Kol hummed softly as he unbuttoned Jeremy's shirt. He threw the piece of clothing somewhere in Jeremy's room as he leaned down and began leaving open-mouthed hot kisses along Jeremy's collar bone.

Kol and Jeremy were in Jeremy's bed. Kol was on top of Jeremy. They had become more than friends while they were in Denver. He rebuilt his and Jeremy's relationship after Jeremy came back to Mystic Falls.

"Kol". Jeremy said.

"Yes?". Kol mumbled in-between kisses.

"Elena, Bonnie, Stefan, and Damon will be back from dinner soon. And I still haven't told them and I don't want them to find out this way". Jeremy answered.

Jeremy was nervous about them being caught. He wasn't ashamed of Kol at all. But he was worried that Elena and her friends wouldn't accept them being together. But he also wanted them to be caught so he wouldn't have to hide this, so everyone could know Kol was taken. Because he was getting sick of all those sluts around town flirting with Kol and Kol having no choice but too flirt back. So now that he thought about it he wanted to get caught so fuck it.

Jeremy took off Kol's shirt and ran his hands down his chest and abs. Kol smirked as Jeremy took off Kol's pants.

Kol pushed their lips together as he took off Jeremy's pants then Jeremy's boxers. Kol pushed Jeremy's legs up to his knees and then spread them to the sides. Jeremy blushed at how Kol stared between his legs with lust filled eyes.

Kol then took Jeremy's entire cock into his mouth. Jeremy gasped at the sensation and threw his head back. He wrapped his hands in Kol's hair as Kol began to suck harshly Jeremy moaned once more.

"Hey Jeremy-OH MY GOD!".

Jeremy quickly pushed Kol off and covered himself with the blankets.

"ELENA!". Jeremy exclaimed completely mortified his sister had found him, naked, legs spread, getting a blowjob from Kol. Elena was staring at them in disbelief.

"What's going on I heard screaming". Stefan bolted into the room with a concerned look on his face. Stefan saw what Elena was gaping at. "Oh". Stefan said quietly.

Jeremy buried his face into Kol's neck. Kol had an amused expression on his face. Not seemingly bothered by being caught.

"What is going on here". Damon called walking into the room. He quickly saw Kol and Jeremy in bed together. Damon smirked. "Sleeping with the enemy are we Jeremy. You know if you were gonna do that you could've picked someone better to do it with". He said putting an emphasis on better.

"Shut up Damon". Kol snapped. "I didn't hear you complaining that one night". Damon's smirk immediately fell replaced with a scowl.

Elena and Stefan looked at Damon wide-eyes.

"What!". Damon snapped. "I was drunk and upset".

"What is going on here!". Bonnie called entering the room.

"Just call the entire Mystic Falls over here!". Jeremy mumbled his face red. Bonnie gasped at the sight of her ex-boyfriend in bed with another man.

"No wondered I never got past 2nd base". Bonnie said drily.

"Alright everybody out!". Elena called shooing everybody out the door. Once everyone cleared out Elena looked at the two of them with her hands on her hips.

"Kol if you hurt Jeremy I will find a way to kill you". Elena stated simply before walking out and closing the door behind her.

"Well". Kol said breaking the silence. "That went well".

Jeremy looked at Kol with a dis-believing look.


"It was a lot less embarrassing than when Elijah caught us". Kol replied calmly.

I'm gonna make the next chapter about the time when Elijah caught them. I'm making this a drabble with different scenrios where Kol and Jeremy get caught by different people. Leave me your thoughts of who should catch them and where.