hanabi flirting with Naruto, her finger running down the side of his arm talking about his muscles, and Naruto was just standing there with his jaw open lapping up everything she had to say. It was easy to see that Hanabi already lured him into her trap. Everything went Hanabi's way. It was a well known fact.

"So do you think a big, strong man like yourself could help poor little me set up my room? Some of it's just soo heavy." She purred, waiting him to nod before she grabbed his shirt and pulled him towards her room.

"I knew you wanted to use him." I grumbled.

Suddenly Hanabi snapped her head out the door and gave me a dangerous glare, "Did you say something sister?" She asked, "Because I promise you now, you'll want to watch what you say." And with that, she closed her door again.

I gulped, sometimes me sister could act just like father.

"I told you, I don't want to come here. Why do I have to come?" I heard a voice so familiar outside the room, almost immediately recognizing it as Gaara's… but why didn't he want to be here? Oh yeah, because I'm meant to be angry at him.

"Because Gaara, you…- just…- because I said so, that's why!" Temari said as she swang the door opened and entered, her eyes meeting with mine in a mere instant, and she smiled.

"Hinata! I hope you don't mind but I brought Kankuro and Gaara for dinner, we were thinking of ordering some take out! Our shout, what do you say?" she asked.

Kankuro walked in behind Gaara and Temari and gave me a conniving smirk, "Hey Hinata." He purred, sending a shiver down my spine but I took note that it ticked Gaara off, the others probably didn't see it but his face twitched as Kankuro said my name in such a lustful manner.

"Hello…" I smiled cutely, biting my lower lip and pointing my fingers together, trying to imitate my sister… I'd watched her make a man jealous many times. Flirting is harmless, right?

Temari looked between us and shuddered, suddenly clicking her fingers between our meeting gaze, "Hinata!" She warned, looking from me to Kankuro, "Kankuro don't even!"

I pulled myself out of it and looked around. "W-Well if y-you're paying… you should k-know Naruto is here as well." I said, praising myself for not stuttering so much.

Temari groaned, and looked up at me, "Are you kidding? You're kidding right? Where is he? That boy eats way too much." She rubbed her forehead.

I pointed towards Hanabi's room, "She made him d-do slave la-labour."

"No! Now he'll be even more hungry…" She whined, "Kankuro, you can help pay!" she quickly shouted and pulled out her phone and ran to the kitchen, not even letting us know what she was going to order… and leaving me alone with Kankuro and Gaara.

Gaara was avoiding looking at me, which made me even more angry, "S-So Kankuro…" I tried to spark up a conversation.

"Yes cutie?" He grinned, walking towards me.

I felt my face flush a hot red, "I heard you… m-make puppets…" I said quietly as I avoided stuttering.

"Yeah I do… I can show you them sometime." He winked suggestively.

"Kankuro…" Came a deep growl from Gaara, as he shot him a dangerous glance.


She's still ignoring me? I thought to myself, my body tense and my calm exterior crumbling away slowly from the moment he had purred her name and she retaliated with flirting… and now that Temari had walked off, she started to continue it.

"Yeah I do… I can show you them sometime." I watched as he winked at her with a suggestiveness, I knew what that meant, he was planning on showing her more than just puppets, "Kankuro…" I growled out loud as I shot him a dangerous glare, watching as he suddenly backed off and headed towards the kitchen after Temari.

I looked at Hinata now, "We need to talk." I said suddenly, and watched as her eyes drooped, but nonetheless she walked towards me.

"What about…" She whispered quietly enough for only me to hear.

I looked past her shoulder quickly before back at her face, moving my hand underneath her chin and pulling her in for a soft kiss, holding it for a few seconds, feeling her melt against me before I moved back, "I'm sorry about before, in the nurse's room… I was out of line and shouldn't have jumped to conclusions."

She smiled at me and pulled me in for a hug, "That's okay." She said softly as she nuzzled her face into my neck and shoulder, leaving a light kiss on my neck before she moved back and tugged the neck of my shirt aside, "What is that…" She asked, her fingers tracing a red mark on my neck.

Oh no… that's from Hanabi…"Uh… probably just a mosquito bite or something."

"Oh…Okay." She said, her voice hinting her uncertainty as she took a step back.

I can't tell her about the Hanabi accident, no way, not a chance… let's just hope Hanabi can keep her mouth shut, at least until I can work this out.

Hanabi's door suddenly opened and Naruto stumbled out and cleared his throat, looking flushed of colour, Hanabi walked out behind him, her hand rubbing his back before her eyes met, and locked in contact with mine… a small smirk forming on her face. She was up to something.

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