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~ Prologue ~

A young girl sat on a meadow in the Realm of Asgard. She was crying silently to herself whilst pulling on a strand of the dark red hair that covered her head. She hadn't been this sad since her father had past away a few years ago.

Recently she had been informed that her and her mother were leaving Asgard – for good. Apparently her mother had been courting with the King of Vanaheim, her being a Vanir herself, and it had resulted in him asking for her hand in marriage. Of course the young girl was pleased that her mother had found happiness once more, but she just wished it had been with someone in Asgard.

Now she had to leave everything she knew behind, but most importantly; she had to leave her best friend behind, possibly never to see him again. This was the matter that had left her sobbing on the meadow – their meadow.

This was the place where she had first met him – her best friend. The prince. Loki. In many ways the circumstances had been like they were now; she had been sitting there alone, sobbing over her father's death and out of nowhere this boy, slightly older than herself, had appeared. And he had helped her cope with her loss, for which she would always hold him dearly.

And now the day had come. The day she had been dreading for a while; the day when she would have to leave Asgard to return to "her true realm" as her mother had called it. Sigyn's father had, as well as her mother, been a Vanir, but they had moved to Asgard when she was just a baby, so she didn't remember ever being there. Her father had been employed at the Palace – he was a healer; the Royal healer. His job was to assist the King and his warriors, when they returned wounded from battle – or if they had been wounded during practice.

Suddenly she was ripped from her gloomy thoughts as she heard someone calling out in the distance:


It was Loki. She stood up quickly and tried to wipe away her tears; Loki always teased her when she cried; with the exception of their first meeting.

He was approaching her fast and as he slowed down a few feet away from her, she smiled at him.

"Hello." Was all she said.

"Hi!" He gasped, trying to regain is breath. "I fe-feared you had al-ready left."

"No, not yet." She said with a sad expression on her face, as she looked up at the Sun; "not long before I have to leave, though." She stated.

"I, ehm.. I brought you a parting gift." Loki said awkwardly, as he practically shoved the small package into her hands.

"Oh.. I.. I didn't think of that; I haven't got anything for you." She said as a blush started to creep onto her cheeks.

"It's fine, I just.. I really wanted you to have this." He said and gave an encouraging nod towards the gift in her hands.

She looked up at him and smiled before ripping the paper off the package. Beneath the paper was a wooden box, she glanced at him questionably, but he merely nodded towards the box again. She opened it to find a thin golden bracelet inside. This rendered her completely speechless. Loki had given her gifts before; on her birthday and such – it had been sweets or a small birthday cake or one time a huge spider, which had made her scream and run away, but never something like this. Something so... personal. She didn't know what to say, luckily for her Loki chose this moment to step towards her, taking the bracelet out of the box, and pulling her right wrist into his hand:

"Let me help you put it on." He said as he fumbled with the tiny lock. "You see this? What looks like glass? Well.." He finally managed to lock the bracelet, and what Sigyn had assumed to be glass changed colour. She gaped at him. "I enchanted it." He said proudly.

"You made this?" Sigyn asked completely taken aback. "F-for me?"

"Well, in a manner of speaking." He said casually. "I didn't actually produce the gold, but I did choose what it should look like and enchanted it to change colour." He looked straight into her eyes, "the same way your eyes do … should you ever decide to take it off, it won't work for anyone else."

Once more Sigyn didn't know what to say. This was amazing. She had never received such a special gift before – let alone one so personal.

She felt tears fall from her eyes again. She couldn't stop them. She was so happy and so sad at the same time.

Then suddenly she bend down and picked up one of the tiny flowers that bloomed on the ground, she looked at it for a bit, before handing it to Loki.

"Here." She said simply. "Take this.. it will be my parting gift to you."

At that Loki let out a small laugh; "I mean no offence, but I think my gift was a bit more impressive."

Sigyn laughed, but still felt tears fall from her eyes. She looked down at the bracelet; it had turned slightly pink, though it seemed to be shifting into grey as well... and then black, confused as to which colour to show.

"Is it.. did I do something wrong? Is it not working properly" Loki suddenly said, as he saw the colours shifting.

"No, no.. it works just fine. I just..." she hesitated, "I'm just a little.. shifty, I suppose." She finished with a tiny giggle, before lifting her hand to wipe away the tears.

"Don't cry, Sig.." Loki said in a low voice.

"I'm sorry.." She whispered. "I'm just.. I don't know.. I don't want to leave."

"I know." He said quietly, as they both looked at the bracelet that had now gone completely black. "I don't want you to leave either."

Sigyn looked up at him and gave him a sad smile, as another stream of tears started rolling down her cheeks. Loki lifted his right hand to her cheek and wiped the tears away with his thumb.

"Please don't cry.." He begged her again. "I cannot stand to see you cry."

She couldn't help but let out a small giggle; "That's funny – I remember you making me cry on more than one occasion."

"Sorry." Was all he said.

"No, don't be.." She said as she looked him straight in the eyes. For a moment they just stood there; Loki's hand on her cheek, both of them staring into the other's eyes. Then Sigyn's gaze shifted towards the Sun, and she let out a heavy sigh and looked towards the ground; "I have to leave."

Then she looked up at her friend, and to her surprise she saw that a tear was rolling down his cheek. She had never seen him cry before.

Before she knew it she leaned towards him and kissed his mouth. For a moment it was all her, but then he kissed her back, and the hand that was wiping away her tears a moment ago, went to the back of her head and pressed her head slightly more towards him. Her hands were both resting against his chest.

It was over before she could even comprehend what she had done, and quickly she turned around and started to run in the direction of her home. Loki was still in awe over what had just happened, and just stood there; his eyes following the red-headed girl.

As she reached the edge of the meadow she turned around, a sad smile on her face.

"I shall never forget you, Loki." She called back to him, before turning around and disappearing between the trees.

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