Hey guys! This is my first Seddie story! I have just now begun to fall in love with Seddie, after seeing the Seddie episode arc. It kept bugging me so I thought that I would write a story about them. As said in the summary, this is based off of the movie "The Vow" which has also been bugging me because I loved it so much. I figured I would kill two bird with one stone :) I hope you guys like it!

"Sam, you can't just punch somebody in the face because they ran out of free hams!" Freddie Benson exclaimed as he barged into the door of Carly Shay's apartment with his girlfriend close behind him, a look of rage on her face.

"I was looking forward to that ham all week and they ran out right before we got there!" Samantha Puckett exclaimed as she plopped down on the couch.

"Woah, woah. What happened?" Carly asked, confused as to what the two were fighting over once again. Even thought they had been dating for almost five months, they still fought about the littlest things.

"We were at a free ham giveaway that Sam found online, and as she said, they ran out of hams right before we got to the front of the line. Then, Sam decided she was going to punch the innocent guy giving out hams. We had to run before the guy called the cops. It could have gotten bad." Freddie exclaimed with a look of disgust on his face. He sat down on the couch beside Sam.

Carly shook her head as she began to speak, "Guys, come on. This is not something you two should be fighting about. It is your five month anniversary today. Freddie, who cares if Sam punched a guy in the face? You know how she is about her hams. Despite what could have happened, nothing did. So calm down."

Carly then turned to Sam and began to speak, "And Sam, what is wrong with you? No more punching innocent guys in the face!"

As always, the two realized how unimportant their argument was and began apologizing to each other.

"I'm sorry that I got so mad." Freddie said as he gave Sam a small grin and placed his hand on hers.

She smiled, "And I'm sorry that I overreacted and punched him in the face." The two leaned in and kissed as they did every time they ended an argument.

"With all this commotion I almost forgot about our date tonight. It's in an hour do you need to go home and get ready?" Freddie asked Sam.

She answered sarcastically as she pointed to her clothes, "Oh of course not. I'm just gonna wear sweat pants to Pini's for our five month anniversary."

Freddie rolled his eyes and stood up. "Come on let's go, I'll take you to your house so you can get ready." After they had both said goodbye to Carly, he grabbed his keys and Sam's hand and led her out the door. The two got into his car and began driving towards Sam's house.

"Can you believe we have been dating for five months?" Sam asked as she put her bare feet on the dashboard of Freddie's car.

"First of all, feet down. Second, no I can't believe it." Freddie said, keeping his eyes focused on the road.

"You know, it would have been longer if we hadn't of broken up."

"I know, I know. Let's not worry about that anymore. I'm just happy to be with you now. I'm the luckiest guy in the world." Freddie said softly as he reached over and put his hand on Sam's knee.

"Okay, Benson. Calm down with the lovey-dovey stuff." Sam said, but when she looked over at Freddie and saw the disappointment in his eyes, she changed her tune. "But you know, I am pretty lucky too Fredder."

When they reached Sam's house they both went inside. Sam began to get ready as Freddie sat on her bed and waited for her. When Sam walked out Freddie immediately began to smile.

"Well you look amazing." He said as he walked over to her and placed a soft kiss on her glistening lips.

"Thank ya, baby." Sam exclaimed as she placed her shoes on her feet, completing her outfit. "Let's go. I can't wait to get some of that delicious lasagna in my mouth."

The two hurried to Freddie's car once again. Sam turned the radio to her favorite station and began to sing along. She wouldn't sing around anyone but Freddie. There were many things that she did around Freddie that she didn't feel comfortable doing around anyone else.

"Do you remember our first kiss?" Sam asked, suddenly remembering that wonderful day. She looked over at Freddie to see that he was smiling and nodding.

"Of course. Best day of my life by far. When you left and we said that we hated each other, you don't even know how much I wanted to tell you then that I loved you."

"Well why didn't you, you nub. That would have saved a lot of trouble you know. I probably wouldn't have had to go into the mental hospital with that freak who thought he was from the future." Sam said as she punched Freddie in the arm. He sucked in a large gush of air from the pain.

"Ouch. I know I should have told you then, but you know I'm stupid and a nub." Freddie said as they came to a stoplight. Sam reached over and rubbed his face.

"Aww baby, you aren't that much of a nub." Sam said. Freddie grinned but then, realizing what she had really implied, frowned.

"Hey!" He exclaimed.

Sam's phone rang. As she was trying to answer it, it slipped out of her hands and fell under her seat. She felt around for it but couldn't feel it.

"It must have fallen all the way into the back seat." She said as she undid her seatbelt and began to turn around to get her phone. Just as Sam began to get up, an eighteen wheeler crashed into the rear end of their car.

Freddie's head slung around every which way, and hit the steering wheel in front of him. Glass flew around everywhere, inside and outside the car. Sam was flung out of her seat and went crashing through the windshield, landing on the hood of the car. They were both knocked unconscious.

Well, I know this first chapter was fairly short, but if you guys actually like it and bear with me, I guarantee all the future chapters will be much more lengthy! :) Thanks for reading!