Was it wrong that they were about to do this?

At the very least it was suprising, for himself and their teammates. Of course the others did know about he and her had gotten to this level.

Hell, they didn't even know they were playing the game.

And now here they were, in his bedroom.

The male canine had dreamed of this moment for so long, ever since he first met this pretty dog girl when they were recruted. Yet for the longest time he believed it would say that way forever.

More proof to that would be, that other dog. That mutt, their leader.

As if they were star crossed lovers or something. Like destiny had dictated that she and the mutt would be together forever.

Yet now, even it that was the case to being with. They were now going to defy destiny

She slowy removed her nightgown, revealing ther bra and panties

"You like?" She asked the Doberman "Well, Fluffy?"

"Fluffy likes, a lot," Blitz said. Mini-Blitz helping him answer as wel by becoming MEGA-BLITZ.

Yes, despte what the others thought, Blitz and Colleen were together. And were about to...fuck.

Colleen began to crawl onto the bed on her hands and knees, the collie swishing her tail slowly. Then, soon enough coming near Blitz face, only to kiss it

"Shall we get this started big boy?" Colleen asked Blitz

"Oh yeah," Blitz said as he started to get up

What caused these two tied the knot?

Who could say. Perhaps Colleens little name game with Blitz was really her way of being shy. Not wanting to open up to Blitz just yet. Especally since he did it when the other boys were around.

Maybe she just tired of Hunter. The oblivious mutt never did catch on to what she was trying to tell him for the longest time. And it wasn't like Muzzle, Shag or Exile had any feelings deep down they wanted to express to the beautiful collie.

Anyway, Blitz had her, that's all that mattered

Blitz began to kiss her back, stating at the neck and working his way doen. While slowly removing her panties

Colleen playfully swished her tail in Blitz face when her got lower

"Hehe, still a funny dog girl," Blitz laughed as he took his boxers off

"Ready?" Blitz asked

"Take me on a a wild ride Fluffy," Collen answered. Lifting her tail and allowing him entrance

Blitz went in. The two Road Rovers now one

It was perhaps the most fun either of them ever had. And with one final thrust Blitz knoted Colleen. They came more together as their sex juices mixed into one. Some of dripping out of Colleen and onto the bed, the powerful, sexual odor only fueling them t continue with this intimate ritual a bit longer.

Yet in time, all the excitement tired the two canosapiens out. And they slept. Colleen wrapping her arms around Blitz body. While Blitz held her next to him with one.

The warmth of the blanket they slept in adding to the comfort they now shared

They were mates now, and forever.

The End