It is no surprise that Gigi is having a hard time sleeping, considering the night that she had. She had started the night with high hopes and expectations, and ended with humiliation and another guy crossed off her list. But she did gain two new friends. Lovely couple, those two were. Staring at the ceiling, she couldn't help but feel disappointed, Alex had even told her he liked her! In a sad, pathetic way, but still! She played host, she waited until they were alone, the only thing wrong in that situation was her. She read pity and compassion for romantic signs. Alex was right, she read too much into things.

But still, she can't stop the hot tears from spilling down her cheeks. In all honesty, she had never wanted someone as badly as she wanted Alex. So, who can blame her for going a little overboard, for taking things into her own hands! Then again, Alex said that if a man wanted her, he would make it happen. It was very clear: he didn't want to make it happen. But, at least, she has no regrets.

She angrily wipes her tears away, storming into the bathroom to wash her face. She will not cry over Alex. No, he is not worth her tears. He does not want her, so she will make herself not want him. She cannot want him, when it is impossible. He had made that clear.

She is determined to make this let down different. No calling, no "casual run-ins", no contact at all. She could do that, right? She looks at her red, puffy eyes. Yes, she can. No one affected her like Alex does. But Alex is straightforward, and she knew that she had no chance. Unlike a nagging suspicion, this came straight from him. And that, in some way, gives her strength. That even though he turned her down, he liked her enough to not beat around the bush.

Gigi was much stronger than she seemed, putting yourself out there isn't exactly the easiest thing to do. You get humiliated, hurt, and torn down. But Gigi was always able to pull herself back up, and go in to work with a bright smile and a new date lined up. Because finding the one is more like war than anything, when one goes down you can't just leave an empty spot: you must fill it. And that's exactly what she is going to do with Bill, the not-so-imaginary guy. And she will let him do what Alex will not: make it happen.