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Vestara sat in the familiar bay of the Jade Shadow, her hands bided together with cuffs. She and Ben both knew that if she really wanted to escape he'd need more than just cuffs to stop her. Then again, flying through hyperspace there wasn't many places she could practically go even if she did free herself. Not to mention part of her wanted to see what was going to happen to her.

This wasn't the first time she had been a hostage on the Jade Shadow and she made a mental note to stop making a habit of it. Glancing around she saw that not much had changed in four years. In fact, almost everything seemed to be in the same condition as she remembered it. That would certainly come in handy if she ever to did need to escape.

Hearing the sound of boots against metal, her gaze turned to the hallway and she saw the son of Luke Skywalker leaning against the wall. Not drenched in sweat and bearing down on her, he didn't look half as menacing as he had early. She could almost make out some of that boyish charm to his features, but only barely. Ben Skywalker was a man now and she quietly wondered if her Ben still existed.

"So what are you going to do, turn me over to your Jedi council?" she spoke with contempt in her voice, not showing any signs of the emotional thoughts in her mind.

Ben considered her for a moment before he shook his head. "No." Taking a seat in the chair across from her, he held her gaze for a moment before carrying on, "I probably should. I'm sure Uncle Han would love to get a crack at you too after all this time" a pause "but no. I told you I had my own ends first."

They sat in silence for a moment as she took in his words. She supposed she should be grateful that he wasn't killing her or turning her over to the Jedi but at the same time she wondered if death would be better than the resurgence of emotion and guilt she was feeling.

"You want to know why I did it" she finally stated. "Why I betray you then and left. I was a Sith spy the entire time. It was all just part of a plan, including you."

Despite the icy tone to her voice and serious look she wore, a smile crept upon Ben's features. "You know…I wish I could believe that. I spent four years trying to convince myself that it was the truth. That it was honestly that simple; you were the bad guy the whole time." He went quiet and seemed to be choosing his next words carefully, or whether he wanted to say them at all. "When you were crying in your cabin and I held you, you weren't a sith spy… you were just a normal, hurt sixteen year old girl. So no, even if I wanted to believe that I couldn't."

Before Vestara could find her tongue to respond, the adult Jedi was getting up and walking back towards the cockpit, leaving Vestara with her thoughts. It seemed that Ben had full memory of their past and planned to break down the Lady piece by piece, reminding her of it even if she refused to remember the moments herself.


"What have you been up to?" he asked as he dug into his meal "Aside from, y'know being an evil Sith Lord."

It seemed that they were going to be flying for a long time until they reached…wherever they were going. And Ben, insisting that he wasn't cruel to his captives like the Sith, offered her food while he ate his. Still, he hadn't removed her stun cuffs. She had the slightest of urges to smile at the emergence of his familiar humor and habits. So he does still have some of my Ben in him, she thought remembering the first place he wanted to show her in the Jedi Temple had been the cafeteria.

"Why would I tell you that? For all I know you are taking me to Coruscant and could use anything I say to charge me with those crimes."

Ben was silent as he held her gaze, chewing another mouthful of food. "Well I said aside from being a Sith Lord. You haven't picked up any hobbies in four years?"

Vestara gave him a sarcastic smile, "Not exactly."

Silence fell over them again, and she ignored the guilt as she felt some annoyance from him in the force. His attempt at conversation had been innocent enough, and maybe she should have been nicer if they were in fact in for a long ride but Vestara was starting to think a future escape plan wasn't so bad. She had spent four years building herself and rebuilding her life and she wasn't going to let it crumble because of one red-haired young adult.

"I didn't think your tribe would take you back" Ben finally commented, his eyes still glued to his bowl. Vestara eyed him for a moment before shrugging.

"Who says I went back to my tribe?"

At this Ben's eyes moved up to hers, despite his best attempts to remain calm and casual. "So you found another group of Sith then? I shouldn't be surprised, Ship is probably perfectly capable of finding more ancient civilizations." The statement was one that disturbed him but what Vestara didn't know was that the Jedi Order was already aware that there was another group of Sith hiding at the edges of the galaxy. After the defeat of Abeloth his father had informed them of the man with tattoos and how he had not been a part of the Lost Tribe.

