Of all the places to take her, he takes her to one of the most dangerous planets ever! He wasn't thinking when he did it. He figured they would be safe as long as they were together.

They get separated. She doesn't wander off or anything. He is firm with her about wandering off, especially on this planet. She understands and keeps her hand in his. He feels safe with her, her fingers stroking his knuckles. And he knows she feels safe with him. They are going to be fine. He would rather die than see her get hurt.

The rebels of the planet ensue a riot.

Great, he thinks. Of all the times to have a riot.

No one is safe. They don't care who they kill. But, they're safe. He would rather die than see her get hurt. They're safe as long as they're together.

They are a lot of people on this planet and it is easy for families to get separated, but not them. No, he would rather die. He is going to keep his hand in hers until they get back to the TARDIS. He feels bad that he can't help the inhabitants, but this is beyond his control. Fixed point in time, he realizes later on. This is the day the rebels kill more than half the villagers. He read about it once years ago, but he wasn't thinking when he brought her here. He had plans of taking her to one of the best cafes in the universe.

You have to try their sandwiches, he told her. Best in the universe!

He can see the TARDIS; it's not too far away. Just a few more miles, and they're homefree. He can take her back to the Powell Estate so they could recoup.

"Nearly there!" He yells. He expects a response, but nothing. His eyes widen as he could feel his hand feeling extremely naked.

Turning around, he can see her a few feet back, struggling to get to her feet. Struggling to get back to him.

She is having difficulty; there are so many people rushing past her, hindering her movements.

He rushes to her, slipping through the crowd.

It's going to be okay, he tells himself. It's going to be fine!

His hearts swell when he sees she is finally able to get to her feet. She's fine. She's fine!

And then it happens. A blade, pressing through her skin from behind. The blade is out of her body as soon as it's in. A rebel rushes past her, his eyes on a small child.

His eyes are only on her. He pushes through the crowd and drops to his knees. She's struggling to breathe.

He scoops her up in his arms and runs to the TARDIS. She hums sadly.

He places her on a plush bed, staring into her eyes. He pushes a lock of blonde hair out of her eyes.

"Sorry," she coughs. "I was slow."

"It's not your fault," he chokes out. "No… it's mine. I brought you here. I put you in danger."

"Don't blame yourself. It hurts," she cries.

His hand goes to the wound on her stomach. He gently strokes her, hoping to relieve some of the pain.

"The TARDIS has some medicine. She'll help. TARDIS, can you give me…?" The TARDIS hums sadly once more. 'It's a lost cause,' she tells him. 'There's nothing we can do.' "No! Don't say that! There must be…" Damn. Tears spill out of his eyelids. He is trying so hard to keep strong, but he can't do it. He is losing her.

"Rose," the Doctor says softly. "I'm sorry; I'm so sorry."

Tears well up in her hazel eyes. She knows. "I'm sorry, too. Promised you forever, didn't I? But… at least I'm dying here. With you by my side."

The Doctor takes Rose into his arms, stroking her hair softly. He rocks her gently, whispering something to her in Gallifreyan. The TARDIS hums her disapproval. 'You're losing her,' she says. 'Why can't you tell her how you feel in English?'

She's right. He's never going to see Rose again. She has to leave the universe knowing exactly how he feels about her.

Her breathing becomes shallow. She's fading, fast.

"Remember when we went to New Earth?" She asks, her voice shaking.

"Yeah. That was fun, wasn't it? Besides the sick people and Cassandra," he laughs tearfully.

"Yeah. And we saw ghosts and werewolves too."

"That was interesting. We met Queen Victoria!" He exclaims.

"I know!" She gushed, laughing up at him. He is going to miss her smile. He's going to miss everything about her.

He presses his lips to the top of her head. "Oh, Rose, how did it come to this?"

"Awful, huh?"

"Oh, very much so."

Her hand clutches at his tie. "Doctor… I can't breathe too well. I'm hot and sweaty…"

"No, no, Rose, please. Not now!" He yells. 'It's over, Doctor,' the TARDIS says. 'Her song is ending.' "No, please! This can't be happening to me! Rose, stay with me, a little while longer!" 'She can't hold on. Tell her how you feel, Doctor. Now. It's your last chance.'

He takes a few deep breaths to compose himself. "Rose Tyler…?"

"Y-yes, Doctor?" Good, she's still with him.

"I… I love you. I love you so much."

She smiles and closes her eyes, tears flowing down her cheeks. "I love you, too."

He takes her chin in his hand and turns her head to face his. He lowers his face to hers until their lips are mere centimeters from each other's. He gently brushes his lips against hers, parting ever so slightly to slip his tongue into her mouth. Their tongues get only a few moments of brushing against each other before her body seizes up and she goes limp.

The Doctor pulls his mouth away, and Rose slumps against his chest. He holds tighter onto her, unable to control his racking sobs.

She's gone. His pink and yellow human. His pink and yellow Rose Tyler.