Some say love is blind, but I think real love can see better than anyone or anything else. It sees through false images and attempted deceit. It looks past flaws and sees the aspects most adored. Love is something that all desire, and most never get to find. My name is Sakurai Kira, and this is my story on love, and how it both finds and evades us in sometimes the cruelest of manners.

Character Bio

Name: Sakurai Kira

Age: 18

Appearance: Blue-black straight hair that reaches mid back, eyes that look like a Hyuuga's only a shade darker, very pale skin, faint scars that crisscross whole body (hard to see unless one is looking for them), long sleeved navy blue shirt, long black pants (both somewhat loose), black shoes.

Background: Momentarily unknown; Blind at birth

Abilities: Kekkei genkai— Chakra-less water control. The ability to control water with her mind without the use of chakra. She uses this ability to "see" her surroundings. Every living thing has some form of water running through it, plus the air holds trace amounts of water vapor. Using her kekkei genkai to sense her surroundings allows her to perceive shapes, distance, and features. For those objects with no water running through it, she is able to sense the absence of water vapor in the air as a "blank space." She knows that if there is a blank space in her senses, then there is a solid object there. (ex. If a person holds a kunai, she senses the person and notices a blank spot in the shape of the kunai)

Along with her kekkei genkai, she is able to heal herself with the water. This uses chakra.