Since that battle there had been no sign of him, however the Lost Tribe had been unnoticed for centuries so it would be no surprise if the tattoo man had disappeared to an equally remote location.

For her part Vestara remained impassive and simply shrugged her shoulders, "I can't have been on my own for four years? Give me some credit Ben."

"A Sith girl flying around in a throbbing eye ship doesn't exactly go unnoticed. But nice to see you haven't stopped the habit of lying to me, Ves."

There it was again.

Vestara wasn't liking the way he could make her feel guilty for her actions with a few words. How he could tug at her heartstrings with a change of tone. The fact that he had used her nickname, which essentially no one did, only made it worse. Still she remained impassive but she wasn't sure how much longer she could manage it.

She was a Lady of the Sith yet this mere Jedi Knight was breaking down her walls without an effort and she was sure she'd burst soon. Maybe that was his plan. Not to turn her, but emotionally break her. If so she was in for a very long ride. Getting up without another word the chains of her cuffs clanked as she made her way to her cabin.


Ben Skywalker stared up at the ceiling of his cabin as he had been for the past two hours. Since laying in bed he had not once had the urge to actually fall asleep and he had the urge to reach out and see if Vestara was stirring as he was. But he resisted. Truth be told Ben wanted nothing more than to embrace her, tell her how much he missed her and how he had forgiven her for everything she had done. After all, Allana was a healthy teenager now and well alive despite Vestara's actions in that hangar.

He still couldn't get her reaction to seeing him out of his mind. The genuine shock and then the slow change as she heard his words were imprinted in his recent memory. Truth be told his reaction probably would have been much the same had he not had time to prepare.

When Ben had seen her step off of her ship, which oddly was not the Ship, his heart had stopped and he knew at that moment that even after four years and countless betrayals, he still loved Vestara Khai. He had been able to stow away his emotions as he went in pursuit of her and even as they sat on the ship, but now in the still of the night they threatened to overtake him.

It shouldn't have been a surprise to him that he still harbored these feelings. Perhaps he was just doing a really good job of fooling himself all this time. But then again, Ben was twenty years old, the son of Luke Skywalker, and as his Aunt Leia put it 'a charming and handsome young man'. Which honestly wasn't that comforting coming from your Aunt. But all signs pointed to him at least having had a few girlfriends by this point but the case was he only had Vestara. If you could even call what they had a relationship. Considering she had been playing him, or so she said, Ben liked to think otherwise.

His lack of relationships and determination to find her again should have been a warning sign for what he was feeling now.

As his mind continued to run amuck with thoughts, Ben's eyelids were drooping shut when he heard the snap hiss of his bedroom door. His sleepiness forgotten he immediately sat up, calling his lightsaber to his hand.

In the blue light of the blade he could just make out Vestara's form. He let out a relaxed breath as he turned off the lightsaber. "Ves—" his words suddenly caught in his throat as he looked her over. Now that his danger sensors weren't ringing he had time to take her in and that was a very bad thing.

The son of the great Luke Skywalker was rendered speechless as Vestara stood only in her undergarments, her matured figure exposed to him. She certainly was not a teenager anymore, though even as a 'couple' he had not seen her like this.

His eyes suddenly stopped, his danger sense pricking in the force again as Vestara started to move towards him. "Where are your cuffs—"

"Sssh" before he could finish his question she had covered the space between them and placed a single finger against his lips. "I didn't want to leave you four years ago…"

Her voice was soft and Ben could feel his heart beating like a hammer. They might not be teenagers anymore but he certainly felt like one at the moment. "T-Then why did you" he muttered, looking up to eyes as she now sat straddled over him.

"Because I knew I couldn't go back…the was no place for me with the Jedi"

"There was a place with me."

She was quiet for a moment looking away from him. Ben felt his hands finding her hips as he brushed against her shoulder. Finally pulling his chin to look up at her she spoke, "I'm with you now." No more words were spoken as her lips crashed against his.

Ben shot up with a start, his body covered in sweat. It took him a moment to take in his surroundings and realize Vestara wasn't sitting on top of him…or kissing him. "It was just a dream…" he ran a hand through his hair before he registered a steady knocking and someone calling his name.

"Ben? Are you alright?"

Just the person he wanted to see. he thought sourly. Throwing the covers off, Ben moved to open the door to his cabin. "Ben I—"

"Let me see your wrist" he lifted her arms without waiting for a response and was relieved to see that she was still bound. So it was just a dream.

Vestera now looked at him with a frown on his face, obviously put off by his rude action. "I sensed something odd about you in the force, I just came to check if you were alright." She pulled her hands away from him, her eyes briefly falling to his chest as she realized he was only in his underwear. "Unfortunately it seems your fine" despite the visual distraction she didn't let the venom slip from her tone. Turning on her heel she worked her way back to her own cabin leaving Ben in his doorway.

He had been too shaken up to try and hold a conversation or apologize. That dream had felt more real than a force vision and it was taking a moment for him to shake it out of his system.

Hitting the button for the door to hiss close, Ben practically threw himself back onto his bed. Maybe keeping Vestara wasn't such a good idea for his health or his heart.


"Now that I'm practically staring at the planet, care to tell me where we're going?"

Vestara's knowledge of the galaxy had grown in the four years since traveling with Ben and his father. The being said as she looked out the viewport at the planet before her she couldn't recognize it in the least. The fact that it seemed to be covered in mostly water told her it wasn't Coruscant and she let some relief flow through her.

Ben remained silent for a long moment and Ves turned her head to look at him. Whatever had happened to him last night seemed to have a certain effect on him. When eating dinner there was a hint of the kindness that she knew but now the icy expression from when he captured her in the jungle returned. She was more than happy to give him the mood. Last night she had felt a spike in his force presence. While it hadn't been one of fear she took it upon herself to see if anything was wrong and the first thing he does is check if her stun cuffs were still on!

She made her resolve that night when she went back to bed. That was the nature of their relationship now: captive and captor. It wasn't as if it was a new situation to her, and she would make her escape when the opportunity presented itself.


His sudden response caught her by surprise but she quickly composed herself. "I guess it would be a stretch to question what you're doing here?"

"No, it would be a stretch to think you're going to get an answer" despite Ben's cool tone she could see a grin tugging at the corner of his lips. Vestara simply rolled her eyes and resumed looking out the viewport when she heard his voice continue. "There are some negotiations between the native people that have gone a bit sour. I'm the Jedi advisor."

"Aren't there more important things for Jedi to be doing than playing babysitter to some politicians?" she commented, her disapproval clear in her voice.

"We are keepers of peace" Ben chastised her. "If these talks break down it could lead to a loss of peace." In response the Sith Lady simply rolled her eyes. Jedi could be so small minded. "You'll be coming with me so take off that scowl."

Vestara gave him a look that held a mix of curiosity and amusement. "You're going to give me a chance to escape? I thought you were done trusting me, Jedi Skywalker?" Her words came out a bit more mocking than she intended but there was no sign of an apology.

"Well it's either take you where I can keep an eye on you or lock you up in the Shadow and risk you stealing my ship. Surely even you can see the better option" Ben explained, seeming to ignore the last part of her statement.

"Yeah, let me try to steal your ship" Ben merely snorted at her response as if to say 'yeah that'll happen'.

Their conversation ended there and soon Ben was communicating with air traffic control as they directed him to the proper landing bay. As they entered the atmosphere, Vestara allowed herself to be wowed by the natural surroundings. Naboo seemed to have a beauty in nature that suddenly reminded her of her home planet. Then of course she remembered how her home people treated her and quickly steeled herself up.

As Ben landed the Jade Shadow he got up and motioned her to follow him. "I can't have you walking around in stun cuffs, don't make me regret this choice, Ves." His eyes met hers and she could see how much he wanted her to prove his decision right, and it tore at her heart once more.

She swallowed for a moment before giving him a wry smirk, "No promises, Jedi."

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